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  1. Blood clots are rare side effects of Astrazeneca Vaccine (few cases out of millions).Besides Aspirin is NSAID's,using it post vaccinationin is counterproductive.Vaccines work best when they can trigger immune reaction in our body and Aspirin/Ibuprofen will prevent same to happen.
  2. Brother What this person is saying is to delay vaccinating people who are active covid cases(including asymptomatic).He is presenting his own rationale for that.Its noteworthy.Here in India they are not vaccinating people who are having Active Covid infection anyway but Delaying it for 14 days post Infection. But I don't know why you are linking that graph with his opinion.Indian vaccination drive is joke right now.They have fully vaccinated just 15+ million people corresponding to around 1 % of the population excluding people of age group 18-45 which makes largest chunk of population. About recent Surge in casesin India, It Should be attributed to Election rallies harboring thousands of people,Poor vaccine drive,New mutant strain of Virus,Lack of Government Competence and Of course Kumbh Mela like Festival.
  3. Same goes for African-Americans,Latino and South Asian Population in USA with same results. Most of the people I know who took vaccine had no symptoms at all except the local tenderness at the site for couple of days. Few of them had fever and myalgia which got resolved on next day.
  4. Lol! Sounds tedious and uncomfortable brother. Keeping up the mask and Hand hygiene will do her better.
  5. Don't you think it's a little unhygienic to eat Chicken bones?
  6. Bro India is one of the largest vaccine producers in the world.They are one the few countries with wide expertise in vaccine development.Dont make it political issue.2 millions+ people has been vaccinated so far and as far I know nobody died from vaccine.
  7. Sorry Didn't mean to offend you...And No I'm not taking vaccine as well I'm already having a high antibody titres(I was infected twice).I asked it because I was just wondering whether you opposed this vaccine or just were just anti-vaxxer.. Because It understandable if former...
  8. Flu vaccine has much lesser efficacy than that(I think 20-50%).WHO/FDA recommended earlier 50% efficacy for Covid would be enough.Though more the better. Why?
  9. It is one of Best inspirational poems in Marathi Language (I'm not sure anyone here know or understand the language).It narrates about a guy visiting his teacher after a flood shatters his house and life and ask for nothing but a blessing. कणा(Spine/Back-Bone) ओळखलत का सर मला ! पावसात आला कोणी ? कपडे होते कर्दमलेले, केसावरती पाणी. He came in the rain and said, “Do you remember me Sir?” His clothes all too muddy, And his hair was full of water. क्षणभर बसला नंतर हसला , बोलला वरती पाहून गंगामाई पाहुनी आली गेली घरट्यात राहून He sat for a moment and then smiled, And then he spoke all the same, “In my nest she lived and left, When as guest Mother Ganges came माहेरवाशिन पोरीन सारखी चार भिंतीत नाचली मोकळ्या हाती जाईल कशी बायको मात्र वाचली Like a married daughter back home, She danced around in the house, Never to return empty-handed, She just spared only my spouse. भिंत खचली चूल विझली होते नव्हते नेले प्रसाद म्हणुनी पापण्यान मध्ये पाणी थोडे ठेवले The walls fell and the stove drenched, She took all that was to bear, And for the blessings of goodbye, She left in the eye only the tear. कारभारनीला घेउनी संगे सर आता लढतो आहे पडकी भिंत बांधतो आहे , चिखल गाळ काढतो आहे “With my wife by my side, Sir I am now fighting it all, Am clearing up the sludge, And building the broken wall.’ खिशा कडे हात जाताच हसत हसत उठला पैसे नकोत सर मला जरा एकटे पण वाटला Asudden he stood up with a laugh, When for the pocket went my hand, “No money Sir, no money”, he said, Just felt alone from where I stand. मोडून पडला संसार जरी मोडला नाही कणा पाठी वरती हाथ ठ्ठेऊन नुसते लढ म्हणा ! “Shattered to pieces is the life Sir, But my spine still holds its might, Place your hand on my back, And just say, ‘Go. Fight.’” -कवी कुसुमाग्रज(Poet Kusumagraj)
  10. May be you are having palpitations. They are benign most of the times(may be due to anxiety) nonetheless you should get medical expert advice to rule out anything Cardiac/Thyroid problems.
  11. https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20201211-saudi-deported-indians-for-protesting-against-narendra-modis-anti-muslim-register/ Saudis are dumping Indians (Muslims) as well...
  12. Salam Very nice indeed.Completed first episode.Nice animation and very informative. Hopefully will complete rest in spare time.Thanks.
  13. Few months back Malaysia also reported of new strain of Covid-19 which was highly infectious but less lethal.Hopefully this strain is same like that one.
  14. Salam Govts does spend enough for those necessities but not enough on Health Care.Thats why you see a crumbling Heath care facilities when a real disaster hits like this pandemic.
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