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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. First of all, Walikum Salam....U should never assume you know more without ending it with the (I paraphrase..) If something is ommited or wrong , Blame my memory loss and if I said anything correct please praise Allah MIA or the Quran... because You assumed Hazrat Fizza (Melanin Queen) was from Ethiopia and you also provided no online websites or anything for me to read where you got your opinion from. However, as a fellow human you are forgiven for your invalid opinion if you read the Surah mentioning her name above....DO not call your self a Shia if you have to write or speak so condescending...I really hope the above woman or man asking for bio on this Pious Faithful Follower of the Pure Government of Allah MIA did not assume Ethopia either....She is from Abnayysia ( forgive my spelling) and may all my AQL (brain knowledge be praised to my tutor and my lovly soulmate who died) TYSM
  2. Maybe the swap meet or as it is known flea market in your local city? They always have backpacks at thrift stores also!
  3. Thank you everyone for sharing! This is so wonderful lol
  4. 786. Hi, Salam-Aleikum... I been hearing about this website for months from my brother but I just never went on it but now that I am finally taking my new journey of becoming a better Muslim seriously.... I want to know what some of your favorite quotes from the Najal Balaga or any quotes you heard from one of the 12 Imams are? One of my favorite quote that I am always drawing on papers and et cetra is by Imam Ali (a.s.) "Be like the flower that gives its fragrance to even the hand that crushes it" Thank you for answering !
  5. Being in the part of the world , where religion is looked down upon or scoffed at (America) we have an interesting relationship with angels....which confuses me..my question is does Shia Islam believe in guardian angels or am I hoping in some sort of Hollywood glamorization answer because of the 21st century or are we only supposed to look at the Ahyla Bayt as our guardian angels and Angel of Death as anything...I hope I'm making sense because when people ask me about ghosts and jinns and angels i tend to focus on the vauge answer in the Quran where Allah swt says there may or may not be more or less out there ...rephrasing of course!
  6. Also according to some resources , she was the one who poisoned Rasoolilah...if u want a more character analysis I would recommend a book called After the Prophet by Leslie Hazelton! Its so detailed and she's done her research! You will learn so much about Aisha Faisha...
  7. This made me teary I just signed up and this is the first thing I clicked on because the title spoke to me...and your words spoke to me thank u for showing me im not the only one struggling...but inshAllah we must change now because tomorrow is not guaranteed ..may Allah forgive us all
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