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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. To be fair, my husband doesn’t consider himself Sunni anymore. He doesn’t care for the Sunni caliphs and has read that Imam Ali (عليه السلام) is the rightful leader. Would that make him Sunni? Shia? I don’t know. He said, “if Ali is the leader, then he should be followed.”
  2. I’m married to a Sunni who has agreed our children will be Shia. In fact, he has said himself to put down “Shia” in Iranian documents as to not cause any issues for me.
  3. I do eat meat, I just use vegan products on my face. Sorry if I wasn’t clear.
  4. For a couple of months, I used to wear a fake ring on my finger because I was recovering from anxiety and depression and wasn’t ready to get married... people were hinting at their sons and I just wasn’t mentally or emotionally healthy for a relationship. Also, weird creepy men were hitting on me in public. I guess they felt how vulnerable I was and they wanted to take the opportunity to be weird.
  5. What’s your skin care routine? Mine is: Using a mud mask anywhere between 2-3 times a week Cleanser 2-3 times a week Apply rosewater mist, moisturizer every day, before applying a bit of blush for some color on the cheeks and a tinted moisturizer for covering up dark circles. (Vegan, as I don’t want chemicals on my face.)
  6. Lol it’s funny—if I made a thread like this, you’d all think it’s inappropriate. But when a guy creates a fun thread, it’s all of a sudden okay.
  7. I don’t actually see the stubbornness in your posts in which you talk about. I think other people on this site are way more stubborn, to be honest.
  8. Is it every non-Muslim? Or are the people of the book considered believers? Who are disbelievers?
  9. Lol while this is funny, if you “have to deal” with unsatisfactory husband, then that’d be pretty miserable. Ideally a husband would enhance your life.
  10. People get married all the time. Some stay together, others divorce. Here are some reasons why getting into a marriage might be a bad idea. 1. For sex and intimacy I get it; you want to keep the relationship halal. But getting married solely for sex and intimacy or because you need to satisfy your desires is a sure fire way to regret getting hitched. Rushing to get married solely for the sake of the fear of crossing boundaries might make you neglect how right of a partner you’re with is for you. You can find anyone to get married and have sex, but you can’t find just anyone to understand and support you during the good times and the bad. What if you married someone with a different communication style, has anger issues, or are generally incompatible? Then you’ll be forced to work out, all because you rushed into getting married without really getting to know someone. (And married couples aren’t getting it on 24/7—there’s something called living life—cooking, being in school, living together, having to spend time with each other, going on vacation, raising kids. Most relationships don’t revolve around sex and intimacy.) And if you think you can just get divorced, think again. When you’re married, and likely have children, shared finances, a support system counting on you to stay together, divorce becomes a lot more complicated. Divorce is expensive. Divorce can be a complex emotional process. It’s better in many cases to try and work things out with your partner than it is it leave. (And lets not forget that divorce regret is very real—up to 40% experience divorce regret) 2. Pressure You think you have a “biological clock that’s ticking”. Maybe it’s family that’s pressuring you to get married. Maybe it’s the community or maybe that people are starting to ask you questions. Getting pressured into marriage might lead you to not pick a suitable match. Heres the deal: get married when YOU want to. Not because people are gossiping, not because you’re a single mom/dad, not because “it’s what you’re supposed to do” and don’t get married on anyone else’s timeline such as, “you’ve been talking for 6 months-one year—when are you going to get married?” No one else is going to be married to that person but you, so make a good and smart decision about a LIFE partner and not Mr... Right-Now. 3. Guilt and manipulation (see above) Some bad reasons to get divorced 1. “We’ve drifted apart” Every relationship has its ebbs and its flows—sometimes the ebbs last a few days, a few months, or years—but just because things have become boring or “you’ve become two different people” it doesn’t mean that you can’t learn and navigate coming back together as a couple. Find little ways to connect again, with no expectations. Go for a date night, communicate, bring fun and laughter into the relationship. 2. No longer feeling “in love” Getting married in the infatuation phase, which lasts anywhere between 3 to 6 months, when the relationship still feels new and exciting, sets the expectation that things will always feel intensely lovely. As attraction and love mature and develop, the strong feelings of lust and desire will be more toward an equilibrium. Getting divorced just because you don’t feel strong feelings is wrong because love is not only a feeling, but a commitment. 3. Lack of sex and intimacy if your sex drives are mismatched, or you’re tired because of raising children, and one or both of you are dissatisfied with the amount of intimacy, you can put in the “spark” back in by one or both of you doing things. Getting divorced for the sake of having sex with someone else is selfish and cruel. 4. Rushing into divorce (for any reason unless the person is abusive, has money management issues to the point of ruining your stability, or the person has cheated, or has an addiction.) I’m a firm believer that abusers, addicts, cheaters will never change. Quit enabling their bad behavior by making excuses for them, or by staying. Find the courage to leave, and never look back. However, most people are not abusers, addicts, or cheaters. Most people get divorced over “lack of commitment” (70%) and “irreconcilable differences”. Fix your marriage, don’t divorce over nothing!
  11. Choosing a man to help raise her children or to have a companion is perfectly fine. However, such a woman who seeks a man who already has a wife should realize that those men aren’t looking to help a woman raise her children—they mostly want to take advantage of her to escape everyday life. They rarely want to commit to a second woman in their life. If a woman is looking for a companion and a father for her children, she should seek out single or divorced men.
  12. I think most people should acknowledge that some men do get second wives to feel like they still “got it”. It’s a way for them to fulfill their fantasies that they are still young, and desirable. Other men commit haram prior to marrying a second woman. In this case, I would say that these men want to escape their real lives and have fun, selfishly. As if women aren’t sacrificing themselves for the families. I don’t believe that @2Timeless hates men. I think she’s just very smart and can see through egotistical men. To which I would say: why would you want a man who is selfish to marry a second wife in secret, and keep her that way, for years? That kind of man brings little to no value, trust, or love in a relationship. The kind of man who keeps secret second or third wives and easily falls for a home wrecker’s charms is not someone of integrity. Avoiding those sort of men is smart. Unfortunately, people will use the “men are allowed to have second wives” to manipulate a woman to just take any sub-par treatment from her husband. It’s an abuse of power for some who become vulnerable to bad men.
  13. I don’t get close and joke around with men. I am however, friendly with everyone.
  14. I feel like many men will precieve that the woman he’s friends with, likes him because because she’s nice. Some women are just nice with everyone and it doesn’t mean anything. Seriously, I have always minded my own business and kept men at arm’s-length, but that didn’t stop some men from becoming attracted to me. I used to feel really insecure about it and didn’t want any man to find me attractive, because I internalized the shame associated with it. It’s not a woman’s fault if a man falls for a woman’s personality—no man can expect a woman to stop being herself or stop being nice just because guys get attracted. I don’t wear revealing clothing, don’t show off my figure—I’m just myself. The only difference now is that guys notice the ring on my finger and they know that there are boundaries to not cross.
  15. The problem with men getting second wives is that usually haram is committed prior, with the second wife before marrying, and it’s kept in secret. I don’t think Muslim men would do multiple wives justice. They wouldn’t treat their wives all fairly with as much affection and care as the other. The only group who only seem to treat their wives well are Mormon Fundamentalists. Nothing is kept secret between them. And they seem surprisingly accepting and happy.
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