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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. they are many hadees from masomees (salwat) which says you can take intrest from Non muslims .. for further reading read these books Manla yazurl faqih vol # 3 Wasail ul shia kafi Vol # 5
  2. Salam Brothers and sister ! I have few questions i need your opinion on these matters.. 1. my 1st question is about Bitcoin Cloud Mining ..is it halal or Haram? if we invest money in cloud mining (to buy hash power) which is non refundable and then they gave us profit (in the form of bitcoins) on daily weekly ..montly basis e t c . is this Money halal ? i have a little doubt that this concept is similar to riba .. so plz help me 2.. let me first explain 2nd question .. there is a website which offer free bitcoin Cloud mining all you have to do is make a
  3. Ya Ali asw madad .... actually brother spiritual is Disappointed from behavior of our shia brothers especially frm iranian and (they are also present in Pakistan india )....because they call us Agents of West ... let me explain the Ulema or mujtahid who are following irani marja and thier thoughts regarding Shiaism they use to call us Agents of west or agents of enemies (in their speeches ,in their books ) just because we dont follow their marja.....we dont follow their verdict regarding Azadari,we are ignorant thats why we are reciting Ali un wali Allah in namaz ...and
  4. Ya Ali asws Madad i need help from all of you about some books especially from those who are from iran iraq syria and other countries i am searching for few books mention below 1.Irfan ul Aqaid by abdul_ali (عرفان العقائد مولف عبد العلی) 2 khutbaat e Rizwiya(خطبات رضویه) 3 Ta'jali e wilayat puplished by Baqir jaffri from qum (تجلی ولایت ۔۔۔ باقر جعفری قم) 4 Manaqaib e ahl e bait by Aqa mehdi tabatabai(مناقب اهل بیت ع ۔۔۔۔آغا مهدی طباطبائی) 5 musnad naseen faris by aqa ali es'fa'haani(مسند نشین فارس ۔۔۔آغا علی اصفهانی) 6 Israr e Haq by muhammad Hussain
  5. it is clear in this hadees that u are from us mean u are from our follwers not from our family ..but in case of sulman as Rasool Allah asws said dont call him sulman farsi call him sulman muhammadi .and he from my ahl e bait asws
  6. that is point that is your believe that prohets are superior and its another believe that sulman are superior final Hadees for you ...from our beloved prophet saw that sulman is from my ahl e bait asws ..now u should decide ahl e bait asws are superior or Prophets.... u are my brother i am not forcing you to believe in what u dont want to
  7. 1st Hazrat ibrahim as was on level of imam as per Quran..and you know Imam is superior then Nubowat thats why he was on level of yaqeen As i read "Yaqeen" is very vast topic ...it is divided to many types but last one is Ain-ul-Yaqeen ...mean believing after watching..but this is another topic let come to point it is autentic hadees from shia source that only Allah knows Ahl-e-bait asws completly and only ahl e bait asws knows Allah Completly ...
  8. imam is not complete witout Marifat of Ahl e Bait asws and this is not my saying it is in Shia hadees ..if u believe in Allah but in Risalatof rasool Allah muhammad saw and imamat..then your eman is not complete.....and believe in imams depend upon your marifat of Masomeen
  9. Every prophet is prophet since birth ...declaration of prophethood after some time was by will of Allah (like prophet isa as declare soon after birth and prophet Muhammad saw after 40 years ..but he saw was masoom and prophet since birth
  10. well this reply was for sunnies now for u every body is judge by his rank of Marrifat of muhammad o ahl e Mouhammad asws...so can say eman is divided into parts .. now i will qoute a hadees from Al kafi "there are 10 ranks/levels/degrees of iman().hazrat Miqdad as was on 8th rank/level/degrees. hazrat abu_zar as was on 9th level and Hazrat salman as was on 10 level/rank/or degree." reff:asool e Kafi 331 in baab_ul_darjaat_ul_eman()and Hayat ul Qaloob vol # 2 page #883 and history is witness that no one ever gain these levels of emen ....altough prophet Isa as w
  11. Ya Ali asws Madad After reading whole discussion i want to say something ..i dont want to hurt anybody .let come to point there is a very famous hadees Of Rasool Allah pbuh that ulema (aalims) of my umat (nation) are superior than Prophts of Bani_israel and it has been proved from History and Hadees Books that prophets of bani israeel were Superior than All Prophts excluding Our Prophet Hazrat Muhammad pbuh ,and this hadees is from Suuni authentic source .the most important thing is that Shia ulemaas(aalims) also believe in this hadees ....now its my Request to all of you to think wh
  12. Ya ALi asws madad there are many books On the topic of Maqtal al Hussain asws in urdu ... both books (u have mention above ) are now available in urdu nd these are also available on internet but i recommend u to read Majalis ul muntazireen ..this book include all Traditions about maqtal e hussain asws from all shia Books ...... i hope u will like it w/salam
  13. asalam_o_Alikum brothers any one can give me the link of above both Tafaseer 1.Tafseer al burhan 2.tafseer Noor_al _saqalain i need theses tafaseer In english or Urdu Language
  14. Ya Ali asws Madad your Answer is in Manaqib_e_ahl_e_bait(salwat) by Agha Mahdi Tabatabai
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