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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. we dont want to separate, i dont know where these ppl get their info from cuz in Iraq Shia and Sunni parties r always helpin each other and agreeing to many points, we dont want to leave Iraq not the south or the north Iraq is 4 all the Iraqies but its just that we r very hurt from wut "some" have done to us throughout history
  2. no not like that but i mean they speak about them more than any other sunnies they always say Sayidna Al-husayn n stuff
  3. ^^ :lol: ya sis i understand how she might of felt. when i get into a position like that i stop breathing :squeez: , it really really bothers me to see a guy with "short shorts".
  4. ok hold on cuz i dont know where u get u'r info from. i use to go to Islamic school and the Shaikh there said that its very MAKROOH << If not HARAM >> to put pics of Livin things in u'r house or around u, even last time i drew a pic and when the Shaikh saw it he asked me "Who do u follow?" when i told him Sistani he told me "then its Haram for u to draw Humans and there faces". and Mashallah this Shaikh is very smart, and i trust him with lots of wut he says. so wut do u have to say about that? and can u plz show me where our ulama tell us its ok to draw. u know even in prayer our
  5. theres this Sunni Shaikh i love to watch him, he's so understandable. i'm not sure wut his name is. :unsure: i dont even know the point of wut i just wrote :blush:
  6. (salam) i know the Christians and the Jews say that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) brought the Quran from himself. but this is impossible as we see that this man was a Bedouin and didnt know how to read or write, so from where did he get all these scientific info?? Now this is was at a time the Christians would set the death penalty at any scientist that brought with him a new scientific theory that was against the teachings of the Bible so there was no one with the knowledge Muhammad (pbuh) had, and the area the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) lived in the smartest a man goes is knowing how to read, and ig
  7. ok i understood the first part Hamduallah, but 4 the second part yes there r shia that dont do Mustahab prayers as there r sunna who dont do musthab prayers. cuz in my family Hamduallah i grew up knowing that Nawafil r so important and most (if not ALL) of the Shia ppl i know do many Nawafil and u know we shouldnt judge a mathhab by the ppl that follow it. sry if i misunderstood u
  8. ^^^^^^ all of this where did u get it from?? and this i dont understand how u can say this "A shia might skip them at times, since they are not wajib, but not the sunnis." plz read wut u wrote on the top
  9. they r Sayida Shabab Ahl Aljanah(prince of the youth of paradise) << sunna also say this 2, and lots of other things but i think the sunna in egypt r closer to the Imamz (as) more than the rest of the sunna
  10. wrong, there is nafila and there is sunna prayers(most of these prayers we call by name 4 example Salat Al-Layl, its a sunna but we call it by its name Salat Al-Layl), nafila prayers r wut sunna call some prayers also, not just us. :D Subhanallah, i dont know wut to answer to that. bro wut r u sayin we Shia leave the sunni prayers, why? everywhere u go in the Muslim world there is a person who prays and a person who doesnt. there is a person who does Mustahab Prayers and a person who doesnt. and u dont have any right sayin that Shia skip some Mustahab Prayers and sunna dont . i dont know fro
  11. ^ r u shia?? Guess not. plz bro if u dont know anything about Shia dont say things from no where
  12. ya well i mean our scholars respect all "other" muslim sects and they ask us to do the same even our Imams (as) did so
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