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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Amazing read!! Someone on social media needs to share this with the wider audience. Really enjoyed it! Thank you
  2. Imam Ali Foundation in London were so helpful with mine. They will advocate for her too if she's being abused. Anyway here are the details: Tele: 0208 451 1619 A domestic abuse helpline maybe helpful to her too....
  3. I'm also so confused.... Anyway brother seeing as you have decided to move on because as a nurse she's hurting her patients, then surely you have a moral obligation to report her ... That's a mega safeguarding (in this country anyway) .... I urge you seriously do something about it. People are putting their trust in her when they are at their most vulnerable ..... You can't walk away doing nothing about it....
  4. As a woman I think it's also important for brothers to recognise that it is not ok to approach women with the sole intention of fulfilling lustful desires. As a divorced woman I have lost count of the amount of men who either through match making websites or other means have approached me just for that, with no shame or dignity. Just because a woman is divorced or single for that matter it is not ok for brothers to treat her as "disposable". So in short, the concept of mutah is excellent for realistic reasons as the laws stipulate, however it's not ok to misuse it. Perhaps educating brothers a bit more is the way forward.
  5. You know maybe I am... Thank you though I'll speak to someone at mosque... I'm sure it'll help.... Thank you
  6. Thanks my family are aware and looking as for the mosque ... It's a bit awkward.... But like me saying "I need a husband...find me one..... Desperate" you see?
  7. Hey Mehdi; SA Heres my take on it (and I reiterate "take")... I think you need to ask yourself what you'd loose if you gave it all to her. At a wedding (Khoja weddings) jewellery gifts are ordinarily given to the woman because she is the woman (in the sense that she'd wear them). The other thing you need to consider is her future (one can argue that's not your problem!!) how will she support herself, where will she go etc etc. The only reason I say this is because I walked away with nothing and as much as it was wholly my choice... As a lone woman it would've been helpful.... Anyway I'm sure it's all sorted out by now... If not I hope I've helped A
  8. Salaams Everyone; First off, thank you so much for responding. Im not in India... I live in the UK don't know if this matters??? So any ideas on how I can meet someone?? Thanks so much A
  9. Salaams Everyone, I am new to this forum and am joining to gain some insight into my "feelings". I have been divorced for approx 4 years now. I was fairly young when I got married and for one reason or other my marriage didn't work out. I am now at a place where I am looking to settle down and have a family. I have used the last four years to study and become independent so Allhm in that regard I am blessed. Moving forward (swiftly) my need for settling down is proving very difficult and I am hopeful someone on here can help? I have tried all (and I mean all) match making websites for single shia's and khojas (yes I am khoja)!! Matchmakers cant seem to find me anyone either.... Does anyone else have any suggestions? I am also doing amaal's as found on Duas.org Any help will be very much appreciated. Duas A
  10. Salaams Everyone; I for one, think this is an amazing idea. Human beings are social creatures and from time to time loneliness does creep up on us (on me anyway). I signed up on here to get some support from people who are from the same cultural background and religion as I feel this will help. So how does this group work? W'Salaam
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