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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam 1. Is there Any evidence so that i can prove sunnis wrong in arguments and show that imam Ali Was choosen by Allah and that there were 12 imams 2.When the caliphs attacked Iran and other countries and forced them to become muslim Thats haram right? 3. How did abubakr know WHO the prophet was? And why did the prophet allow him to be close to him?
  2. Bismillah Salam I want a lot of answers and plz sources cuz I'm gonna start with namaz I just want to double check and see about this before I pray thankyou 1.Why did Imam ali and the prophet Muhammad go to war, for what reason, why,and wich battles where they in and why? 2. My dad he was saying stuff like Islam is just a good thing for that time but not now is that true what do you think? And he so said he read a book that the prophet told the caliphs to go kill or they would die and go to heaven or they would live and live like they are in heaven something like that then someo
  3. That asking emam ali thru emam ali to Allah when the Quran says dont associate with anybody else then Allah when u pray
  4. Salam Brothers and sisters why do we do shirk when the Quran says its haram? peace be upon you all
  5. salam why do we ask imam ali then i mean shirk to make our dua to go to Allah and how often dowe do shirk why do we do it how do u do it do u have to do it can yall explain a little bit why Thanks guys may God bless you all.
  6. Salam brothers and sisters. I wonder how I get closer to Allah and how I feel that Allah is with me. PS can yall give me some proof that God exists. Guys Can yall give me proof that Imam Ali was the true Imam and were the Caliphs good? Why does Islamiclaws in this world kiling people when Islam came to solve problems has the bad parts of Quran been curupted? Is music and dancing halal and is basketball halal how do I learn to pray on farsi like a shia. Thankyou guys may Allah bless u all
  7. Salam everybody Why is it haram to have a girlfriend? If I want to have a girlfriend I dont do it to use her sexual ways or just throw her away after 1 day Its like I wanna see if i could live with this person cause in Islam I heard people just get married away without knowing about each other and the women is always upset of it. So is it halal to have a girlfriend if u want to see if this can workout. [Moderator note: inappropriate sentence edited out.] Thankyou guy may Allah bless u all
  8. Salam! Has the 12 Imams been mentioned in the Quran has the Caliphs been mentioned. Can yall give me 3 reasons to be Shia cause there are a lot more sunnis. I also wonder why we shias hit our selves when its haram to harm people and yourself and its bad for you when the sunnis are calm. Thank you guy may Allah bless you all peace be upon you all.
  9. Brother always belive in God and be a good muslim this is one of the tests
  10. Hi everybody this atheist is my cousin i want to convince him that Islam is the right religion can yall give me tips on gods existience pus he always says that Islamic laws are violent but me I belive that some laws are made up by Mohammads enemies and do yall know anything that has reflected to scince in Quran. Where can I buy a Quran. Thanks everybody peace be upon you all may God bless you plz answer and follow me.
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