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  1. Islandsandmirrors

    Divorce: Iranian Style (documentary)

    The solution to all of this is to request for a lower, more affordable Mehr. It’s up to the man to agree to pay what he can afford. No one is holding a gun to his head when they are agreeing on a mehr.
  2. Islandsandmirrors

    Divorce: Iranian Style (documentary)

    Culturally, the men only give the women her Mehr at the time of divorce and many tell them to give it up.
  3. It’s disgusting how the cowardly men in this are telling their wives to give up their dowries in exchange for granting a divorce. The Mehr is a marriage gift that is Islamically meant to 1. Serve as financial protection/security for a woman and that is her right. 2. Can be given at anytime, but preferably given at the time of Nikah. However, according to Persian culture, the mehr is given only during a divorce. This is how Iranians mix up culture with religion. And forcing the woman, just because she remarried, to give up her 4 year old daughter to a man (who also remarried) while her older daughter is failing school?! In Iran, a woman used to have custody of her children until the age of 5, now it’s until the age of 12. Just shows how little the people in power adhere to Islamic rights and law and manipulate it for their own benefit. A child deserves to live with her mother unless the mother is unfit. I’m so glad I live in America where the men have very little avenue to abuse their power. Islam has given us rights, but the people in power abuse this and try to take a woman’s rights in so-called Muslim countries. It’s not just Iran, but countries like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan as well. And if you think this isn’t happening today in Iran, you’re misinformed. The abusers of power and the men always get the final say and everything is catered to them. Thoughts?
  4. Islandsandmirrors

    Write down your needs

    I would like to get my degree as fast as possible. Please make dua for that.
  5. Islandsandmirrors

    "Judging" people who publicly die in sin

    In the end, it’s not up to us to decide or judge and think that they will go to hell or not. This all depends on Allah’s mercy and whatever He decides to do with His creation.
  6. Islandsandmirrors

    Hijab and pressure

    Be to che? Enghad fuzuli nakon.
  7. Islandsandmirrors

    Hijab and pressure

    Maybe you should focus on your own sins and shortcomings instead of others. Such as arrogance with the people and being judgmental to the point of hurting others feelings without a care in the world. You should be careful in how you let Shaitan in your life. Arrogance in Islam is a major sin. And since you are prone to harshness or “bluntness” as you call it, maybe you should focus on your social hijab.
  8. Islandsandmirrors

    Hijab and pressure

    Salam Sis, I understand how you feel. Just know that Islam is a journey. It’s not about being perfect. It’s about doing what you can. That’s all that’s asked from us. If something is ruining your happiness and emotional health, it might be better to take a small break to re-center yourself. That doesn’t make you a bad person. It makes you human. If you decide to wear the hijab again or not is your decision. No one can make that decision for you. Don’t let anyone pressure you into doing something you’re not comfortable with. Focus on yourself, your beautiful son, and find the things that make you happy like shopping, nails, food, and other forms of selfcare. We are all behind you, Sis. You are dear to us.
  9. Islandsandmirrors

    Emotional Quotient Test

    You sound like a regular person with quirks. Lol no one our generation with anxiety answers unknown numbers anymore. I don’t do that either, especially with all the spammers that call from all over the country. Reading something and picturing it happening in your head is not a sign of autism at all. Neither is getting nervous and fumbling over words when you’re speaking in front of a crowd. As for the leg shaking thing, sometimes your muscles are in needs of relaxing so it either tenses up or stretches out as a response. Bright lights is a very common annoyance. Not an indicator of autism. word fumbling is totally normal and everyone does it on occasion. It’s called a “word slip” when you say something and meant to say something else. Since you have anxiety, I’m not surprised at all. It’s very common in people with anxiety and depression, because they feel so anxious and socially awkward out of self-consciousness, to think they have some kind of autism or adhd. Based on your responses, you don’t though. You’re a regular person—just with major anxiety.
  10. Why not getting married when he converts to Islam? Many men who are in love and willing to spend the rest of their lives with someone, and are willing to convert. I’ve seen it happen to a few people. when the relationship is as deep as it is, they must marry, but the guy needs to convert first.
  11. Talk to him about Islam, and marriage, and if you want to get married, nudge him to look into Islam and gently tell him to convert. Have you talked about marriage recently with him?
  12. Islandsandmirrors

    Emotional Quotient Test

    Two family members of mine have autism. One is high functioning and the other one isn’t. Do you have repetitive ticks like scripting and hand movements/flapping/other ticks like rocking? Do you have trouble partaking in social situations in the sense that you have a poor gauge of certain behaviors? Do you struggle to follow social conversation and respond accordingly? (As in, do you ask how someone is, and they answer and then ask a hard question, and then you answer back with a similar question that you asked previously?) Do you speak in poor language/monotone AND have trouble with detecting changes in other’s intonation and meaning? Finally, are you developmentally behind in reading/comprehension and language skills? If you have trouble with none of these, you are most likely not autistic.
  13. Islandsandmirrors

    Jinn, Witches, Female demon and Fairy

    I don’t think Fairies are meant to exist, but I know jinns are sometimes seen by some people or in certain places since we have Hadiths about it. I think everyone who sees witches, fairies, etc. are just seeing variations of jinns. Jinns are strange creatures. Nothing scary, just strange. I’m not going to talk about my personal experiences with them.
  14. Islandsandmirrors

    Fatigue all day everyday

    I know that I was deficient in Vitamin D a while back, (like 2 years ago) but not recently. Inshallah I’ll get an answer for this soon.
  15. Islandsandmirrors

    Fatigue all day everyday

    I’ve been struggling with fatigue for the last two weeks or so. I always want to nap and I have little energy. I’ve tried drinking more water, tried to eat more nutritious foods like meat and salmon. Bananas, nuts, olives. Nothing helps. Any tips on combating fatigue?