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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thanks for the continued responses everyone! Forgive me if the intro post was worded weirdly, but I really did mean it when I had no childhood religious background at all. Mother had absolutely no interest in raising me into a religion, she still doesn't seem to have any interest in religion and she surely had none around when I was born. No I really didn't even have a concept of religion was until I was around 13, autism may have played apart in that since 13 was more or less around when I was no longer blatantly autistic. I do remember having the bible read to me one time by a babysitter I had when I was even younger, but I just thought it was a normal book like any other(granted, a very interesting one) and I didn't even know the word "Holy". My first exposure to ANY form of spirituality was Roman Mythology because I really got into Roman history so I learned about their myths(and later had to read about them in Latin class of course), the deities of the Roman Pantheon were as annoying and brutal as having to translate Ovid, lol, I was much more phased by the Emperors. Really the only religion my mother seems to find interesting is Buddhism, no surprise there really, Buddhism is barely a religion(even less so in its orthodox(agnostic, anatma) form). She would probably find it just hilarious if I got baptized into Christianity and she hates Muslims so she probably wouldn't want to associate with me much should I revert to Islam, but her attitude towards whatever religion I choose is insignificant now since I am an independent adult now looking forward to a good career and future in Asia. Do not worry, it has been eight months since I joined SC and made this thread, which soon after reading the replies here I told myself I would spend a year doing what you have said, reading and studying scripture(Bible and Quran) and here I still am after 8 months doing just that and posting here on SC when I have questions or concerns. I am becoming more and more knowledgeable on both Christianity and Islam and may very well be a practicing follower of one of the two some point in the next year, of course I'm not making a resolution or deadline on that, if it takes another year than so be it. I just don't want to be without a religion for too much longer if salvation is indeed dependent on being "officially" Christian or Muslim and not just a monotheist seeker. Thanks for the encouragement though! -Kilij
  2. I really doubt Astral Projection is real, so no, you can't practice it at all, lol. Lucid Dreaming however is definitely real, though it can be hard to pull off if you don't have a natural talent for quality dreaming and dream recall, I never had a strong imagination so my dreams are poor quality and blurry anyway. It's something that requires regular practice and after having done it once and knowing it's real, I kind of just lost the care to fool around with the whole setting alarms at certain sleep stages, trying to stay mentally awake while body falls asleep, and all that stuff. I just sleep normally now, so I can just read before I go to bed and also get up naturally. It just wasn't worth doing all the Inception stuff when my dream quality is all blurry. Besides, when you actively control the content/experience of your dreams, the whole point of having dreams as a way to interpret your subconscious mind is kind of lost. I like trying to rationalize my dreams and why I had that dream(why that setting? why those particular people in my dream? what is my role in the dream? what emotions did it appeal to? etc.) when I get up.
  3. I never said it was going to be easy, if you want my personal opinion, we're too late and already are merely talking about a losing battle, nothing short of divine intervention will save us, but we need to keep trying to fight this battle so we can be worthy of that intervention. But no, I'm against statism as much as I am against capitalism. Stalinism failed, Fascism failed(though people seem eager to have another go at it), and Capitalism has and continues to lead us down the road to ruin. I myself am a Libertarian Socialist politically, I see this as the only political option we have to be both free and to have sustainable society. If you have a better solution we all have ears, but capitalism is surely going to end us. Any efforts to save humanity is commendable even if you don't put a name/ideology behind it.
  4. I had to correct myself to say "necessary" labour, of course the elites can do things to force us to work when it's not need, it's even worse now. That example actually helps my argument, unemployment is often because we are not needed, not always because of underemployment(being needed but not being employed to the task at hand) which is obviously the case when an emperor is just banning technology to employ people and maintain the status quo. We worked much way less time with fewer guaranteed 'benefits' under feudalism than we do now under capitalism. I'm not saying your wrong entirely, but the blame for this lies with human social organization, not the development of technology itself. But that said, under our current social organization, automation is a terrible thing, we should even rise to the task of actively fighting it until we've rid of capitalism. My method of saving humanity from automation would be as follows. 1. End Capitalism and adopt a classless society. 2. Carefully define what it means to be human and what values and traditions we have that machines could never replace(love, religion/spirituality, and philosophy). Nihilists Need not apply... 3. Regulate Automation, if apparently creativity could be automated though according to that "Humans Need Not Apply" video yet we still obviously want creativity as an expression of the values we set in point #2, we should simply ban machines from doing such and other things we want to remain human, probably including the programming of machines. Only then may we be free and live in a world without oppression.
