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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. umm he is Sunni so he prolly doesnt get much buzz on these forums but yeah he is amazing. is he going to be at ICNA this weekend?
  2. how does the Sunni scholars who announced Shias as kafir defeat my theory that most Sunnis grow up learning about Islam but not much about Shias. the knowledgable Sunnis who know both Sunni and Shia Islam....right because there are what 2-3 of these scholars? u find one whos views fall into urs and these men equal all of those Sunni scholars who know Shia Islam as well.
  3. being rafedies means rejecting the caliphs...doesnt mean kafir. if anything the scholars who consider shia kafir usually cite the belief that the Imams of the Shia are held to be superior to all the Prophets(peace be upon them) except for the very last Prophet (pbuh). im not sure where not believing in the caliphs or the Sahaba places you but as far as I know its not kufr, but thats only according to my local Imam whos says the Shia who believe such and such about the Sahaba are deviated but not kafir. 2ndly ive heard it in this thread and other threads here...that the Sunnis dont know thier own religion....well first of all Sunnis are not brought up the same as Shias. whereas Shias are brought up with the knowledge of why they arent Sunni, why they are a different sect, or the minority (depending on the region)...basically the average shia is brought up knowing all the differences and is brought up knowing the Sunni stance on many incidents. the average Sunni isnt introduced to the Shia or thier history or versions of history till they meet Shia on thier own or whatever...down the road. im not saying thats all the shia learn but im saying in this regard when a Shia comes in contact with a Sunni and might debate...the Shia knows 10 times more already for thier side. and u can think what u want of it but it isnt because the Sunnis wish to hide anything or that we dont have our own answers all the Shia claims but simly its fruitless....its just a circle of arguing, debating, and as happened with me (after months of arguing and debating) the heart becomes cold...esp after hearing some of what the Shia say about the Sahaba. if u really wanna see Sunnis who know thier religion and can answer all the questions the Shia have then go to a Sunni site or Sunni scholars..not regular Sunni members who might frequent this site. and your claim that u have argued with Sunnis and presented proofs and they still dont listen...well then ur going about it wrong....unless ur expecting to "win" or "convert" ur always going to lose. if anything u can make the Sunni question somethings and go find answers to it. but face it the sunnis u argue with can say the same thing..."we showed that Shia all these proofs... and he wouldnt listen to logic"....thats why these debates are pointless. u are who u are...born shia then ur most likely going to remain and same with a sunni.
  4. then i would at least hope to see them sometimes mentioned and discussed....cause last i remember it numbered to 7? and those only cause they either served under Hazrat Ali or sided with him. case in point. thank u for proving my point. said as only a shia can.
  5. im not here to discuss the characters of the Sahaba with you or anyone on this site. been there and done that. used to be a regular on the shia sunni section on this forum. you guys can believe anything u want about the sahaba (ra) from how evil power hungry they were to thier sexual orientation or if they were alcoholics....honestly at this point i dont know how much lower some shias can go but after the stuff ive seen on this forum i wouldnt be surprised. believing in the Sahaba is not part of the religion but we obviously hold the Sahaba very high, esp the 3 the shias hate, and hold them to be part of the ayat Allah swt revealed for those under the tree. and dont tell us about loving the Prophet's family as we do, we remember them in our prayers daily and to us the family is much bigger than the select family shias hold high. again im not here to discuss who is in or not in but just because we dont believe in the 12 imam theory doesnt mean sunnis dont believe in, love , or praise the family. and anyway a lot of the ahlul bayt and sahaba overlap and the term sahaba is all inclusive and covers the Prophet's (pbuh) family. i have never ever called shias kafir and while some sunnis do, majority dont even if they hold shias to be deviated from the right path. and doesnt rafidi mean rejector? and do u not reject the first 3 caliphs and sahaba overall? anyway im not here to argue any of this...just clearing some points about what Sunnis believe, and to make it clear that even the more misinformed and biased sunni knows this much that the shia curse and hate the Sahaba.
