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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. They can always leave Iraq and stop torturing/murdering innocent people.
  2. Yeah there is nothing Sayed Muqtadr hates more than peace. What a load of bollox u lot speak.
  3. a $1 Trillion dollar mosquito bite. Sucks to be American. LoL.
  4. u r a joke. the ba'athists surrendered to the US Military. They now make up most of the current US controlled "Iraqi" army. The Jihad in Iraq is Islamist and goes completly against the secular ideology of baathism. In Ramadi where the Mujahideen hold control, hijab has become mandatory. Does that sound like the rulings of a baathist?. Baathists hates Islam, they used to inprison Islamic scholars.
  5. Dont blame Lester, the peak of his argument is to use an insult. He knows no better.
  6. It seems that sectarianists are throwing around the word wahabi to not only sunnis but now also to any shias they disagree with, to the point that they are now calling Sayeed Moqtadr Al Sadr a wahabi. Just to clarify, The Mujahideen in Iraq are not wahabis, the Mujahideen are simple muslim people are who fighting the invasion of their lands. Wahabbis are against the Jihad, they beleive it causes "Fitnah". If you dont beleive me go and ask their scholars. In Saudi Arabia the first thing they do to suspected Mujahideen is torture them to death. So if you want to criticise the way the Mujahideen are destroying the US military then do it with facts, dont throw around nicknames and insults, it only shows your not interested in any serious discussion.
  7. That is happening anyway. They are getting Iraqi into debt so it becomes enslaved. But when the Americans are kicked out (inshallah) the debt will automaicly default and become worthless to them. So in the end the Americans will pay.
  8. The Americans who are dictating the constitution are not Iraqis either.
  9. I dont know how many people here are from Iraq, but I myself am from Pakistan. I have seen how sectarianism is just self destructive. In Quetta (an area in Pakistan) they would have a sunni mosques blown up one week and the next week a shia mosque and it would just go on in a cycle. All the public was against it and were extremely angry at these terrorists. But when the government put in a month long investigation into the terrorists behind it they found that the criminals were linked to India and were trying to create problems for Pakistan. Because India knows that sectarianim would be an easy way to weaken Pakistan both diplomaticly and militarily in Kashmir. So its just sad when muslims fail to realise the concept of divide and conquer.
  10. IRAQ: The Trillion-Dollar War by Linda Bilmes, The New York Times August 19th, 2005 The human cost of the more than 2,000 American military personnel killed and 14,500 wounded so far in Iraq and Afghanistan is all too apparent. But the financial toll is still largely hidden from public view and, like the suffering of those who have lost loved ones, will persist long after the fighting is over. The cost goes well beyond the more than $250 billion already spent on military operationsBasic running costs of the current conflicts are $6 billion a month - a figure that reflects the Pentagon's unprecedented reliance on expensive private contractors. Other factors keeping costs high include inducements for recruits and for military personnel serving second and third deployments, extra pay for reservists and members of the National Guard, as well as more than $2 billion a year in additional foreign aid to Jordan, Pakistan, Turkey and others to reward their cooperation in Iraq and Afghanistan. The bill for repairing and replacing military hardware is $20 billion a year, according to figures from the Congressional Budget Office. But the biggest long-term costs are disability and health payments for returning troops, which will be incurred even if hostilities were to stop tomorrow. The United States currently pays more than $2 billion in disability claims per year for 159,000 veterans of the 1991 gulf war, even though that conflict lasted only five weeks, with 148 dead and 467 wounded. Even assuming that the 525,000 American troops who have so far served in Iraq and Afghanistan will require treatment only on the same scale as their predecessors from the gulf war, these payments are likely to run at $7 billion a year for the next 45 years. All of this spending will need to be financed by adding to the federal debt. Extra interest payments will total $200 billion or more even if the borrowing is repaid quickly. Conflict in the Middle East has also played a part in doubling the price of oil from $30 a barrel just prior to the invasion of Iraq in March 2003 to $60 a barrel today. Each $5 increase in the price of oil reduces our national income by about $17 billion a year. Even by this simple yardstick, if the American military presence in the region lasts another five years, the total outlay for the war could stretch to more than $1.3 trillion, or $11,300 for every household in the United States. http://www.corpwatch.org/article.php?id=12571
  11. People who have a problem with muslims who wear Hijab or Niqaab should go and sit on a very long pointy pike. And then they can complain about Hijab and Niqab as long they want.
  12. Ameen. Sum Ameen. People just need to realise that sectarianism is self destructive. The sooner they realise that they will know that Sayeed Muqtadr Al Sadr was the one who was speaking the truth. Which other cleric has a huge following amongst both Shias and Sunnis? No one else.
  13. The only reason you hate is because you know I am speaking the truth.
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