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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Dear boy You could have been... A wondrous tree Producing fruit for our deen But your life was cut short ... Light never reached your leaves Dear girl You could have been A pearl , pristine , bright But your precious life was stolen They don't believe Those evil thieves Till they enter the dark, lonely, forbidding place They made with their Misdeeds
  2. I play the game, Beginning till end, play till death. The unknown causes - Fluttering heart. But hope lies - In promises made Relief lies In eulogising The Beautiful Name. Will you play, Its the only way For those that abstain There's only - darkness, solitude , Your Lord Surely - Awaits.
  3. You have to pay attention to your thoughts that is how shaytan tries to control us, he targets weak moments in life - for example you say you feel a kind of despair after committing the bad act , that is Shaitan whispering to you inciting you toward that thought . Instead take a time out gather your thoughts have a conversation with yourself regroup and come back freshened , if you don't tackle these thoughts then he's won. Also remember Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى constantly everything you do should be geared towards Him.
  4. The smell of death with every breath It grows, don't fear But shed a tear, of love Cry for the time you , betayed But He loved you so much And forgave, again and again Cry for the pain Of numerous falls But he helped you And took you back Into the fold You stood at the precipe Ready to fall The devil came to push you But he gave you his Hand The devil stalled He saved your soul Cry it's good, for your heart That He gave from Him He told - O dear man I let you roam So that you may find my Path It's round every corner I gave you a light and a rope I gave you senses To guide you To the path of light All else is darkness and nothingness The path It reveals for those Who open their eyes And accept My Love
  5. So the cycle continues The cycle of hate The cycle of violence The cycle of war Spiralling into hell And what of love ? Love destroys aswell Just a touch, a tear A stroke, a word Destroys hate Into oblivion Love always wins out We just can't see it
  6. We're not so great Weakness in our blood filled veins Our hearts beat arhythmically Lacking nourishment, lacking courage The only thing that holds us up Our ego, craving power and fame We curse the devil, Yet we are worse - arrogant The name of God leaves our tongue Meaninglessly, God Help Us For we can not help ourselves
  7. I pray That today We listen Love, Pray Raise an arm Lift a chin Grab a chair For our fellow Before we sleep And sleep And sleep
  8. its all a powerplay - trump is siding with the Saudi / Israeli / Ultra Orthodox Sunni axis in order for them to do his dirty work in the ME. The rest of the world will look on as events play out. On the other side you have China / Russia with Russia siding with Syria / Lebanon / Iran. Then trump can concentrate his efforts on the Chinese doorstep. MBS I fear is the next Sadaam although not a Baathist of course he could be just as ruthless but I personally have a feeling he will bring an end to the Saudi regime through his ruthless ambition being too young and naieve. It's a sad state of affairs that is going to cause misery and suffering in the Middle East. And thus do the greedy fat pigs of this world operate.
  9. This world a trick Believe not what you see But what's deep within Satan plays his sleight of hand Whispering the wrong direction And we all follow him As if our minds are programmed But o mind listen to Your friend the heart Hidden away yet so intimate It's the paradox we can't grasp So we reach for the immediate Like blind people with canes but O God Scratch my eyes, but heal my heart It's all I need, not these physical vestiges Not this useless tongue That wags all day Not this quacking mouth I even labour as I write Please God guide me aright
  10. Hope is in Hussain He accepted pain For the enlightenment of the universe Do you see the stars in the sky Untouched by the blight of man Perhaps that bright one is Abdullah Radhi The earth couldn't accept his blood But the heaven accepted him With outstretched arms But what of Zainab No time to weep and lament All the language of this world Fall short of her grace They cannot describe her Zainab but a name, The beloved of her father Dont let their sacrifice go unheard Because they spoke to you - that day Ashura
  11. Empty words Movement of lips I slipped, And broke my back Stabbed my heart, With broken promises I find myself in a deep dark Crevice of my mind I realise how helpless I really am Will you not throw me a rope If I cry for your help It's there in the dark You just have to try and reach for it
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