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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله


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  1. hmmmm, wot was i wearing?? Was this yday? x

  2. OMG, reaLly?!?! How cooooool!!! U shuld've sed hi!!! Was it during the lecture or during tea? And when was it?? What was I wearing?? lool. tc, x

  3. Thanx sister :)

    Wasalams x

  4. we "englishmenE as u call them dont celebrate thanksgiving. It doesnt exist here, lol. tc, wasalams

  5. Lol, i was thinking wth is this AFA pride guy riting to me :P lol. Happy early birthday to u too :D how old r u gonna be?

    tc, wasalams x

  6. Salams,

    Eid mubarak to u too :) May Allah accept all ur du'as and fasts insha'llah :)


  7. Salams,

    Thanks bro :) I hope u have a gr8 eid too. Remember me in ur du'as too, please.


  8. Hey!! I'm fine thanx alhamdulillah. Everything is fine alhamdulillah. And how are you? I hope you're Ramadhan is going well. Take care,


  9. Salams

    This is 3lwiya, rite??


  10. Aww, ur too nice. Of course I made du'a for all of u :)


  11. Aww, thanx. Brlated eid mubarak. Sorry i couldn't reply. I went for umrah and just came back today. I was doing umrah that day,lol :D

    wasalams n thanx :)

  12. Whats ur name again?? LOL. I still need to add u on fbk.


  13. Salams.

    LOL, im fine thanx, n u??


  14. Salams,

    Aww, thanx, im glad u like my username :D I cant wait till ramadhan and sha'ban either!! Yeh, rajab is gong soooooo fast!! Yeh, lol, im a mod on mmanga :D I hope to chat u l8a insha'llah :)


  15. Salams,

    AWW. Ur soo sweet. My rajab is fine, urs? How r u doing? gr8 i hope :)


  16. Im fine thanks :)


  17. LOOL. U joka :P Im the best and always will be- my score till remains in my heart- looool :P


  18. im fine thnaks :D


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