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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. No, it was on basis of knowledge. Bless you.
  2. Quran describes Allah's messages in two tones; one is absolute tone and other is suggestive tone. Absolute tone is a must and suggestive tone is subject to interpretation on basis of time and situation. Hijab is described in suggestive terms with explanation "so they won annoy you". Suggestive tone gives flexibility. Besides it is a fact that there are countries where Hijab is useless and is not applicable. In those countries you need an armoured Bourqa, in those countries. I prefer to respect all women Muslims or non-Muslims.
  3. I love AhleyBaith and wondering if they ever had cursed other people even with such injustices that they had to go through. Wrong is wrong and I would never condone a wrong doer but at the same time I will follow the path of AhlyBaith; patience, focus on Allah and will not curse anyone. Sorry but we got to change to become better as a Muslim.
  4. Allah sends messages to all those who seek His help. These messages are only for you. It cannot be compared to Devine messages that were sent to Prophets. However, those who seek help from Allah may not have strong mindset (antenna) to comprehend (receive) His messages. In desperate situations a new idea that help you out could be a message from God. In realistic point of view, After the last prophet Mohmmed, only people who can comprehend these messages are Aal-e-Abraham which then called as Aal-e- Rasool (off spring of Ali and Fatima) . So it is possible that those who are r
  5. TheLoneStar is here to you with Shia, Sunni, Jewish and Unitarian Christianity. Bless you.
  6. It is all due to socio-economy of that time. Men use to be the provider and it was his responsibility to help his bride to be, to prepare herself for a trasition in her life where about she will move into his house as his wife. A female in reverse situation can help a poor (handsome) man to do the same for purpose of marriage, as long intention is to please Allah. Simple eh?
  7. Great, God likes those who turn to Him. He is merciful so just be happy and start praying regularly in a joyful way. Allah will bless you.
  8. 90% of human problems are self created in their mind. Only 10% are real challenges that we face as testing as a being. Peace and tranquility that human feels are the combination of your mind (providing logical boundaries), heart (emotional satisfaction) translated into your soul. Soul will travel out to next life as a peaceful or as a corrupt soul. This phenomena is experienced by all Human beings not only Muslims. They all worship God in different ways seeking peace. By worshiping they create their comfort zones and wish to move on as per their beliefs. Focusing on Allah and being a
  9. In order to accept any invention it requires you mind to accept it and that all it needs. You like it or not depend on your heart. Allah signs are to be accepted by your mind, heart and soul. Simple eh?
  10. If it is not intoxicant, as you said then there is no issue. Be happy brother. May Allah bless all of us.
  11. Salam Sisters do not forget time, place and people you are dealing with are important factors. If you go to places like Arabia, Afganistan, Pakistan in any era (time), in areas other than metropolitan cities, Hijab only will not be sufficient. You would require an armoured Burqa to protect yourself from the dirty eyes of men in those countries. In North America it is different in most areas. You can walk without even Hijab unless you walk into immigrant communities compose of migrant Muslims and non Muslims. They will judge you even without knowing a bit about you. Modesty does
  12. Make your death a beautiful experience: Follow three step recipe 1) Focus on Allah. 2) Be civilized meaning your actions must not impact others negatively or to harm them in any way. 3) Love Allah and humanity. Simple eh?
  13. Please show respect to other minorities. Only God knows where we all stand. Besides don't forget that you may also belong to a minority religion and majority might be talking nonsense about you in their ignorance as you are talking about others. Be civilized!
  14. To understand in today's term, Ummayahs (after Hz Ali) were present time Saudi Wahabis. Now you know the rest of the story.
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