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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. apple are good at simple artistic designs. I prefer the windows look (macbook pro not the same). I've been with windows for ages and I'm not considering changing any time soon ;) were you once a windows user?
  2. lol mac doesn't support the programs i need. I like windows laptops, the white, very 'clean' look doesn't suit me. I can see why some people like it though.
  3. I was joking :P I think they look too simple though. When I look at a laptop, I like to see loads of ports for video, audio, network etc. Correct me if i'm wrong, but microsoft are better at that than apples. The only time I've used a mac (on display in a store), it crashed and one of the staff wasn't happy (it was supped to be locked i think and just show ads). All I did was click on some disk icon then it crashed. I don't hold that against mac. it's just not what you expect (everyone jokes about windows bsod). Anyway, I've been using windows all my life, so i prefer them anyday over a mac.
  4. What do macs support apart from Microsoft Office and large icons? macs don't get viruses because no one uses them. One of the points of coding a virus is for it to spread alot They look abit nice though (all the white casing that is). However, this comes at the expense of no input or output ports, because the mac is a nice-looking white brick. I think it has a latch though to open the screen (the only input is mechanical). IMO
  5. ImamiMehdi


    edit: doesn't matter ;)
  6. Maybe you should do some reasearch on the 9th Imam [AS], afterall, you were doing this in your dream. You won't be at loss whether you find something that 'clicks' or not. I'd also do a ziyarah to the 9th Imam. This can be simply saying "Asalaamu alayka ya Ali Al-Jawad wa Rahmat Allah wa Barakaatuhu", and an optional 2 raka salat of ziyarah after it, which you'll dedicate the reward of to Him [AS]. This will definitely help you, in the hereafter as well as in this life. Tc
  7. Alsalaamu alayum I would just like to say... Saying He [as] drank such is one thing, but saying Imam Ali [as] drank before prayer is another! His level is much higher than that brother. :) WsWrWb
  8. salam thanks. the images are supposed to blend in sort of and make it look more modern. What would have made it look moderner?
  9. (salam) I made this front cover(A4) for a project of mine. It's supposed to look modern and clean etc, what do you think? I don't often use photoshop so this took all day. The pictures are photos I took of the acutal thing.
  10. yes, but if you live in an islamic country you have to abide by it's laws. More or less the same thing for any country one is in. Ws
  11. i agree, but its the only maqtal I could find in english.
  12. Salaam An account of the tragic events at Karbala, from my exprience starting close to the time camp was set up to the death of Imam Hussian [as]. I think thats the gist of it :-) WsWrWb
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