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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Using your imagination How will it start and when?
  2. Saudi arabia is threatening that war willl soon start on iranian lands.....
  3. America is the world superpower One day it must fall When will this happen?
  4. Iranians are truly blessed........perhaps more than any other nation but iraqis are also blessed.......in general shia arabs are very blessed...... arabs became shia before the persians did.......but today we have more persians who are shia than arabs so persians are very blessed but not more than arabs......
  5. They have no influence They have no power They are a minority (only 10-15% of muslim population are shia) Iraq a shia majority is powerless.....and is filled with orphans and widows....the government despite being a shia one is corrupt and probably worse than saddam hussein and previous sunni rulers Bahrain a shia majority is ruled with by a sunni majority and they control everything....the shia are suppressed over there In Yemen the shia are being killed and being bombarded on a daily basis.....saudi arabia is winning the war Shias in the arab world are minoritie
  6. Who is Moqtada and sadr......he is not that influential in iraq......only around his people.........he obviously doesn't know what he is talking about......
  7. This is a joke right brother? Never will 90% of world population die 2/3 of world population yes......because that is in the hadith but 90%.......then who will there be left on earth? no-one will be left..... and never will there be only good people on earth......that will never happen........there will always be evil even in the times of imam mahdi........the imam will always have to fight evil people........there will be plenty of wars during imam mahdi times...... Never will we live without stress here on earth......we will always be stressed...... So your tho
  8. Could this be a sign of end times? Once Assad is removed......the sunnis and extremists will have more power and control the land of Syria Then the Sunnis and extremists will form and army to kill the shias of Syria Then their will be a conflict between the Syrians until the emergence of Sufyani happens Sufyani will control Syria and send his armies to control the region.....
  9. Yes the dollar sign has one eye and it signals the emergence of the dajjal and could probably be so You see the world system is centered around the Dajjal Pyramids, symbols, industries have all emerged to support the Dajjal All the world order today is set to help the Dajjal appear But the Dajjal himself is a man/monster who will be a live person and will be born only when the people of the world forget about God and religion.....it will be a time of loss and anarchy here on earth....people will no longer believe in faith.....the majority of people will be following religi
  10. i think that when judgement day happens there will no longer be a chance to repent and once the signs start occurring people who ask for forgiveness then it will no longer be accepted.....but in case of haram and halal i believe that your actions are still written down but once judgement day happens that will be it......like game over....i think people will no longer have the ability to do anything because they will prepare themselves for being judged..... So Once judgement day occurs haram and halal are void and no longer exist.....
  11. i am being serious no sarcasm When we say fear and chaos and death i mean it will be very bad as in one will wish that he died rather than lived during those times Imagine dictators, world wars, famines, plagues, disasters, it will be like anarchy and chaos People would no longer trust friends, family, even themselves It will be a great fitna and worse than any time Really scary but true
  12. No it has not happened The Red Death and White Death will kill two thirds of world population That means if today we have 7 billion people living on earth there will be less than 2 billion remaining This has not happened yet And fear and chaos will be in Baghdad and Iraq and this is waiting to happen......Iraq is still in good shape and chaos is waiting for it to happen Syria has not been destroyed yet and there will be a time where Syria will be truly ruins and nothing left So there is still some time Wait and see the next 50-100 years what will happen
  13. Sorry brother Dajjal is not born yet Dajjal is not the shah of iran Dajjal is yet to come and he will emerge from isfahan as a one eyed monster The Iranian government will probably fall and he will have control over Iran for a period of time Then Jesus will fight Dajjal in a battle of armageddon and Dajjal will lose I can't prove this because the events have not happened Lucky is he who will live during the event and witness the Dajjal and imam mahdi and jesus Time will eventually show us the face of the dajjal and it won't be pretty It will be a t
  14. Again sorry not buying into that Dajjal is a person....and time will tell this.....
  15. Bad things do happen to good people It is a test for the believer
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