  6. thats the shia view. we do not hold our history to show these men as evil men who had nothing but hate in them or whatever else people claim about them...to the extent of thier sexuality as ive seen countless times on this forum. we see them as pious men and thats with the history which u claim we have and ignore. that wasnt the point anyway. my whole point was just cause shias dont curse the Sahaba (ra) in front of doesnt mean we dont know about it...in fact its one of the main things even the most misinformed Sunni will know about the Shia...that they curse those who we love so much, so i dont get this notion of "dont curse them in front of Sunnis" as if it hides anything. i rather see more debates discussing the theory behind Imamate, because as much as a Sunni believe the Shia are wrong in thier view of the Sahaba (ra) the real difference in our aqeedahs lies in the pillar of Shiism in Imamate.
  7. as a sunni wether u say it front of my face or behind my back the fact that shias curse the Sahaba (ra) is extremely upsetting. im not saying what u should do or not do, thats up to u guys but just cause u dont do it in front of our faces doesnt mean we dont know its done. 2ndly i personally i think it takes away from the true debate between the sects, what seperates in aqeedah and thats the shie belief in 12 imams ordained by Allah swt. compared to who the shia think was evil, the concept of imamate is rarely a discussed.
  8. sunnis do not believe in the physical attributes of Allah swt and it is understood to be a metaphor..only wahabis/salafis believe in that and they do not count as sunni.
  9. if u dont mind me asking how did u trace ur lineage back to Hazrat Abu Bakr (ra)? i didnt know ppl kept track of that.
  10. maybe if the shia werent too busy calling everyone nasibi, yazidi, wahabi, or whatever else comes to the tongue, esp with labels, there wouldnt be so much hostility. i have seen many a sunni come to this site and all of a sudden just being sunni made them nasibi to some posters. ps: i eagerly await someone calling me one of the above
  11. To mollify the authorities, Ashura organizers say they have made sure that Shiites chant slogans about the Prophet Mohammed as well as Hussein and his father Ali. "Since the seventh day we've also been saying 'I answer to you, Mohammed!' " Adel said. Ashura reaches its climax on Thursday, the 10th day of the Islamic month of Muharram. so otherwise the Prophet (pbuh) is not mentioned and the only reason they mentioned him was to appease the officials?
  12. if u have to keep in mind that wahabis are not sunnis or not considered sunnis by sunnis, instead they are mislead. 2ndly a group hating another doesnt make it a sect. go to any mosque sadly and u will have uncles fighting, ppl disagreeing but no matter how much barelvis hate deobands and vice versa, the princicples of islam for both are identical. u can call them sects by ur definition but they arent considered sects cause they share the same islamic principles.
  13. then that depends on ur definition of sects. i know all the hate all the lil groups carry foe each other, but they do not differ on anything but matters of fiqh and applications of it. the fundamentals remain the same across the board. the way i always defined it, and maybe im wrong, is that the sect is formed is when u differ on matters of the principles of faith. for example Shiism is a sect seperate from Sunnism because of the belief of Imamate as a pillar of Islam, not because there is fighting between Sunnis and Shias and they hate who we love or we call them names.
  14. fasting on the 10th is not wajib but highly recommended. sunni pov btw.
  15. then ur hanafi? and u mentioned 100s of sects? matters of opinions on fiqh make not a sect.
