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  1. Islandsandmirrors

    Your personality type

    According to the MBTI, someone using feeling as a form of judgement and decision-making is a rational process. However, thinkers, who make decisions based on logic and data and disregard emotional judgment, men or women. Men are more likely to be thinkers, and since they are more likely to be thinkers, that’s why the stereotypes have developed. Since most men use either Te or Ti as their decision making function, and suppress their feelings, in order to make decisions. Feeling type men and women, although they do believe some amount of logic is important within decision-making, tend to view actions based on feelings as perfectly valid. Thinkers seek to diminish and control their feelings as a whole. Since female thinkers are relatively rare, I’m not surprised that the gender stereotypes exist the way they do as standards for societal behavior. .
  2. I think this is mostly due to cultural hierarchy in which people have raised their sons to be dominant and uptain patriarchal standards. One way is the belief that the man will influence his wife to take on his religion. And in the case of non-Muslim men, his children will become non-Muslim as well. Of course, in reality this doesn’t always play out. The children often turn to the religion of the mother since mothers typically raise their children.
  3. Islandsandmirrors

    Psychiatrist low-key fat shamed me—I want to lose weight

    @Everyone What do you all think about heading to a nutritionist? I think a break from calorie counting might be good for me. Would they be covered by insurance?
  4. Islandsandmirrors

    Psychiatrist low-key fat shamed me—I want to lose weight

    I think that might be the case, because I did mention a bit of anxiety over my weight gain and she started to give me pointers then, but also she said, “I know when you get married, you’re happier and you eat more but” (basically telling me to watch it.) thanks Hameedeh. I’ll keep that in mind for the future.
  5. Islandsandmirrors

    Psychiatrist low-key fat shamed me—I want to lose weight

    I think it’s the sudden increase. I have upped my normal intake from 1600 to 2000 because I wanted a relief from the binge/restrict cycle (which made me gain the first 10 or so pounds.) and I haven’t binged in two months as a result, so I know I’m making progress. My activity levels have pretty much the stayed the same. Some days, however, I’m more sedentary.
  6. Islandsandmirrors

    Psychiatrist low-key fat shamed me—I want to lose weight

    1. I do know that some ethnicities in general have smaller builds. Persians tend to be lithe, but there are people with larger frames such as myself. I went to a nutritionist back when I was sixteen and she my bone structure was larger than average for my ethnicity. I was at a BMI of 23-24 then, and said based on that, I shouldn’t weight less than a BMI of 21. I went a dietitian at eighteen who wanted me at a BMI of 22 and no smaller taking into account my frame size and muscle mass. 2. I think feeling the urge to binge is psychological, for the most part. What happened after I got married is I started to eat more because I was happy, and slowly put on 5 pounds. I freaked out, and cut back on my intake, but then started to binge after two weeks. So for months I was binging/restricting until I had no energy left for a deficit, and I decided to up my calories a bit by 500. (Making it to 2000 calories.) I increased my calories overnight and suddenly, within three weeks, I put on more than 10 pounds, and the weight gain slowed after that and now I haven’t been gaining much and stayed rather stable. I agree with the rest of your pointers. Just thought I’d clarify a few things. Thanks for your response.
  7. Islandsandmirrors

    Psychiatrist low-key fat shamed me—I want to lose weight

    Salam @Marbles. Thank you so much for your in depth response. I greatly appreciate it. I have heard lots of great things about Keto and I have a friend who has dropped 20 pounds since starting three or so months ago. I’ve seen some keto recipes that use a copious amount of veggies in place of carbs, and I was wondering if it helps with energy levels? When I try to go into a deficit, I feel drained. And feeling drained propels a binge for me. My psychiatrist also recommended IF and said she’s been doing so on and off for 40 years. I’d like to give it a try sometime, but I’m worried about metabolic adaptation since I’ve heard fasting may lower your tdee levels with time (by delaying breakfast.) I’m so glad to hear Keto has worked for you. 38 pounds is an impressive loss. I’m really hoping both Keto and IF help with my energy levels. If my energy stays the same while on a deficit, it should be easier for me to lose the weight. Thanks again for your response.
  8. Islandsandmirrors

    Sexist adverts

    Are you me? Sometimes, when I read your posts, I feel like I’m reading my own thoughts. I was just thinking about adverts and how crap they are. In fact, I talked about how “Killing Us Softly” shows and perpetuates violence against women as well as the pornograhic attitudes toward sex. How women are made into children by the clothes and even the difference in the poses by male vs female models in ads.
  9. Islandsandmirrors

    Psychiatrist low-key fat shamed me—I want to lose weight

    I do have anxiety about my weight gain, (and want to lose some weight) and she did offer me pointers like the benefits of fasting and “fine-tuning” my calorie intake, because I mentioned the anxiety over how much I’ve gained. That, and my weight has always been stable. So I do understand why she said I should lose the weight.
  10. I’ve been trying to lose weight, and while I’ve lost inches and fit into smaller pants than I did a while ago, my weight hasn’t budged. So obviously I’m going somewhere wrong. Now, I visit my psychiatrist every 2 months, and I get weighed every time and my vitals checked. As of last year, I am up 20 pounds. So of course, my psychiatrist would have to monitor and bring up my weight if there are major fluctuations. I’ve mostly been skinny up until I got married and I now have a BMI of 23. My psychiatrist has been telling me for the last two visits indirectly that I should be losing weight. Before I left, she said, “Hope you lose some weight the next time I see you.” I’m not new to counting calories or measuring my food or myfitnesspal. I know how to lose weight, however, every time I cut back my intake by even 500, I feel the urge to binge and feel like I’m starving. I’ve tried explaining this and she said that my urge to binge was psychological rather than physical, which I do agree with. But I would like to lose 5 pounds by my next appointment (which would be in two months) just to get her off my case. I’ve never been this weight before, so finding the appropriate calories has been a challenge for me. (For both maintaining and losing weight.) I want to lose the weight slowly. (Less than a pound a week.) What would be an appropriate deficit? @Qa'im
  11. Islandsandmirrors

    Any one else outraged by the mahr these days??

    This is nonsensical. It’s a man’s job to provide financial stability, and a woman’s Mehr is meant to provide financial security in case of a divorce. Not every Hadith is correct. This Hadith goes against the Qur'an.
  12. Islandsandmirrors

    Any one else outraged by the mahr these days??

    An appropriate Mehr can be anything, and any amount, since the Mehr is used to financially support a women in case of a divorce. There isn’t an issue with a higher Mehr.
  13. Islandsandmirrors

    Your personality type

    Wow, INTP. INFJ and INTP both have Fe (extroverted feeling) so I was probably seeing that. My best friend back in my second year of college was an INTP. She was the kindest person.
  14. Islandsandmirrors

    Your personality type

    Probably, Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging So INFJ
  15. Islandsandmirrors

    Sistani is a true Moimin.....

    I’m married to a Sunni, (who doesn’t like to be called Sunni) and my marja said it was permissible. Neither of us impose our way of doing things. I participate in Shia practices and do everything according to the Shia school of thought and he does everything that he has read within his collection of Hadiths and knowledge. So it is halal, but it depends on the person and the circumstances. No suitable Shia man was around for me, anyway. I wanted to get married and he was serious. While the men in my community wanted to stay single—even the men in their thirties. No thanks. I wasn’t going to wait around for anyone to be okay with the idea of marriage. Either you want to marry me or you don’t. No beating around the bush.