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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (salam) A little reminder Russia did not supply either side with arms the USSR did. The USSR no longer exists, something the Bushi seem to conveniently forget when it suits, but after times maintain that the US defeated. LOL
  2. (bismillah) Salam Rawshni, I think that you were correct, as you say he had no business entering the segregated section, and had he had general concerns he could have raised them with you. The fact that he made implicit threats and there was some violence between them (she should not have slapped him but she apologised ergo the matter was resolved) what else could you do if he was not prepared to withdraw his comments. You seem to be indicating that you don't think he will come back inshalla this will be the case. Perhaps he would be suited for a relocation to the tora bora area office? In a
  3. ^ You are a polytheist, and do not have sufficent knoweldge of Islam, to know whether I am right or wrong. I have not misrepresented Shiva, he is acknowledged to be the same personality as Shatyan, he is represented within the Hindu tradition as a transvestite and sodomite. Surely, you as a well read hindu were aware of this? If Bagar feels that I am incorrect and that: 1) Shaytan (shiva) can be equated with Allah(swt) 2) worshipping an idol of a transvestite and sodomite is not shirk Then he should present a Marja's ruling because this is a major variation, with every other Qu'ranic refer
  4. Talk about totally missing the point! I have not said that the Qu'ran provides an independent proof have I? No! I have said that there is no independent proof, which happens to be a fact. Obviously, you have not studied biblical criticsm or biblical history!!! Neither, the Catholic church or Church of England finds it necesaary to have independent confirmation of the crucifixion outside of its own writings.
  5. Of course you are - you are also one of the most anti-Iranian and anti-Arab bigots on this forum. Your posts in this thread have been awash with anti-Islamic, anti-Iranian and anti-Arab diatribe and defamation; not to mention American jingoism and logical fallacy. And you have the cheek to get all petulent when a relative argument is made in relation to Hinduism or the USA. If you think that it is reasonable to criticise others faiths without having your own put under the microscope, you would be best to avoid honest debate. The problem is American chauvinsim and colonialism, none of those
  6. Just proves the point that you are intellectual bereft, and that the issue is not Islamic extremism; it is American anti-Islamic xenophobia, that is epitomised in your failure to provide a single cogent argument to support your anti-Islamic, anti-Arab and anti-Iranian polemic. http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?sh...797152&st=200
  7. Muhammad Al-Haider, There is nothing complicated in what I have said regarding the Islamification of Europe, it is simplicity itself: the number of practising Muslim worshipper in some European countries the England and France has reached or is near to reaching polarity with the number of practising Christians. The majority of Chirstians in Europe are nominally so, this is the view of the main two churchs (Roman Catholic and C of E) ergo if current trends continue, there will be more practising Muslim worshippers than any other faith - one logically could not call agnosticism a faith -therefor
  8. The Qu'ran rests on no testimony except that of Allah (SWT), there is absolutley no evidence outside of Christian writings, but there is no independent evidence to support it. We can see that the gospel accounts are self-evidently embelished. Also Judas kissed a man to indentify him - could have been anyone. All that is important is that although there is a crucifixion story running theoughout Christianity it was by no means agreed within the early Christian tradition that he died upon the cross.
  9. salam Bakri is such a comic book character: "the fantastic four". I am sure he is just trying to land himslef a role as a villian in the next James Bond film, now that hooks in Belmarsh, he has got to be a front runner. Its funny the way the press twist his public comments though, half the things they attribute to him are not true, like his benefits they invent that.
  10. Salam Marriages for political and financial gain occur everywhere, there is nothing wrong with this if the parties to the marriage are consenting. If this woman consented to the marriage then insahllah it shall be happy and fruitful. ws
  11. No you are missing the point - you are on this forum "trying to figure out why the religion harbors radicals and what the moderate stance is concerning tolerance, we are on a muslim forum trying to understand why some muslims are blowing themselves and other people up, and what you (muslims) are going to do about it." We are talking about wahabi terrorism and the relationship between this and Islam moderate and extremist. You have not addressed, anything in the debate that would negate the fixed confrontational premises of your argument. But it is of course absolutely relevant to qualify posit
  12. (bismillah) (salam) Hazat Isa (as) was believed not to have died on the cross by the Docetic Christians, who believed that what was crucified was a phantom on the cross, this for Western scholars is seen to be the basis of the Qu'ranic rejection of the crucifixion. However, as there is considerable dispute in the Gospels, particularly with the gnostic gospels etc, and the fact that there are some troubling paradoxes within the Gospel accounts - i.e. who was reporting the private conversation between Pilate and and the Isa (as), also they did not speak a common language, as far as anyone is
  13. Pochonky, you Ron and satyaban have shown considerable disrepect towards Islam: including conflation, obfuscation, projection and misrepresentation; some of you have citied fallacious infomation, in the futherance of this pursuit. You in particular, have asked questions and ignored the answers perfering to define the Muslim position for us, so as to best validate your own jingoistic prejudices. Lets be clear that Islam, Chirstianity, Judaism and Americanism are millenarian, and ergo absolutes. I would never describe myself as moderate because it is philosophically meaningless: one can only ta
  14. If "one" can conceive of an apple then the conceiver exists, obviously he would have to be aware of himself to know this, but the very fact of thought demonstrates existence - Russell never contested this. The question for Russell (who is the only person to have layed serious challenge to this maxim) is whether "I" is proved by awareness of thought. This is a semantic point but nevertheless an important point, because it brings into play your apple metaphor. However, let look at your statement again, "if one can conceive" - you require a thinker, If the thinker can think "I" then the thinker
  15. (salam) Do you think it is inevitable that you will have to re-hire him? Also I absolutely agreed there was a threat implied in his comments, I cannot see how it can be taken any other way, this is what surprises me about her view. Not only is it quite unacceptable to make the threat, it leaves you in no doubt that his remonstrations with her would have been threatening not just an offensive rebuke but something more sinister.
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