  16. are u seriously comparing the command of Allah swt to his Prophet Abraham (pbuh) to scarifice his son (pbuh) to Shias mourning for Hazrat Hussein? are u comparing a command from Allah to what Shias do? im all for recognizing and learning from what happened at this massacre/battle but what the Shias do doesnt sit well with me either, esp the beatings as it proves absolutely nothing. seriously its both funny and sad to compare Prophet Abraham's (pbuh) sacrifice/test from Allah SWT to shias mourning practices of Hazrat Hussein. 2ndly i always hear from Shias the defense that so and so mourned when thier son/daughter or close loved one past away. i even heard one example of Hazrat Aisha crying and i ask always over and over...how can ppl compare the natural overflow of emotion felt by someone when the lose someone AT THE VERY MOMENT OF THE EVENT to shias doing this 1400 yrs after the fact on an annual basis. all the examples brought up tell us of the emotion and pain felt at that moment by those ppl, and no where does it say they did it yr after yr and made it in a festival of tears as such. there is nothing wrong with mourning or even tearing if it comes naturally when one hears of the tragedy but honestly most of it seems mechanical..."oh im supposed to cry now so let me cry....." and next u know comes matam (the strict stuff not the light beating of the chest). i doubt Hazrat Hussein would have liked to know that while he died to preserve the very principles of Islam he would not dare compromise, his sacrifice itself turned into an institutionalized religious event of sorts. i doubt he would have wanted that too happen. sadly even on this site i see more ppl passionate and up in roar about muharam/ashura than for the very EIDs that Hazrat Hussein fought for, the very DAYS which the Prophet (pbuh) prescribed to us as our days. and ive asked my shia friends this and they always go "it seems like it but we pay equal attention and respect to all the religious days" but they never get it (or maybe im the one confused) that while this was a tragedy...u cant turn a tragedy into a institutionalized religious day....to the point i know some shias who care more for muharam then for eid. they would rather take days of from school to go participate in ashura events than take off for eid. is that what Hazrat Hussein sacrificed for?
  17. depends on what u posted and how and where. u cant generalize. u know sunnis respect muawiya as a sahabi so if u went in guns blazing disrespecting him ur not going to be met with sane logical rational responses. 2ndly barelvi masjids that i have been to even have narays for Hazrat Ali so again u cant generalize and say they do this or that. treat women in the same fashion? based on what?
  18. did i say anything like that? my point was that list posted is something some misled sunni ppl can reproduce themselves against the shia. nothing was backed up in that list and the poster starts of with saying lets focus on the similarities and then proceeds to lie about sunnis. 2ndly the thread was about shia beliefs, not made up sunni beliefs.
  19. u are arguing the grief felt at the moment of losing a loved one justifys matam 1400 yrs later? cause many ppl "lose it" when they lose a loved one, but they dont make it a annual tradition. 2ndly i too find that explanation for ya Ali madad or ya Hussein madad to be very flimsy? comparing it to a doctor? give me a break. if you really wanna go down that road why not call on our Prophet (pbuh) who was the closest of all? but then i hear ppl say well since Hazrat Ali was closest to the Prophet (pbuh)......u can continue that game forever. and s4ever ur implying that Hazrat Hussein won and the Sunnis lost? jealous of shias? thats a rather childish way to put it. we dont agree with ur practices doesnt mean we are jealous. if that so, and since shias claim sunnis forged all that goes against shia beliefs, couldnt we have conveniently written out all the high praise for Hazrat Ali and his sons and the AhlulBayt overall? and recognizing leaders? i find the shias mostly forgetting about our Prophet (pbuh) in favor of Hazrat Ali and his lineage.
  20. with his imam yazid? what in the world are u talking about? when did he say that was his Imam also? he is not sitting on the fence, rather he is telling it how sunnis believe it. we dont think its a day to celebrate, but we also dont believe in the ashura practices (cultural or institutionalized) by the shias. i think that is a moderate sunni view, that while its not a day of celebration it is a day of ibadat and one should remember the battle and what happened but not do as the shia do on the day.
  21. ur taking the views of the wahabi and other misled ppl who call themselves Sunni. no sunni believes the quran in not complete, and last i heard that was the belief of some shia subsects. if ur going to say things like that at least back it up. and no sunni believes in turning what was haram into halal. these are pure lies which u post and then u dare have the audacity to say to focus on the similarities? ur list sounds mostly a list i can reproduce by some sunnis who say the same about shias. bidah, incomplete quran, seeing Ali in the moon, and all other stuff.
  22. so what is the difference between usooli and akbhari? im pretty sure one is the minority and did not believe in the completeness of the Quran.
  23. http://www.sunniforum.com/forum/attachment...tachmentid=1078
  24. whats the difference between usooli and akbari again? one doesnt believe in the completeness of the Quran correct?
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