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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. On 1/19/2018 at 3:04 PM, Qa'im said:

    Please don't call me dishonest or a male chauvinist just because of one respectful criticism of modern feminism. That type of spiteful namecalling won't get you much sympathy from a neutral reader. State your arguments respectfully.

    While lots of the time I agree with what rkazemi says, I have to say I’m not seeing what she sees in terms of your blog post. I don’t see you telling woman to go back to the kitchen or any of those disrespectful slogans. Not even implied. 

    what I see in your blog posts and responses to others is a very balanced, respectful individual. Many people on here look-up to you as inspiration as to how to be a better Muslim, and for your contributions to this forum, we greatly appreciate it and thank you. 

    You are definitely not a male chauvinist. 

  2. 3 minutes ago, E.L King said:

    Sadly for you, Islam is Islam. Whether it is 700AD Islam, 1209AD Islam, 1950s Islam or even 2016 Islam.

    And this is why I will not marry a "strong woman" (whatever the hell that means, guessing you mean 2016 feminist women), instead I will marry a feminine women who respects my God-given rights as a husband just as a I respect her God-given rights.

    I never said women shouldn't have their own opinions, stop putting words in my mouth.

    Whether you like it or not, in Islam the man is the head of the family. And these Laws will not change even if the progressives cry.

    Right now you sound like an angry feminist. 

    Actually that's where you're wrong. I am not a feminist. 

    Sounds you want a "rigidly feminine" woman (whatever the heck that means.) who will eat out of the palm of your hand, someone that you would dominate and complete control over. That is not a healthy relationship. That's potential abuse. 

    Again, if my future husband said any sexist nonsense, he would be sleeping in the garage. 

  3. On October 9, 2016 at 9:55 AM, E.L King said:

    Bro this whole "men get abused and hurt too" is meant to show that men can be weak too. However, it is against the nature of men to be weak.

    Men are supposed to be masculine and are meant to install order and impose their authority in the family. They are trying to make it so men are weak. This is why we see videos of men crying in public about abuse which in my opinion is very pathetic 

    "Men are supposed to be masculine and impose their authority in the family"


    No strong woman will ever put up with you "imposing your authority in the family". What are you, a dictator?

    So woman are not meant to have opinions and thoughts of their own, no say? 

    We are no longer in the 50s, where woman and men are chained by rigid gender roles. If you want such a submissive woman, then you need to take a one way time-traveling ticket back to where you picked up your beliefs.

    If my future husband ever gave me that sexist nonsense, he would be sleeping in the garage. 

  4. But… gender roles and whatnot is a social construct. 

    The idea that woman are meant to be gentle caretakers and homemakers and "take care" of their families' needs is a social construct. The idea that woman are gravitated toward becoming mothers is due to biology, yes, but gender roles and stereotypes develop because of societal pressures. 

    I'm not saying that it is wrong for woman to want to choose to become housewives, but let's not deny that woman who choose to do so are partaking in upholding rigid ideas of masculinity and femininity. 

    Now wether or not that system works is debatable. 

    Woman have tons of empathy, sure, but woman who do nothing but care for others and put everyone's needs ahead of their own (Which is expected in most cultures.) risk not knowing who they are as individuals and are more depression-prone when there is nothing to "take care" of. I knew a nurse in her 70s who attended group therapy because she thought her life was over since she had no one to take care of. Is that what we want for our daughters? To feel inferior and view themselves as unworthy and unimportant to be put first?

    EVERYONE must deal with sacrifices and be flexible no matter what the situation, but to expect a woman to be submissive, gentle, meek creatures whose main purpose is to reproduce and raise a family and other relationships is degrading and backwards. 

    I have no problem with woman or men marrying young. But encouraging woman to marry young when they don't know what they want, what red flags to look out for, or what a healthy relationship constitutes of, can be a recipe for disaster. Especially since domestic abuse is kept hush-hush in the Muslim community.

    Woman of my mother's generation put up with terrible, abusive, and damaging behaviors that I can't imagine any woman, Muslim or not, would put up with today. We should encourage woman who want to get married young to understand and educate them on what a healthy relationship is. Unfortunately, educating woman and men on how to have fulfilling, healthy, happy relationships isn't too common within the community. 

    Before I continue I would like to say that Islam encourages woman to become strong, especially when working with men. We are told to speak powerfully and clearly as to not attract men, that we are worth more than our mere physical appearance. 

    Now, since the West treated woman so poorly before Woman's Rights  and men questioned woman's intellect and capability to succeed, woman must clutch onto something that will encourage them to get their voice and power back. Is it the best way? Who knows. Does it correlate with Islam? Depends on your definition of what it means to be a Feminist. 

    Feminism is a result of backlash after being thought of as subservient to men. Don't blame the movement for making a mess when push comes to shove. 


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