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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. This is all nice and fancy, dude. But you understood this Hadith wrong - terribly wrong. The ones exaggerating Imam Alis (as) status were the Ghulat who attributed deity to him while the ones bearing hatred towards him and envying him were the Nawasib and enemies of Ahlulbayt (as) who are highly loved and respected in the various sects referring to themselves as "Sunni". Don´t worry - at least you tried, buddy.
  2. Not at all, Khawer sheli. Zaidis have their own Fiqh and by no means follow Hanafi Fiqh. For example, they pray with their arms hanging on the side like all Shiites, Maliki Sunnis and Ibaadis do. Their `Adhaan and `Iqaama include "hayy-3ala khayyri-l-`amal", they pray Maghrib and break fast when it´s already dark, unlike Hanfis do. Their Tashahhud is basically the same as the Tashahhud of `Ithna Ashariyya (saying "bismillahi wa billahi wa alhamdulillahi wa-l-`Asmaa-ul-husnaa kulla lillah..." instead of "at-Tahiyyatu lillahi wa salawaatu wa-t-tayybat...") and various other examples. Shalom, Salaam, Peace
  3. Assalaamu aleykum wa rahmatullah, dear brothers and sisters now that i´m back on this Forum after almost a year, i´d like to announce that i have chosen the Shia Ithna Ashariyya as the correct way & the true Islam according to Rasulullah (s) & Ahlulbayt (as). May Allah bless y´all
  4. Assalaamu aleykum wr wb, unfotunatly i had some private issues and first of all have to take care of my family. I thank everybody for his replies and efforts, inshaAllah i will be back soon so we can pick up our topic again.
  5. Dear brothers, i already told you that i dont want to accuse or offend anyone. I am here for asking questions and i am happy if i can get answers. As far as i know, ibn ubayy is mostly consiidered as a munafiq which is a haal different from muslim. Dear brother irfan, i do exactly this: I get an answer and if the answer is not clear or convincing, i keep asking. I am not forced to accept any given answer blindly. If i am wrong about something, why dont you simply correct me by saying look, dear brother, you got this and that wrong and then give my proof instead of answering questions with questions. There is also an etticete of teaching. A person not contradcting the quran is a mumin. A person contradicting quran is a faasiq. I recognize a prophet by being mentioned as a prophet by Allah or his messenger sawas. But what has this to do with the a'imma? They are no prophets. Why is the zaidi concept of an imam foolish? Isnt this very offensive and also baseless? The taqqiyah issue is already solved. The brother sent me two links and i accepted what i saied in these links. If i was first in error about it, then it simply comes from idiots like yasser habib and anti shia propaganda. Im not so far to accept it 100%, but im 99,9% sure that 'Alee was supposed to be the successor of rasulullah sawas
  6. One question i forgot, according to zaidiyya the imam must be from either hassan or hussein, rightous, giving charity, sane, mature, male and making khoorooj if able to do so. It is not required that he is chosen by Allahu ta'ala. How can it be proofed that the 12 a'ima are appointed by Allah and how did their shia know? And why did they disagree sometimes ( for example the ismailiyya)?
  7. Your replies sound a little Bit like you would assume that i challenged the whole 12er Community for a debate. This is not the case, i can only repeat that i came here to learn. First of all i cant really understand, why somebody should go to hell forever who dies in Islam. Is there any proof that all 12 a'imma have to be accepted to be considered a mu'min? The sunni and zaidi concept of infallability also means, that there are no mistakes in the mahsoom when it comes to transmission of the message. But is it not true that ithna asharis also consider the mahsoomeen being able to give and take life, having ilmul ghayb, being allknowing, being able to choose their time of death, knowing all languages and other things? Again, i cant give you proof for my assumption. Im just asking if this is true or not. If it is not true, why are there shia who believe this and what is their hukm? If my assumption is wrong, i might have more questions.
