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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Sallam alikom , please I need help what is the best way to protect my laptop and mobile from hackers? which program is useful for antivirus and firewall ? and which sites is secured? and Is it recommended to use a password manager on my laptop or not thank you
  2. I'm a native Arabic speaker, And can help you in Arabic insh'Allah.
  3. ورصاص الذى أحببته ذهب ، كما ذهب الذى لم ترض عنه رصاص
  4. وعين الرضا عن كل عيب كليلة كما ان عين السخط تبدي المساويا
  5. If you accept his Deen and his work and social status, you should ask your daughter about if she accepts his appearance and age or not.
  6. Welcome to Shiachat, you are in the right path. I was sunni and after reading I became Shia. you can Ask any questions here and brothers and sisters will discuss respectfully
  7. Mash'Allah Good work. Allah bless you.
  8. I think in general there are men and woman with the qualities you mentioned, but may be woman are less than men in this point. you can ask Allah to give you the suitable and religious spouse.
  9. you should be patient as much as you can and speak to him more than time. and remember him with his duties and what he should do. and in the other hands should know the husband's responsibilities and nowadays and give her self many excuses. and finally look at her family and do her best to keep her family unite insh'Allah and keep doaa all the time .
  10. Do you mean I ask a question why Muslim youth in the west are politically active ? Although all the circumstances lead to the opposite ! ... do you mean that ? did I understand you? I'm sorry my mother language is Arabic .
  11. thank you good idea but I want to limit this idea. youth and political participation for example
  12. Sallam alikom Dear brothers and sisters, I'm going to do master thesis in political sciences and need your help to choose the point, I'm hesitating, I want to do something serve Islam and Ummah. what do you recommend ?
  13. Thank you all brothers and sisters. I can also teach Arabic in return
  14. Sallam ALikom I have problem , the Forum automatically download this audio with me . if I open anything here this thing download automatically , what's this ?
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