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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Allah gave her a stern warning..look i'm not saying she was perfect, i'm just saying don't dis-respect her. we as muslims cannot afford to be at each others throat.
  2. SHe was the prophets(saw) wife chosen by Allah,Muhammad saw loved her,by that juncture she is deserving of all of our respect,not that she needs it.she was a better muslim than we could ever hope to become. who do we think we are"she doesnt deserve our respect",by Allah if we got wat we deserved we would have been destroyed long ago..
  3. ayesha is also good,the mother of the believers i like fathima-zahra
  4. Tell them exactly how you feel repent sincerely to Allah and then know for sure Allah will help you out,if you can bow down to Allah you can stand and face anything,Read yaseen with the intention of having your sins wiped or whatever you want,And read tahajjud with whatever intention you want that you think will help. Insha-Allah it'll be fine.
  5. Not an islamic one,well not as far as i know but "The pack is only as strong as the wolf"-inspired by various other quotes iv'e come accross It means we are not united as individuals we can never be strong as a whole
  6. @magma oh wow,didn't realise it thnks!
  7. you should be proud of yourself, yes perhaps you had the thought but who was it that allowed you have that thought or act upon it? be proud of yourself but at the same time give thanks to Allah,remember Allah doesn't need us,but we need him..
  8. mercy is good,but at times the better option is to be just
  9. A good thing i can think of is that due to this feeling of emptiness, i often turn to Allah and speak to him, Allah loves us, and loves when we turn to him
  10. I don't know,but we all know the greatness of hazrat ali RA..
  11. best to use the right hand get sawaab where ever you can,we need it
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