  5. It isn't different so much as just accelerated, automation has always reduced "necessary" labour time. The difference lies in our economic system and global markets/trade. Under feudalism it was just expected of us to work to provide for both ourselves and for our lords, there wasn't anything voluntary about us working(which was bad) or our lords obligation to provide for us(which was a good thing). Capitalism made it voluntarily transactional, mercantile classes sold goods, workers sold themselves(or their labour, to specific), so both had something to offer the new elite which gave them limited leverage over the elite and room to ask for demands. The same system exists today as in early capitalism, our class's labour is our raison d'etre and our ONLY raison d'etre, Once we get to the point where robots labour better than us, we won't have anything to offer for goods and services and nothing to offer to the elites to win their graces. Under capitalism this would make us useless and dependent, just like a pet, they may even stop educating us to the point where we are just a pet, not even able to communicate with them, only to offer for them an emotional lifeform to keep them company. Or worse, imagine this automation under an ultra-nationalist regime, where status may be doled out based on race? We won't have any bargaining chip to make demands.
  6. Son of God is likely a title, in the Old Testament(Psalm 2:7) which is attributed to King David, it refers to him as not only the son of God, but begotten son... "I will declare the decree: the Lord hath said unto me, Thou art my Son; this day have I begotten thee", They don't take King David to be literally the son of God, so why Jesus? Christians say Psalm 2 actually refers to Jesus, but I feel that isn't the case.
  7. This is no good. Automation of labour under capitalism poses a huge threat to humanity. This isn't just the future, this is the continuation of a historical phenomenon. The demand/value of human labour in developed countries is rapidly decreasing, the developing world is poised to follow. Soon there won't be a working class, just a bunch of people who will be completely disposable and useless to the elites, and they very well might dispose of us or increase demands on us and find "other" uses for us...
  8. That literally sounds like straight from Marcus Aurelius's The Meditations 2.11(although more like the popular misquote of it "Live a good life"), is that really in reference to a quote from Ahlulbayt(as) too? That's actually really cool if so.
  9. Idpol(Identity Politics) without intersectonality(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intersectionality) is completely worthless garbage. The Western Powers support parts of(especially individualistic and materialistic) Idpol as a sort of classic "Divide and Conquer" strategy to preserve the liberal status quo. They will tolerate, or even outright support, some groups who are least likely to be radical and may support the Liberal regime in return, this especially applies to the groups @Qa'im mentions who would end up supporting capitalism(economic liberalism) due to this social liberalism. That way those groups do not work together with other groups to form an anti-status_quo collective movement, infact, they may outright begin to side with the state against the poor and people of colour. It's all about division of the working class and minorities, they've been playing this game long and know how to keep us divided and morally ignorant, unable to fight together for universal justice and the better future we may only dream of now. We Humans are not these identities, we are our ideals and conduct, manifest into a body.
  10. @Endtimes I thank you for your hope and concern and appreciate your efforts, I have other topics about me and inter-religion stuff if you would like to post about such things in there, I just want to make sure we don't hijack this thread that is about the Shia community at large and the challenges it faces and what it needs to do. Though I and others may take what you said about our deaths being in the hands of God and that He will protect us as reassuring, I don't think most people want to hear that 'before' they revert, they'll rather have a caring community they feel safe with first. Not everyone has come to terms with their death nor are we all ready to be martyrs yet. A lot of us just need to not feel isolated and find where we belong, just having a sense of security within the Shia community would do much to its dawah success I feel.
