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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. From what I understand, whatever you have saved in one year's time (thus is 'profit' from your earnings because you did not use that money) you must pay the 1/5 of that saved money (not gross income). It probably is better for someone with more knowledge to answer, but that is what I know. Asking your marja is best. Good luck!
  2. Assalamu alaikum Ramadan Mubarak to all! Does anyone have a website that shows links to all the online lectures for shahr Ramadhan? Maybe we can use this forum to post links. Thanks!!!
  3. Bismillah Al-Rahman Al-Raheem Assalamu alaikum On behalf of the Mohammadia Youth Group, I would like to invite you all to a celebration of a special woman...Bibi Fatima Al-Zahra (as). The event is scheduled for 8:30pm on Friday June 27th. The program commences with Maghrib and I'sha prayers and recitation of Quran. Special guest speaker is Sister Nessrein. We will also be welcoming any volunteers who would like to recite poetry, creative writing, sarood, and/or art in commemoration of Bibi Fatima (as). Dinner will be served! Hope to see you there! Sophie, of Mohammadia Youth Group Mohammadia Islamic Center 140 Marshall St Paterson, NJ
  4. Salaam YaQaim, If you are in the area, you should definitely try to come, Inshallah! It's going to be fun!
  5. Walaikum salaam Inshallah we will be recording it. Videos get posted on the Mohammadia Youth Group website: www.mohammadiayouth.org. Once it's posted, I will put an announcement here, Inshallah.
  6. In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful As -Salamu `Alaykum! Dear Brothers and Sisters, Inshallah this email finds you in good imaan, health, and spirit. There are many exciting programs and events planned in our communities for June and July 2008. Our goal is to raise consciousness and awareness among ourselves. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Please mark your calendar for next week, we will be hosting Sister Nicole Correri from Northern Virginia... Sister Nicole Correri is a convert to Islam since 1994 who received her B.A. in Psychology from George Washington University, and her M.A. in Counseling from George Mason University. She also completed a year and half of doctoral course work in Clinical Psychology at GWU. For almost 13 years, Sr. Nicole has been an educator in the Washington D.C. Islamic community, working primarily with the youth. Her emphasis has always been to bring a deeper understanding of Islam to the youth, as well as a practical and meaningful connection to their spiritual life. When: Friday. June 13, 2008 at 8:30pm Speaker: Sister Nicole Correri Location: Mohammadia - 140 Marshall Street, Paterson, New Jersey ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Masjid-e Ali will be hosting Syed Ammar Nakshwani on June 27-29, 2008. Saturday, June 28th (5:30-10pm) Fundraising Dinner at Shezan http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=13154854452 Sunday, June 29th (1:00-4:00pm) Special Youth Session with Seyed Ammar Lecture and Q&A at Masid e Ali www.muslimfoundation.org ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mohammadia Youth Group Annual Picnic in Observance of Imam Ali (A.S.) on Saturday, July 12, 2008 from 11:00am to 8:00pm. Bring your family and friends to a day filled with fun outdoor activties and delicious Halal BBQ! Be prepared to play kickball, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, basketball...and more! There will also be games and prizes and stimulating discussions at Ringwood State Park. Congregational prayer will be at 1pm followed by lunch. Inshallah we will see you there! Register @ http://www.mohammadiayouth.org http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=15044802486 For information on the park check their website: http://www.state.nj.us/dep/parksandforests...s/ringwood.html
  7. Assalamu alaikum Everyone Celebrate Imam Ali's (as) birthday with us! First annual Mohammadia Picnic commemorating Imam Ali! July 12, 2008 starting at 11AM @ Ringwood State Park, NJ Pre-register @ www.mohammadiayouth.org or go directly to the form @ http://njcamp.wufoo.com/forms/imam-ali-day-picnic-2008/ Facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=15044802486
  8. salam! there is a yahoo group for shia homeschoolers that has a lot of information. check it out http://groups.yahoo.com/group/shiahomeschoolers/
  9. On the night of Friday, October 26, 2007 at 8 p.m. Maulana Syed Abbas Ayleya will be speaking at the Mohammadia Center in Patterson, New Jersey, along side of Dr. Hatim Abu-Shahba. On the night of Saturday, October 27, 2007, Syed Abbas Ayelya will thus be speaking the at the Imam Ali Center (the MFI) in Somerset, New Jersey at maigrib time. These lectures will address the impact of Islam on the modern age and the duties of the contemporary muslim, particularly in the west. The following is a list of topics that will be covered, insh'Allah: Purpose of Life - Allah and His Justice Why Islam - Is it the fastest growing religion? Islam, Christianity, and Western Thought Day of Judgment - Women in Islam /Hijab Family & Societal Issues Pre-Islamic Era Islam and the Sciences - Islamic Economics Islamic Law - Marriage Islam in the Media - Charity Pillars of Islam - Unity Among Muslims Refreshments will be served! Please be prompt! The Mohammadia Center (140 Marshall Street, Paterson, New Jersey) http://mohammadiayouth.org/ MFI (47 Cedar Grove Lane) http://muslimfoundation.org
  10. Salam First, please try to write in correct English, it is rather difficult to read with the words shortened in such an unnatural way. Second, Marriage is not for a person who is immature and irresponsible and unrealistic.(this is in general and not specifically saying this just to you). If you can truly say that you are a mature, responsible and realistic person, then you may have a shot at marriage. Marriage is not temporary...it is permanent and comes with a great deal of responsibilties and sacrifices. Before you can truly decide whether you are ready for marriage, you must think things out logically and thoroughly. Think of the life changes that will occur when you are married. You will be living with the same person day in and day out for the rest of your life. Everything you do will be with your spouse, for the most part at least, minus some 'girls nights' or 'boys nights'. You will have more bills: rent/mortgage, taxes, home insurance, car insurance, food shopping, cooking, cleaning, working for the money you will need. Children will add even more expenses and responsibilties, obviously. Once married, you will double the size of your family. You will now have in-laws and other family matters to deal with. Overall, marriage is serious business, and should not be taken lightly or for fun. You have to be totally ready for a life change. Maturity, in all aspects, is a sign that a person is ready for marriage, not if 'they don't think about getting married' as you questioned. Good luck!
