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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. only reason the wifes are not in ahlulbayt is because, if there is a divorce between man and wife they r no longer part of the family. so there is always that part that will/might be broken, but ur son/daughter is the link no one can break, but ofcorz on the other hand we see Salman (as) as part of Ahlulbayt. because Prophet Proclaimed it.
  2. Salamwalaykum these terrorist should be tracked down.. Oh Boy..sad to hear this ... :( my duas r with all the pakistani brothers and sisters..and every momin.. kumayl
  3. hello Dr Ronnie or Reverend Matthew as the best oscar speech i hav ever heared... we live in the fictitious time where we hav fictitious election result which elect a fictitious president. we live in the time where we hav a man sending us to war for fictitious reasons.. Moore.. its the first great truth of the yr..i would say..it goes way more deeper then an average American could think about their president Moore has done his best to let the ppl of America know the truth.. kumayl
  4. Masha Allah nice to see people...on right path
  5. In Malay Language this word sounds like another word which means Garbage of Sahaba :P sipah sahaba..force of sahaba..but usually called sipah yazid..so u know..
  6. some shouldnt be given the name to those..those r wahabis
  7. now we have a joker here :D :D :D :squeez: :!!!: so..dont say anything..which goes against ya..ok
  8. HATAF... omer was a lier....he dis obeyed PROPHET (saw) every where... u will need a source for that..ok so dont paste ur own words ok
  9. FATAH...u didnt rite the wholething... WHEN IMAM ALI (as) refused to cancel it...wat did IMAM ALI (as) said after it.. .. plz go and read...
  10. lol...r u translating hataf and fatah in English... what if in arabic u do... eh.. u r so funny
  11. lol hataf..lol... u dont know the RUTBA of IMAM ALI (as) really i now came to know omer did the same thing when he was asked questions.. didnt he... mein qatl kur dun ga...lol y murder..give a jew a answer... no...ill kill him..lol and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :D zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz B) zzzzzzzzz :rolleyes: zzzzzz :P zzz ^_^ zzzzzzz :huh: zzzzzzzz :( zzzzzzz :!!!: zzzzzz :donno: z
  12. KUMAYL

    Desi girls

    wo wow wowo...shairi..MASH Allah desi girls ...nice answer...but..JIN BHAI was much too i think u both win
  13. i dont know y i always pick up with omer i think i like him :Hijabi:
  14. lol happy shia taraavi is nothing..btu an addition to islam by Omer and PROPHET in his life at the event of ghadeer said that ISLAM has been completed no addition or subtraction.. but omer did..and its BIDAT BIdAT BIDAT
  15. hataf..ur bad days r comin... i know the forum is strictly for discussions not for personal attacks.. but make sure..when u mension IMAM ALI names ...think about the first three
  16. according to me..they didntaccept islam..they accept the khilafat
  17. well about driving..i know.in pakistan.. the truck drivers use to let the women driver go... lol...its so funny.they dont want their truck to ge damage..lol
  18. hey one thing more hataf... u celebrate the new yr of ISLAM the 1st muharram... and if u know the death anniversiry of UMAR its 1st..and u make celebrations and picnics.. wow... wow wow LA HOLA WALAQUAT.. what kind of muslim r u.. sorry to call u muslim.. i mean what kind of follower r u.. its ur PANDITs death anniverisry and u guyz go for picnic.. well i think..he didnt do anything good.what he deserves to be
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