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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam Alaikum Brother. My condolences, our prayers are with you and your family. In lilah wa ina ilail raji3oon. Please let us know if there's anything we can do to help. Ws.
  2. It seems to be workin fine.. Just the theme / skin needs to be recreated..
  3. Ali


    I downloaded the DuckDuckGo chrome extension to see what tracker you pops up and the only tracker I saw was the Google Analytics tracker. We added this like every other site for browsing traffic trends and analysis and is based on IP address. The IP addresses logged on this site (along with all posts) is not linked to your IP address that's logged by google as we don't share that information with them. More information about what Google does with your IP address here: https://policies.google.com/privacy?hl=en-US
  4. Ali


    Salams, 1. Can ShiaChat verify all the trackers that come to this site?: We use 2 COTs products. Invision Board and ArrowChat. The vendors as far as I know don't use trackers as a built functionality to track our users but they definitely would have trackers back to the mothership to report on license validity/usage and maintenance. 2. Are you able to block them from tracking you?: They're COTS products, we can't but you're free to. 3. We live in the era of AI and I want to keep my business and information private: Good luck! 4. Does ShiaChat voluntarily give out information to Silicone Valley or do they get money from them and sell information about users?: Solid No. 5. What about governments and intelligence agencies?: Of course, we're law abiding citizens and will volunteer any and all information if asked to. You're responsible for what you post here. 6. Please be honest about your policies. I believe it is our right to know before we sign up to the message board: You agree to the privacy policy when you sign on to this site.
  5. Apparently they're just playing the role of Yazeed's army, as an act. IMO, they're just just a bunch of closet homosexuals with an opportunity to be themselves in public without being stoned to death. #Proudboys
  6. Salams. Whats up? Send me a message or email me, webmaster at shiachat.com
  7. Lol. Yes, we're an equal opportunity service provider. Actually this was the logo that won years ago but because we just upgraded and we're still playing with the header colour I decided to put it up for a bit before we chose anything else.. Or we may keep it..
  8. Ah, I'm such an old man now, almost pushing 38.. Really want me to do this?
  9. Its 2020, why put a limit on love? Did you ban him after? To be clear, Sis. @Heaven joined ShiaChat AFTER we agreed that we were a match, and it's only to mark her property on this site. I did not use my powerful red badge to seduce her.
  10. Couple of days off. Though again, If this was a conspiracy of some sort, these linkages would probably be the number one thing "they" would want to avoid to not be exposed.
  11. Here we go again, blaming obvious incompetence and lack of moral compasses on everyone except corrupt Arab governments and bureaucrats. Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 all over again.
  12. Consider it a Canada Day gift
  13. Fixed. Look at me putting my rusty CISSP certification to use ;)
  14. The ads work fine with both classic or fluid views (with a line or two of extra code). I'm not a big fan of the new view but the change happened when I was MIA and I believe it was as a result of majority members liking it? I don't know.
  15. Salams, I'll start off by saying that I don't have sexual attraction to other men, in fact, I find that all guys are gross and have cooties. Though I'm believer that homosexuality is a genetic predisposition and not a choice. Based on that alone, Allah will not burden a soul beyond what it is capable of. I doubt Allah (ST) with all his just and might would punish you for thoughts and desires you have no control of. Outside of you committing an obvious sin of zinna, I think you've done more than what someone in your shoes has done in terms of attempting to have relations with the opposite sex despite of your lack of attraction. I'm sure you've heard this before, but many believe that this is your test, to live a life of desires that you'd have to place under control as acting on them means committing a heinous sin. This thread is probably another step in the right direction but unfortunately, I doubt you'd get any open responses. Have you attempting seeking a support group? Does such a support group even exist? Is it time to start one and this isn't the first time I read such a thing on this forum. Wishing you the best. Ws.
  16. Printing, sticking on my house door ;)
  17. I completely disagree. Iraq should be ruled by a just ruler from a party that will be fair to all, regardless of religious affiliation. You're making it seem that with 100% certainty that an Iraqi Shi'a theocracy would be equitable and just purley by having a turbaned person in power claiming piety and morality. I don't buy this one single bit. The Shi'a government in Iraq had their chance to prove themselves but unfortunately the rancid smell of corruption covers even that of Saddam's.
  18. That's what I mean, some of our other, lighter forums internal to ShiaChat..
  19. Salams, I would suggest that if you're looking for that sort of environment to simply avoid the more controversial forums such as debates forums or politics/current affairs and focus on some of the more holistic, feel good forums like the family or science forums.
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