  11. I'm not a revert yet perhaps, I'm still just trying to make sure whether I believe in Islam > Christianity or not, but I'm not going to sugarcoat it, despite having the Imams(pbut) to provide excellent conduct examples, fear is a huge challenge to the success of Shi'ism. Not just to us potential reverts, but I also assume to dawah efforts. It's a scary world we live in, both online and offline, make a Shia youtube channel and you might just yourself getting hacked and having your personal info put out into public and then get death threats or worse. Same with trying to organize offline, you might get attacked in the streets. I'm a radical Leftist(Libertarian Socialist) so I get these fears anyway, especially now with the whole Alt-Right guys being so popular and threatening, but for just normal reverts this is a threat to their everyday way of life. Honestly the challenges Shia face are pretty much identical to that of the Left right now. We both not only face threats from racists and the return of popular far right-wing politics, but also we face perhaps our greatest threats from those who SHOULD BE on our sides ultimately, for you Sunnism and for us, Marxists have squashed every Libertarian Socialist community. Both of us face not only enemies from our ideological opposites, but from those ideologically similar to us. So we have to out-organize them, Sunnis may not be your true enemy in the grand scheme of things since the Mahdi(pbuh) should sort the sectarian issues out, but they're probably your greatest threat and competitor until the reappearance even more than the atheists and those evangelical Christians who spread propaganda like that "the Mahdi is the anti-Christ" and support Israel. Both the Shia and the Left need to be professional(though accommodating to the less-educated) and informative to win over new people, in ways that don't scare people off but rather connect to the feelings of sadness and hopelessness that people have all too much of in this world. I've also seen nationality cliques seem to be a big isolating factor, though this would be nullified by having revert communities of more significant quantities, you haven't seem to got enough yet and it in turn deters reverts. I could personally testify to an account of a Pakistani man ostracizing a Western revert, but I won't go into detail about it here even without mentioning names, just have to say I know of such an example and it seems you recognize that issue too. A lot of the mosques in the West are more or less by a certain immigrant nationality for that nationality and don't want to bother with reverts, not too mention most mosques in the West are going to be Sunni and thus won't provide the traditions we need to hear. I myself will be in China next year and I already know most of the mosques are either Sunni(though Salafism isn't popular there, but is on the rise) or Sufi there and I'm going to assume the Uyghurs don't use Mandarin Chinese in the Mosque, maybe the Hui do though, I'll probably want to check out some mosques when I get there but I honestly do not anticipate good experiences. Things seem kinda bleak for Shia and humanity as a whole, but I hope things will change in the near future though... -Kilij
  12. Thank you, friend. Do not worry, once I am comfortable in whether or not Jesus/Isa(as) is God, I have no doubt which denomination to choose. If Islam is the true religion, without a doubt the Shia are the true Muslims. I used to study history, I learned about the usurpation of the Ummah and the oppression of the Caliphates before I even joined here and since joining here I just know following the deeds of Ahlulbayt(pbut) is the best Islam. Thank you for the reading suggestions though, I've been reading both Bible and Quran lately actually. Really right now I just need to be comfortable on what my stance is regarding Jesus/Isa(as). On one hand the Christian trinity is even just hard to understand conceptually, but it is a doctrine that has long developed. On the other hand, though God in Islam is just One, so not too difficult to grasp. The only thing that kind of troubles me is what the purpose of Isa(as) was in Islam, as he didn't seem to accomplish much if the Crucifixion didn't happen to him and the true Gospel/Injil he wrote was lost. If anything he just seems to serve to show the covenant with the Jews was superceeded, which is obvious whether you are Christian or Muslim anyway. This is why I've mostly been interested in Old Testament proofs of Christianity/Islam lately. Thanks, -Kilij
  13. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, but you may misunderstand what socialism is(which is the fault of the U.S.S.R. and later Marxist countries). Socialism simply means that the workers earn the fruits of their labour directly, so in the common example of a factory or farm, the property and equipment is owned by the workers (perhaps collectively as a worker's council, but not necessarily). Ironically, it was the "Soviet Union" who dissolved the soviets(workers councils), so there's nothing socialist about them. Socialism does NOT mean the state should own everything, quite the opposite. In fact Communism refers to the creation of a stateless, classless society, so nothing about the U.S.S.R. is socialist/communist, they were just statists. That said, though I disagree with their ideology, I cannot help but respect him for taking over Cuba, which was an "American Casino" as @magma accurately called it, and made it a country where the poor were taken care of and given education and healthcare. Yes, there were exiles and people who died, but it's much too hard to weep for those who left because the country was no longer the casino for the rich they wanted it to be.
  14. I'm not Marxist, I'm a libertarian socialist, but that said I still have great respect for the man's accomplishments and ability to defy U.S. Imperialism and free the Cuban people from capitalist exploitation, even though he's not entirely free from oppressive acts. RIP Comrade, and best wishes to the people of Cuba and the rest of the Global South!
  15. Thank you then, I am listen to that lecture now, I'll be sure to tell my family the futility and danger of the folk superstitious practices if they still do them. Forgive me @thuglife for perturbing this thread, I just wanted to find some insight on the topic and know what exactly Islam defines as magic.
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