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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Yezdegird like, not a Muslim like Umar r.a can be their choice !
  2. No iam not a angry husband for my "present" wife, Alhamdulillah ! InshaAllah.
  3. Ofcourse i agree, but i don't think OP is totally innocent ! As there's a saying in urdu : thali eak haat se nahi bachti. May Allah guide them both.
  4. Ah, as if OP is Angel/parsa didn't done anything !
  5. Entire world is wrong according to shiites, and even shiism maked Allah "looser", far left even shaituan behind ! What is the topic a about, and where you can are going towards?
  6. Wassalam. Bismillah As for your both questions being "follower" of Allah azza'wajal "Yes", those who obey Allah and fulfills commands of Allah and beliefs in Allah without associating partners with Him, and those who say firmly "La ilaha illallah Muhammad ur Rasool Allah" without any addition and subtraction can be considered muslim ! But to obey Messenger s.a.w one has to care/love/respect them (Sahaba and Ahl'al bait) both, and those who don't fulfills second condition by not "following" Prophet s.a.w they are considered out of Ahl'al Sunnah jamah (out of Prophet s.a.w jamah)! And Allah said: O believers ! obey Allah and obey His Messenger.
  7. This was very disgusting reply to a Sunni member, yet this is not highlighted !
  8. Okay calm down friend, move them aside. Peace be upon : Abu bakr, Umar, Usman and Ali razi'Allahu ta'ala anhumeen !
  9. Brother don't mind, by "mutah free" i meant to say non shia virgin girls ! Iam tying to save him from a nasibi girl who can mislead his progeny towards disbelief, is it wrong my friend? And personally i think "if" sunnis and other shia sects etc; have become so immoral without having freedom to mutah then i highly doubt about shia girls, having such freedom at their hands.
  10. Wa'alaikum assalaam, Why don't you marry a mominah in your community ! It seems your running after "mutah free" sunni girls.
  11. If that is the case then iran, syria, Iraq, houtis and hisbullah are in bed of Russia, saying putin putin !
  12. ^wa'alaikum assalaam, Personally i don't believe shia houtis or 12wer shias either way would have intentionally launched rocket towards Kaaba, because karbala is revered place for them likewise najaf and other sites of their claimed "imams"! And Kaaba is much revered for them because it is birth place of their first 'imam', so atleast for this reason shiites wouldn't have attempted to do so. Maybe their poor rocket would have lost direction.
  13. ^What about op's family ! And other shiites near & dear ones? Simply asking to know more on this matter which iam aware of
  14. As said by Allah:- Prophet s.a.w is nearer to believers than themselves ! So there's nothing to worry about for "muslims/believers" who were not present at that time or this time there. Jism ho kahi bhi lekin dil tou hain Madine mai.
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