  11. i'm going :). anyone else going from the NJ/NYC area?
  12. I saw so many Chinese Muslim Hajis this year in Hajj. They were sooooo cute! I always felt that the Chinese would make good Muslims..very disciplined and 'conservative' people. MashAllah
  13. very weird. why would killing the people who are worshipping the family of the Prophet, the very same line that Imam Mehdi (as) comes from, would cause his return? it makes absolutely NO sense whatsoever. I don't buy this claim of a shiite cult...it goes against reason, especially when you understand the beliefs of Shia Islam. if they are a real cult, then holy cow are they totally messed up in their thinking and they got what they deserved...going to kill pilgrims during their worshipping and lamentation... that's a one way express ticket to hell. sheesh.
  14. Assalamu alaikum Good Brother Mak. I'm glad you are openly speaking up about your doubts and questions. That means you are not succumbing to the works of Shaitan...and you are taking action against it. Inshallah we will all pray for you and you will be cured of this 'illness' soon. Allah is All-Knowing. May He continue to guide you and ease your fears and keep away your doubts. Be strong, brother.
  15. Assalamu alaikum Hadith comes with the sayings and actions of the Prophet. They are not just historical value. So you find the way to pray from historical lessons? One of the Pillars of our Faith is from Hadith, and you say hadith is just 'historical". Talk about underestimating the value of hadith! Not all Hadith are authentic, because only the Quran is authentic, and there are many, many cases in which hadith were fabricated (for money or to give extra powers to those in charge, of course). But the ones that are authentic match up with the Quran and are to be used as a tool for understanding the Quran and for making sure the way we act, (ie. Pray), treat others, live our lives is up to par with Rasool (pbuh) and most importantly with Allah SWT.
  16. yea, we are supposed to find out tomorrow. apparently our passports are now in the NY consulate. i heard a lot of people are backing out because if we dont get our passports on time, we will miss our flight and lose the money for the tickets.... this is just crazy. a thousand dollars?! i thought it was 300 more.... ??
  17. Salam, I'm going with Shk Sadiq's group as well, Inshallah. We didn't get the visas yet though...and we are supposed to be leaving this wednesday! Does anyone know what is going on??? This is very stressful!
  18. I agree.. I'm fasting today...however what is my intention? Is it for the 30th Shaban or the 1st Ramadan!?! I guess I will have to make a decision right now.... I guess I will follow the masjid bc I'm going to be messed up for the 3 Layaltul Qadr nights and that's when we go there.... sheesh!!!
  19. i'm afraid to do whatever i want..i want to make sure i do it correctly... btw, are you from NY...i go to khoei center sometimes :)
  20. I reverted 2 years ago, and alhamdulillah, so far so good! The first day is usually the hardest, but after that, it's not bad at all. The worse that does happens is I get really tired by like 3 or 4 and get a headache. But it's not so bad. I love fasting actually. I find that when I make the intention to fast to be closer to God, it is so much easier than if I am not fasting and I happen to eat lunch a little later than normal...I'm like DYING on a regular day, but during a fast it's like nothing. Allah SWT truly makes it easy on us. Alhamdulillah! I like to describe to non-muslims that it is not only a requirement by God, but it also has tons of benefits... detox increasing patience increasing stamina increasing strong-will and determination during struggle reminding you of the poor who are hungry all the time reminding you that God is the one who sustains us etc etc
  21. With all these different dates, who should we follow... our Marja or the local mosque that we attend. See, I follow Sayid Fadlallah and he said Ramadan is Sunday. However, the mosque that we attend follows Sayid Sistani... and he declared it Monday. So what would I do in this case? does the marja's declaration come before the masjid we attend?
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