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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. i have seen women that will post on their profile that they want a highly educated man or sayed only... there are so many undereducated women snatching up the educated brothers that the ones that ARE educated are being over looked. i say so long as you dont rub it in the mans face he shouldnt be passing you up just because you have the education and money. your children would benifit5 grately by having a mom that is educated and your husband will have the benifit of being able to get an education while he praises his wife for being a strong woman. but sadly so many men are looking for young im
  2. Salam sister, i saw that in the past, you said to someone on here that you can make hijabs and islamic clothing. do you still do this? if so, i am in need of someone that can make them as i am looking to go into business to sell islamic female clothing. please let me know if this is on interest to you. salam

  3. salamun alaikum warah matullah

    how r u and family?

    It must have been a rainy day

    when you were born,

    but it wasn’t really rain,

    the sky was crying because

    it lost his most beautiful angel…

    happy birthday dear friend.

    ""live like ali die like husain

  4. who here would sign up with malik danish as your handle to the sister site? we need to verify your gender!!
  5. pm me your email ill invite you directly. oh and is it me or did they change the site? um and my tickers are standin still! ive been bf for 3 months......
  6. my grandma threw a fit at my sisters reception dinner when she found out it was gonna be seperated! she made grampa leave i wasnt gonna leave so i took my daughters carseat out their car and stayed at moms after for a few days! they even offered to shift so they could sit with each other! grandma only saw the curtain not the solution! shes not muslim but comeon its a dinner!
  7. you mean a half naked girl according islamic standards with a lats minute dupatta put on top that still shows her hair?
  8. these are all umm nice in color but the cut is the oh my god snatch the daughter/dauhghters up and make them wear an over garment at least!! and i will make my daughters wedding segragated and no skin tight dresses will be worn at her weding we just dont roll that way! why even bother to wear hijab if you wear cloths tight enough that people can see the curves and sizeing of your body? im not being judgemental just asking a simple question if thats yalls cup o tea then its yalls cup o tea but it aint mine!! umm on a side note whats up with the tickers mine is suposed to say that ive been bf fo
  9. umm where do you get that iraqies dont get along let alone shias?the shias in my community as well as iraqies get along very well!!
  10. apparently these guys are not married or are not in the room when the child is born!! i nearly busted my moms hand AND then nearly busted my husbands during hard labor with my third!! trust me it aint no picnic!! anywho we need as many sisters as we can get on sistercircle!! and by the way i know guys cry if they even smasha finger or get sick so theyd just die if they had to do childbirth!!
  11. I replied in the politest manner possible you need to reword your question yes isreal failed in the past and they will again cause not only are hamas after them but hezboallah has offered training and matching of numbers for the defense of ghaza! and before you say theres not enough hezboallah has enough to defend their people and then some in reserves!! As i said isreal is no tloved by arabs in fact most arabs dispise isreals troops and their tactics and no arabs do not wanna kill all jews.......just the zionists! isreal even tried to kill the orthodoxed jews within its walls! they want to cr
  12. gets out mother stick and turns to look at those that seem to be argueing!! ehem... boys dont make use this!!
  13. THIS DOES NOT MAKE IRAN THE ENEMY NOR DOES IT MAKE ISREAL LOVED BY ALL ARABS! AL MAUT LI ISREAL! *ties on hezboallah armlet and head bandana and waives flag of islam in green high*
  14. umm the arab states DO NOT love isreal and iran IS NOT an enemy!! i have a letter from a sister debunkingthe lies about the riots in iran and i also know isreal is killing both arabs and orthodoxed jews ibn their attempt to take over by force!!please do not post such here... to many will start a fight over it!! by the way LONG LIVE HEZBOALLAH!!
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