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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Ali


    I downloaded the DuckDuckGo chrome extension to see what tracker you pops up and the only tracker I saw was the Google Analytics tracker. We added this like every other site for browsing traffic trends and analysis and is based on IP address. The IP addresses logged on this site (along with all posts) is not linked to your IP address that's logged by google as we don't share that information with them. More information about what Google does with your IP address here: https://policies.google.com/privacy?hl=en-US
  2. Ali


    Salams, 1. Can ShiaChat verify all the trackers that come to this site?: We use 2 COTs products. Invision Board and ArrowChat. The vendors as far as I know don't use trackers as a built functionality to track our users but they definitely would have trackers back to the mothership to report on license validity/usage and maintenance. 2. Are you able to block them from tracking you?: They're COTS products, we can't but you're free to. 3. We live in the era of AI and I want to keep my business and information private: Good luck! 4. Does ShiaChat voluntarily give out inf
  3. Uhhhh... the, um, cheque is on the way but like COVID delays and stuff. I personally would encourage everyone to jump on https://blog.al-islam.org/general/support-al-islam-amazon-smile/. Alhamdullilah SC doesn't need the funding, we simply don't have many useful programs (unfortunately). But they do.
  4. Apparently they're just playing the role of Yazeed's army, as an act. IMO, they're just just a bunch of closet homosexuals with an opportunity to be themselves in public without being stoned to death. #Proudboys
  5. Salams. Whats up? Send me a message or email me, webmaster at shiachat.com
  6. https://www.captiongenerator.com/1971212/ShiaChatcom
  7. Lol. Yes, we're an equal opportunity service provider. Actually this was the logo that won years ago but because we just upgraded and we're still playing with the header colour I decided to put it up for a bit before we chose anything else.. Or we may keep it..
  8. Ah, I'm such an old man now, almost pushing 38.. Really want me to do this?
  9. Its 2020, why put a limit on love? Did you ban him after? To be clear, Sis. @Heaven joined ShiaChat AFTER we agreed that we were a match, and it's only to mark her property on this site. I did not use my powerful red badge to seduce her.
  10. Couple of days off. Though again, If this was a conspiracy of some sort, these linkages would probably be the number one thing "they" would want to avoid to not be exposed.
  11. Here we go again, blaming obvious incompetence and lack of moral compasses on everyone except corrupt Arab governments and bureaucrats. Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 all over again.
  12. Consider it a Canada Day gift
  13. Fixed. Look at me putting my rusty CISSP certification to use ;)
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