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  1. Lol, Lucinda is a jokaa!!! I want Michael to win- he's sooo sweet. His dance 2 weeks ago was class! i used to really like Alex but now i hate him for getting Simon fired. Simon really wanted to win. I felt soooo sorry for him. Esp when he goes: "I'm so depressed. Can u please leave me alone"- Yet the cameraman still followed him! Claire deserved to go and I hope her team flops nxt week. I hate her. Shes a cow. And Sara is reaaally good. She has massive chance of winning. I thought that bollwood dancer (last week) was gonna strip! Anyways, looking forward to wednesday...
  2. WS Ye, I watched the Your Fired show too. I don't think his reputation will go down tho. The whole show is about his decisions so I guess he could fire who he wants. Even though lots of people think he made the wrong decision I don't think that will result into anything against Sir Alan. I mean I personally think Shazia shouldn't have been fired, but that doesn't make me against Sir Alan. He has the right to fire who he wants. He's made lots of decisions that people have been against and they haven't resulted in a reputation fall. Anyways, tomorrow's episode seems interesting...
  3. Ye, it's the Windows Vista version. I prefer the old version more though, with the smileys.
  4. Yeh, i watch it. Omg, Shazia soooooo shouldn't have been fired. Jenny should have...I hope she gets fired soon! And Raef is a joka!! Looking forward to Wednesday!! :D
  5. 1. Islam (100%) 2. Orthodox Judaism (100%) 3. Bahá'í Faith (86%) 4. Reform Judaism (83%) 5. Sikhism (79%) 6. Jainism (73%) 7. Orthodox Quaker (64%) 8. Liberal Quakers (63%) 9. Mainline to Conservative Christian/Protestant (54%) 10. Jehovah's Witness (52%) 11. Eastern Orthodox (51%) 12. Roman Catholic (51%) 13. Unitarian Universalism (51%) 14. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) (48%) 15. Seventh Day Adventist (47%) 16. Mainline to Liberal Christian Protestants (47%) 17. Hinduism (43%) 18. Mahayana Buddhism (41%) 19. Neo-Pagan (41%) 20. Scientology (35%) 21. New Age (35%) 22. Theravada Buddhism (29%) 23. Secular Humanism (27%) 24. Taoism (26%) 25. Christian Science (Church of Christ, Scientist) (25%) 26. New Thought (25%) 27. Nontheist (21%) That was fun :D
  6. That's So Raven The Suite Life of Zack and Cody Drake and Josh Recess Lazy Town Big cook little cook Balamory :blush:
  7. Everyone is cool in their own ways! :D (eeww, that sounded lame)
  8. Lol, that is hilarious :lol: !!!! According to some hadith he is already married with children. But that is ridiculous...but still funny :lol:
  9. I luvvv this latmiyah :wub: Ohh Husayn, Husayn i have given you love (so far) x2 (How much pain did they make us all)x2 suffer (Muharrams pain will go past (Safar)x2 )x2 And continues every month and every year x2 (We came asking asking for the father, Of Sajjad and Ali al Akbar) x2 (Where did he lay? show me the way) x2 (When you went to Karbala, who did you see? About Husayn, I ask you, then you tell me. Tell me where's Husayn's head and his great body? Find out for me, and then tell me, where is he?)x2 (From my soul I am asking, Where is his body laying?)x2 (Where is he, please tell me)x2 (We came asking asking for the father, Of Sajjad and Ali al Akbar) x2 (Where did he lay? show me the way) x2 When you went to Karbala, did you see how? How did the moon of hashim fall, tell me how? Usually it's high in the sky, never low Laying on the ground, eyes shot by an arrow, (I'll send my life to his eyes, surely this is no surprise)x2 (Where is he, please tell me.)x2 (We came asking asking for the father, Of Sajjad and Ali al Akbar) x2 (Where did he lay? show me the way) x2 You can get the whole album of "Endless Tears" http://mullahassan.com/store.html Ws
  10. Inna lilahe wa inna ilayhe rajeoon. May Allah bless her soul and grant her a place in jannah insha'llah. ws
  11. Dogs because they're ugly (no offence) and I hate the barking noise.
  12. very true, thnx for sharing wasalam
  13. You can't delete topics...only posts. If u want a topic to be deleted, then tell a mod to delete it. Edit button is back!!! Yayyyyy!!! :D
  14. Wow, that was amaaaazing!!! WS
  15. hmmmm, wot was i wearing?? Was this yday? x

  16. ^ Yeh, "hope in our hearts" is wicked. Fave tracks are "rise up", "grievious day", and "riderless." http://www.lightofguidance.net/Hope-Listen.log I also like "What happened in the camp" by Usama al Attar. http://www.alulbayt.com/atar/index.html
  17. OMG, reaLly?!?! How cooooool!!! U shuld've sed hi!!! Was it during the lecture or during tea? And when was it?? What was I wearing?? lool. tc, x

  18. "I am the city of knowledge and Ali is its gates"- Holy Prophet (saaw). If we want to get through the Prophet, we have to get through Ali (as) first. Wasalams
  19. Salams, What's wrong with grieving for the grandson of the Prophet (saaw)? "and do not thoink of those who have died in Allah's way as dead. Nay! They are alive but you do not perceive" Surah Baqara. Beating yourself is not haram: We read in Ahl'ul Sunnah's authority work Ma'arij al Nubuwwa Chapter 1 page 248: "Prophet Adam was so distressed that he smashed his hands onto his knees and the skin from his hands caused gashes from which bone could be seen." Those who deem the act of self-harm to be batil should look at the bloodletting actions of Prophet Adam (as). If Prophet Adam (as) can do this why cannot the Shi'a when mourning for Imam Husayn (as)? "Rasulullah (s) was in a state where he was hitting his chest." Saheeh al Bukharee Volume 2 page 50 "When Ai'sha was defeated and Ali saw the corpses on the ground he began to beat his thighs" Tauhfa Ithna Ashari, page 523 In Surah adh-Dhaariyaat we read that Sara (as) struck her face when she was told that she would conceive a baby. "Then came forward his wife in grief, she smote her face and said (what! I) An old barren woman?" Quran 51:29 So what's worng with beating yourself? Nothing's wrong at all. When people say it's haram then they are insulting the Prophet , because the Prophet himself at one stage was beating himself. Wasalams
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