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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. No one here is trying to normalize sin. Talking about the ummah’s problems is facing the issue head on instead of keeping it hush-hush hoping it’d go away. We have people on here who misconstrue every opinion and every information. Our Ummah does not do a well-enough job talking about real life struggles and its’ solutions. Sunnis are at least more likely to be talking about marriage and what to look for, people’s financial states, and real problems people encounter when trying to get things done in life. Our Shia speakers have addressed little of these topics when they are supposed to attract the youth to Islam and the solutions to modern day problems which they only are briefly brushed upon. I think that this show is meant to serve as a wake up call for some who claim that people don’t do bad things just because they are Muslim. Maybe our Scholars would be forced to talk about the very topics from this show that they’ve been largely avoiding.
  2. I’m currently volunteering/somewhat student teaching at my old elementary school 4 days a week at both Kindergarten and 3rd grade level. Pros: I love my job, even though I’m unpaid at the moment. The children are awesome to work with. I love helping them out with assignments such as reading and math for the Kindergarteners, and helping with the 3rd graders write up to standard. I get to read to both classes, help them out with arts and crafts, listen to their funny stories. Cons: A couple of kids that have behavioral issues. It gets really draining to work with them on their assignments since they tend to stay largely unfocused and/or unwilling to complete the tasks assigned. Sometimes feeling like a mom to 20+ kids when I have to tell them repeatedly to not do something and behave appropriately/not throw paper airplanes/colored pencils/keep their hands to themselves.
  3. I’ve pretty much always felt like this, but I’ve tried to get over it. I get bloated and the cramps and it was so bad last weekend I had to throw away a 5 dollar coffee I’d barely drunk. No other dairy product makes me feel this way. I don’t know if it’s something wrong with Starbucks, or what, but I feel gross every time. Even store-bought coffee creamers upset my stomach.
  4. I’ll start: I’m a Soprano—a Lyric Coloratura Soprano. Opera singers who share my voice type are Roberta Peters, Natalie Dessay.
  5. There are three main sub categories for both women and men (in terms of voices) and within those categories, there are sub-catagories. (The sub-categories are used only in opera.) To make it simple: Women: Soprano (highest female voice. Most women are Sopranos even if they haven’t unlocked their upper range yet.) They are typically categorized by having bright voices. Some are weighty, others are light, while others are powerful enough to sustain heavy long passages and cut through a large orchestra. They prefer their mid-high, to high range of their voice. They have weak chest voices, and their low-middle is uncomfortable to sing for long periods of time. Physical characteristics: Long to very long necks, smaller to average bone structure and rib cage. Facial bone structure may vary. Mezzo-Soprano Middle range, darker voices. They are much more rare. They live in their middle voices although they have high notes like some sopranos. They have a richer, rounder tone. Weakness is sustaining high notes for longer periods of time. Some Mezzos have a distinct agility that isn’t seen in Sopranos, and is almost Soprano-sounding, while others are much more romantic and richer sounding. Physical characteristics: Shorter necks, typically. Larger to medium sized frame. Larger, squarer jaws. Contralto: Rarest Female voice type. Androgynous tone, very masculine, and yet, still female. Deep and comfortable with chest voice and living in her low notes and its weakness is singing higher up. Typically most songs for women are too high for this voice type to sing, and would prefer to sing songs that are made in key for men. Physical characteristics: Short to medium length neck, robust body and build, deeper speaking voice than the average woman. Strong, large jaws. Male: Tenor— This is a common, if not the most common, voice type for men. They have light to warm singing voices and is comfortable with higher passages. Have forced sounding chest voice, which is its main weakness. Physical characteristics: Tall to average in height. average neck. Baritone: The middle voice. Masculine sounding. Comfortable in one’s lower mid range voice. Physical characteristics: Longer necks than tenors. Slightly shorter in height. Bass Deepest male voice. Brassy sounding with extremely low notes. Very rare, to the point that many are misclassified by teachers who sometimes want to “brighten” the voice with disastrous consequences. Physical characteristics: Longer than average neck and smaller frame, though can be almost very tall.
  6. As an avid reader, I would rather die than get rid of my books. I have hundreds of books that I’ve each read a million times. Other stuff I don’t really care for, but minimalism is not my thing, personally. If you are attached to something, why throw it away?
