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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Assalamalaikom! Personally, I would recommend u to do ur own research into this subject and check out various people's opinions and the teaching of both sects and to then confirm that it is true and THEN make a choice. Before I became a Shia Muslim I did this and it made me more satisfied and assured, and I have no doubts any more. I hope this helped and I hope Allah guides u on the right path and I'll pray that u reach the right path.
  2. Assalamalaikom! Gaius I. Caesar: thanks a lot and sry I posted this a little late I was busy for the past few days. certainclarity:thanks a lot bro Anyway I'll show this to my frnd albeit I have a feeling that he will want to hide in a cave and shun society after reading all this
  3. For verse 4:48 , personally I believe that it means that Allah will not forgive acts of shirk which are carried out by a person till his/her death and is not repenting his/her sin. I think verse 4:153 means that after committing shirk if and ONLY if u r repentful then Allah will forgive you. I am of this opinion cuz among the Prophet(PBUH)'s companions there were a lot who were once pagans but they later became Muslims which shows that they were given a chance to start over a new leaf For verses 7:143 and 39:12 I do not understand the contradiction can u plz point it out
  4. Even I was amazed when my friend asked me about it but well the circumstances rlly were aweful plus he's a rlly gud friend of mine so I had to help him
  5. Ah yes sry about that my net dced so I did that for fun didn't think it would rlly lead to multiple posts sry
  6. Assalamalaikom bro! I c u r having some problems.Well I did some research and basically the verse 2:256 talks about freedom of religion but verse 9:5 talks about jihad against pagans.for more information on verse 9:5 pls check this website https://discover-the-truth.com/2014/03/04/quran-95-sword-verse/
  7. Assalamalaikom! Brothers my friend , due to some circumstances which I'm not allowed to disclose, wants to marry a female jinn but he doesn't know whether it is permissible in Islam so in his place I wish to find an answer to this problem so can u please tell me whether it is allowed? PS pls give ahadith of the Imams(may Allah bless them) or the Prophet(PBUH) or a Quranic ayat. Thank you
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