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  1. No such marriage took place. Astaghfirullah!

    She was NOT married to him, her Husband was Aun bin Ja’far, who was the son of Imam Ali’s(as) brother.

    Mathematically it can be proven that she was not married to Omar. According to the politicians, Umm Kulthum and Omar ibn al-Khattab were married in the year 17 Hijri, when Umm Kulthum was 4 or 5 years old. That means she would have been born around the year 12 or 13 Hijri. So you mean Imam Ali (as) allowed his daughter to marry at 4 or 5 years old?

    If the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) died in the year 11 Hijri, and Fatimah al-Zahra (as) died 6 months later, how in the world could Umm Kuthum(as) have been born after the death of her Mother(as) ?? Even Sahih Bukhari confirms she died 6 months later. Sahih Bukhari:Volume:5 Book:59 Hadith:546, not to mention its also the hadith about Abu Bakr stealing her land that Allah(swt) gave to her. Quran: Surah:17 verse:26

    Next they mark her(as) death in 50 Hijri, but how is that possible when she was present in Karbala when Imam Hussein (as) was martyred in the year 61 Hijri. Yes, she remarried her cousin Abdullah ibn Jafar ibn Abu Talib, after the death of her sister Zeinab(as), who was married to him before her. But that’s it, that is the only two times she married . So just who did Omar marry?-- > Umm Kalthum bint Abu bakr. Let me explain so it all makes sense.

    Omar did not just have one wife named umm Kulthum, he had a total of FIVE wives by that name.

    Umm Kulthum bint Jarwila Khizima, Umm Kulthum bint Uqba, Umm Kulthum bint Rahab, Umm Kulthum bint Asim, and then finally Umm Kulthum bint Abu Bakr.

    She was born after the death of her father in the year 13 hijri, her mother is Asma bint Umays. She was pregnant with her when Abu Bakr died. They also had one more child before her, guess who, Muhammad ibn Abu Bakr. A true companion of Imam Ali(as). So just how did she get the title bint Ali.

    Asma bint Umays Married Imam Ali(as) after the death of Abu bakr. Imam Ali(as) loved Muhammad ibn Abu bakr very much. So he married his mother shortly to take him in as his own. So naturally Imam Ali(as) moved them into his home. Now if you do the math that was done earlier on this Umm Kulthum, it works out according to the Sunni hadith.

    Also note: Omar did not go to Imam Ali(as) to ask for her hand but he sent word to Aisha, her older sister, and she accepted. So in conclusion Umm Kulthum(as) bint Imam Ali(as) did NOT marry Omar. Thank you.

    Ps. For the hypocrites that challenge this I have saved your Sunni hadith that prove this truth. I did not incorporate a lot of these references you can have a little faith I could be wrong or lying, so then you would question it and then i would drop them on you.

    As Imam Ali(as) would say “Peace be upon those who deserve it”


    very informative, thx for the post

  2. only reason the wifes are not in ahlulbayt is because, if there is a divorce between man and wife they r no longer part of the family.

    so there is always that part that will/might be broken,

    but ur son/daughter is the link no one can break,

    but ofcorz on the other hand we see Salman (as) as part of Ahlulbayt. because Prophet Proclaimed it.

  3. hello Dr Ronnie or Reverend Matthew

    as the best oscar speech i hav ever heared... we live in the fictitious time where we hav fictitious election result which elect a fictitious president. we live in the time where we hav a man sending us to war for fictitious reasons.. Moore..

    its the first great truth of the yr..i would say..it goes way more deeper then an average American could think about their president

    Moore has done his best to let the ppl of America know the truth..


  4. (salam)

    Weren't the Prophets and Caliphs men?!?!!?

    Hahahaha! Got you! Boo ya! Case closed! Pop the Lassi! Who's da man! Dayyuum I'm good! Bingo! Touchdown! In your face! Talk to the hand!

    Don't mess with the best,

    Or you'll get embarrased like the rest :!!!:


  5. lol hataf..lol...

    u dont know the RUTBA of IMAM ALI (as)


    i now came to know omer did the same thing when he was asked questions..

    didnt he...

    mein qatl kur dun ga...lol

    y murder..give a jew a answer...

    no...ill kill him..lol

    and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :D zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz B) zzzzzzzzz :rolleyes: zzzzzz :P zzz ^_^ zzzzzzz :huh: zzzzzzzz :( zzzzzzz :!!!: zzzzzz :donno: z

  6. Selam alaycom,

    Ali (as) was the first male to become muslim. When the Prophet (pbuh) publicly announced his prophethood to his near relatives, Ali (as) was the only one who declared his faith and to vowed stand by the Prophet. That is quite an accomplishment! Can anyone else make such a claim?

    BTW, can you remind me how old were Abu Bakr and Omar and Othman when they became muslims? I seem to have forgotten.


    Um Ali

    according to me..they didntaccept islam..they accept the khilafat

  7. hey one thing more


    u celebrate the new yr of ISLAM the 1st muharram...

    and if u know the death anniversiry of UMAR its 1st..and u make celebrations and picnics..





    what kind of muslim r u..

    sorry to call u muslim..

    i mean what kind of follower r u..

    its ur PANDITs death anniverisry and u guyz go for picnic..

    well i think..he didnt do anything good.what he deserves to be

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