  8. Thank You for your reply. First of all i have to make clear that i only understood the issue of using taqqiyah understood as lying about the deen being ibadah from the little research i did. Same thing with apostasy of sahaba actually. As i saied, im here to learn. So thanks again. As we have an Exchange in another thread i would suggest we talk about This here, makes it more covineant. Ok, so you stated that abu bakr and omar are muslim and so are the sunnis. Then why will they still go to hell for eternity? Ans zaidiyya dont reject the other a'imma, as far as i know. They call them a'imma of knowledge. They actually dont accept the 12th one and the occultation because their mahdi is more like the mahdi of The sunnis. As far as yet, i think if i become shia i go for The zaidis. Their concept of infallability sounds more rational to me and their imamate concept also is more appealing to logic in my opinion. Maybe its because before my Islam i was catholic and rejected it because it contained things that couldnt ne proven but had to ne believed blindly. Still i appreciate your answers, would you be willing to answer some other questions? By The way, are there any other opinions?
  9. I apologize for the many mistakes in my post, i'm writing from my phone with grammarcheck in german
  10. Ok, thank you for making this clear. By the way, it seems like i get no salaams back in this forum. Kinda sad, but it's up to you. So, we seem to habe a difference of opinion here as what brother saied on The authority of a well-known scholar, that there is a chance of reaching paradise for all people ans another brother applying jannah only to 'Ithna Ashariya. So acording to the second opinion, Zaidi Shia also go hell even if they accept ans defend Hadith ath-Thaqalayn ans other proofs for the supiriority of Ahlul Bayt ans they make khuruj for the Ahlul Bayt?
  11. Oh, and before I forget: maybe somebody can answer my question about Yasser Habib: is it true, that what he says is the general belief of all `Ithna Ashariya and the other scholars avoid to utter these views publicly for "security reasons"? Because if so, I would wonder why Sheykh Hassan Nasrallah from Hezbollah made some positive statements about Sunni/Shia-Peace. There wouldn't be too much reason to lie and most certainly Hezbollah is strong enough and wouldn't have to worry too much about being attacked for making a step towards the Sunnis and questioning some points within the 12er madhab. I hope you get my point, english is not my native tongue and I might sometimes not find the proper words or make some grammar-mistakes
  12. Assalaamu aleykum wa rahmatullah, sorry for popping into your discussion, but I have to get this clear (fear I don't have the time to read Sheikh al-Haydais book at the moment): does the 12er madhab really say, that also non-Muslims will go to Jannah? Never heard that before, to be honest. I thought the Ayas mentioning Ahlul Kitab and others being rewarded in akhira applies only to those who were before Rasulullah saws or didn't recieve the message of islam. I'm not a scholar, but wouldn't this view contradict the Ayah that says "Whoever chooses a Deen other than Islam, it won't be accepted from him?" And why should anybody become Muslim if also the Non-Believer is saved if he's a good person and believes in One God? What if he says, the Prophet saws is a liar and the Quran is false, n`audhubillah?
  13. Ok, thank you brother. So, obviously I'm neither in the position nor have the intention to cause anybody harm according to his believes, inshaAllah everybody will answer my questions honestly Maybe one question to you brother, did you not reply my Salaam because I'm a kafir for you? Unfortunatly, I had this experience one or two times when talking to Shiites. So, are Ahlu-Sunnah in general Kuffar according to `Ithna Asharis? Or is there disagreement about this on your scholars? My second question is similar and this made wonder everytime it came to my mind: Unlike the Zaidis, who just think that it was either sinful or an error of Abu Bakr and `Umar taking the Chilapha from `Alee (I feel like they have some Ikhtilaaf about this), I think I'm right that 12ers see them as kuffar. So if they were kuffar and the believers actually only were very few, why didn't they just return to their old ways and worship the idols and revive the traditions and laws of jahiliyya? I feel the Zaidiyya have a considerable point, but the opinion that they and most of the sahaba apostated right out raises the question, why they didn't return to their old ways and tried to kill the few remaining muslims. Barak Allahu feekum for your replies
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