  7. Any suggestions? I love coffee but hate coffee creamers. They upset my stomach every time. I still drink coffee, but I hate how it makes me feel.
  8. What in the world? This girl is still married, Islamically, so she can’t be married to anyone else. Your Mutah is invalid.
  9. Every new mother goes through unfortunately. People will always judge and give you unsolicited advice on how to be a mother. Let it roll off your shoulders—do whatever you think is best and set boundaries with those who keep giving you unwanted advice.
  10. She’s a time waster, as a guest user said. There’s nothing else to it. Some people just want to use you. Once, years ago, I had fallen for a man who had strung me along, who would say he wanted to be with me and wanted something serious, but then I found he was dating other women. Wasted six months on him until I found out he was dating other people. I dropped him like a hot potato and never looked back. Six months after him, I met my husband. He showed me what real love and care looked like. And I realized I never loved that other man prior—I was only infatuated with the idea of him. You, too, were infatuated, and with time, you’ll get over her.
  11. Thank you for your support. Honestly I’ve been asking myself the same question. I think more people need to talk about the reasons why people get married and divorced today, as to make sure that they pick the best suitable match possible, and to help keep people’s intentions in check. How often do you see on the forums where someone is struggling which certain parts of the nafs and they tell them to get married? As if marriage is as simple as submitting a resume. The reasons for marriage should go deeper than that which is promoted within our Ummah.
  12. Thank you. This is exactly what I meant. Too often people jump blindly into marriage at the first opportunity without getting to know someone, or they get married for shallow reasons like sex and status and “keeping the relationship halal” without any real regard to compatibility. You need to talk about everything prior to marriage to know that person. The people within our Ummah get married to people they hardly know well and don’t talk about the necessary things such as finances/money-budgeting and sexual expectations. Especially not about the latter since it’s a largely still a taboo topic for many to discuss.
  13. So you’re saying that no one should inform others that you should go into marriage with better intentions? Divorce today is a fairly newer set of reasons than in the past. These are real problems. People get married for things that should be secondary or tertiary. Within our Ummah, the reasons are typically sex and status and disregarding happiness and compatibility (which come first).
  14. No, you’ve misunderstood. I’d been with him for two years prior to marriage (in a relationship) and I was friends with him before that. Our engagement lasted a week. I’ve been married a year. I met my husband when I was 20, (and I’ll be 24 this year) and he was 26. We got together when I was 21 and he was 27. I think I know something about relationships, especially within today’s society—where people hop from partner to partner in the West, and the Ummah who marry for status and men who disrespect them but then stay married. Stop assuming things which you have no knowledge about.
  15. Definitely NOT for myself. I have a wonderful marriage. This is guide for people as to not get married for the wrong reasons. Because we all know people who have rushed into marriage and bad things happen to them.
  16. To be fair, my husband doesn’t consider himself Sunni anymore. He doesn’t care for the Sunni caliphs and has read that Imam Ali (عليه السلام) is the rightful leader. Would that make him Sunni? Shia? I don’t know. He said, “if Ali is the leader, then he should be followed.”
  17. I’m married to a Sunni who has agreed our children will be Shia. In fact, he has said himself to put down “Shia” in Iranian documents as to not cause any issues for me.
  18. I do eat meat, I just use vegan products on my face. Sorry if I wasn’t clear.
  19. For a couple of months, I used to wear a fake ring on my finger because I was recovering from anxiety and depression and wasn’t ready to get married... people were hinting at their sons and I just wasn’t mentally or emotionally healthy for a relationship. Also, weird creepy men were hitting on me in public. I guess they felt how vulnerable I was and they wanted to take the opportunity to be weird.
  20. What’s your skin care routine? Mine is: Using a mud mask anywhere between 2-3 times a week Cleanser 2-3 times a week Apply rosewater mist, moisturizer every day, before applying a bit of blush for some color on the cheeks and a tinted moisturizer for covering up dark circles. (Vegan, as I don’t want chemicals on my face.)
  21. I don’t actually see the stubbornness in your posts in which you talk about. I think other people on this site are way more stubborn, to be honest.
  22. Is it every non-Muslim? Or are the people of the book considered believers? Who are disbelievers?
  23. Lol while this is funny, if you “have to deal” with unsatisfactory husband, then that’d be pretty miserable. Ideally a husband would enhance your life.
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