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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. This is wrong on so many levels Have you met an Bektasi? Alevi and Bektasi is the same just like naksibendi being part of Sunni Alevis are Bektasi and vice versa
  2. Brothera gain your still at the door of Şeriat, this is not a bad thing but you will not understand the second door Tarīkat, third Mârifet and fourth Hakīkat
  3. Brother it's a little difficult with English This 9 book set explains it clearly by DedeBaba Bedri Noyan
  4. What I meant was Mevlevîs follow the son instead of the father...
  5. You have just interpreted the verses in your own way
  6. Hz Muhammed Said that^ which shows their is 4 doors and 40 levels.
  7. Sharī°at (divine law) is my discourse, tarīkat (the spiritual path) my undertaking, marifat (awareness) my only possession, and hakīkat (reality) my internal state. Al Hadis
  8. I can also say this is false Sufis trace their lineage back to İmam Ali, only the Nakşibendi goes back to Ebu Bekir The Mevlevî tarikat is totally different, the son established the Tarikat not Rumî, their is a lot of Ottoman influence Your still not understanding Vahdet-i Vücut, have you read ibn Arabi? Mansur? Etc Be a bit objective and open minded
  9. Sheikalhabib well you can interpret it how you like brother We believe all 72 people's faith should be respected
  10. Thanks brother but İt is written by Bektasi Baba Rexheb
  11. I also gave sources via Hadiths and Qur'an regarding mystical belief
  12. Khoja Ahmet Yesevi? has 4 doors and 40 levels, mystic too
  13. So if it is not found in Shia, than it's false? I can say this Shia's use to believe in Batini form of islam too until Safi took control.
  14. Mysticism -or Tasawwuf (Sufism), as it is more commonly known Mthroughout the Islamic world -is a wellspring of life for the human soul, for when the spirituality it stirs establishes its throne in the heart with the aid of heavenly directives, all selfishness and materialism fades away; and when this occurs its gifts will come to fruition. Mysticism stimulates a state of awareness that guides those who practice it along the road to perfection. It provides these spiritual wayfarers with an allembracing ethical outlook that purifies the individual of the crass vulgarities manifest in the
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