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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam. I'm interested in the latest coup because the way I saw it covered in my newsfeed as if he was a defender of Islam against outside instigators. When we know Turkey is not new to coups,the human rights atrocities, lack of freedom of press, and relationship with the U.S. and everybody, complicated to say the least!He was propped up as some hero, with many friends praising him. I'm a bit suss on that one! If you would be willing to share me any useful media, or scholarly journal links on coverage of this, and media bias in Turkish press and other nations press I would really appreciate it.I need to cover this for an assignment.I only came across on social media channels so far, and I need to compare the news coverage. JazakAllah khair
  2. https://www.facebook.com/NABI-AKRAM-ISLAMIC-CENTER-109041282985/
  3. I wanted to comment because this is something I go through. I think it is also a problem to generalise depression in this way. People think it is a lack of iman that's why the person is depressed.But a person may be biologically predisposed, or actually this is their test from Allah S.W.T For example I have it but am drawn more to Islam because of it.I don't dislike people but I stay away because I don't want them to feel depressed because of me.I want to be a part of something and contribute to society!This makes me pray more! I think it's hard not to be depressed with dunya, especially when everywhere we go today apart from nature we are bombarded with harmful images, words, pressure, increased isolation, and where tears are seen as a weakness.
  4. JazakAllah khair , I just got back home today and wanted the advice before I speak to her again, because I haven't told her about his advances yet.
  5. As salam aleykum I have a friend (non muslim) who is about to get married.She has been treated badly by her family and was abused as a child, her fiance was also abused and is an alcoholic. I also have been abused by a close relative when I was young. Basically I am happy that he opened up about his situation and seems he will seek therapy.However I am very uncomfortable, for instance my friend leaves me in the room alone with him even when he was drunk, and I felt he is developing unhealthy feelings towards me.I want her honestly to leave him I know she loves him, but if this was my daughter I would say you cannot save him, you must save yourself.I don't believe in giving up on people, but I also felt compromised being drawn into the middle of all of this.They are getting married in a hall not in a church and I am the "maid of honour" how can I stand up for them, and the person who abused her is walking her down the aisle, how can I let her marry him he is very sick it's one thing he is an addict but I feel he is quite cunning and manipulative I don't like the way he talks to her, she puts up with what i saw today and other day every single day!He uses what she went through to put her down.I am scared to even say this because I don't like it to come accross as backbiting.Even if I have to say something to stop the wedding why should I care what people think-how can they have children this way!My feeling is too make sure they go through with therapy, and if they don't I am going to have to plan a way to help her leave. What are my duties what are my obligations as a Muslim in this regard I mean I know in my heart I can't let her marry him.We cannot save people sometimes we have to save ourselves, I will pray but I cannot lie unless obviously if she is in danger I would question that. You know where she works many muslim mothers come and ask her if she's single, or pity you are engaged I would like you for my son.She is amazing!!He is so lucky to have her, but I think he is too sick that it comes to a point she will have to reject him if she realise she is strong. Am I also getting to involved with this.I know I will not be alone with him again!Why should I put myself in danger I also must have self respect.He had grabbed my hands at one point cornering me. Later when he thought i was asleep (I didn't leave my friend, and stayed with her while he was on the couch) he came into the room and told her that he loves me because I'm nice. Astaghfirullah I don't want to be nice! Please make dua for my friend. I saw her in her wedding dress looking doubtful.I told her it is never too late to change your mind.Please advise me how to deal with this, without also making him alienate her from me.But I cannot be around him at all! JazakAllah khair
  6. Salam what non-obligatory fasting days are recommended for shia's ?
  7. Yeah, I didn't learn properly about shia and fell for misconceptions. But i think in the beginning it is overwhelming, for example I never found my information about shia from relevant sources.So after such a long time I'm starting to explore and I want to follow not just by name ok I'm this because by default-but by learning properly. JazakAllah khair. please feel free to recommend sources
  8. will i finish my assignment tonight
  9. doesn't matter till later.Lol I'm still figuring out from shia to sunni back to shia but I won't call myself either just muslim. Can learn from everything to get a more balanced view. I didn't understand much about shia, but chose it because i have some persian heritage, but then i saw some things that i didn't understand, needless to say i was ignorant, there are also many misconceptions. Then I got confused about ok sunni so now you have to choose a madhab, i couldn't pick one then I found hanbali and wahabi put me off and made me feel uncomfortable. Now I'm back to square one but trying to understand properly. I think honestly it's best to have a proper understanding of aqeedah first, connect with quran, it's ok whether she does shia or sunni prayers whats she's comfortable with it's her journey- I only just figured out how to pray sunni prayers years later!Now I want to know properly how shia's pray I'm open even if i am becoming more shia i will still say just muslim . @PakistaniGirl1994But yeah I mean it can be a confusing and hard time converting and facing family sometimes it can take years.But you believe what you believe and that's that.If they love you they will accept you.With parents they just want to protect u, maybe they don't know much about Islam I am not sure. But they will see how you transform and come to appreciate you more InshaAllah-some family may not come to accept, but we still have to live our life. Eventually they may come around. Hang in there,and be strong,because you are, you have nothing to fear because Allah S.W.T has power over all things. Anytime you want to talk to me please inbox me.
  10. I heard that Ibn Taymiyah said "if you find anything I or any scholars say that goes against the spirit of Islam, it is not Islam, it's merely just the opinion of the scholars"
  11. Yes it is true, my poor mum had to do it when she was 8 she still remembers how gross it was
  12. Salam while I do believe it is possible that zoroaster and krishna may have been prophets who taught Islam to the people. I'm not well versed or can read sanskrit and old texts but I am aware that there are scriptures which actually say not to worship idols, there is only one God, and also describe prophet Muhammed PBUH. However I do not get to much into it,Allah S.W.T knows whether they were prophets or not, and I don't want to naively skate anywhere near to shirk territory. We have our updated version-Islam!Alhamdulilleh!
  13. I think you mean when they have the navjote ceremony, when the child becomes iniated into the faith-similar concept as confirmation in catholicism for example. I think a similar practice existed in hinduism in the Rig Veda. Some people argue that zoroastrianism was an offshoot of rig vedic practices, although at the time there wasn't a name for hinduism rather many different practices existing at that early time perhaps they also combined this practices later. zoroastrians profess a belief in one God, day of judgement, angels, heaven, and hell. It is possible that they incorporated these beliefs later, including they moved away to a dualistic concept, incorporating different beliefs that existed throughout the empire and amongst others.
  14. In abrahamic religions I'm sure death penalty existed in the old testament. sidenote Freddie Mercury was zoroastrian and gay. Alot of zoroastrians are not really that aware of their scriptures, apart from prayers.The original text is probably closer to sanskrit which has some similar meanings, but apart from priestly families most don't understand the meaning of texts let alone the jurisprudence part.Especially as the texts have been rewritten so many times. But attitude wise principles are good words, good thoughts good deeds, so dont think they'd jump to death penalty, apart from a lot not liking us very much, they are pretty tolerant.I think they would be more angry if they had a gay son because he wouldn't be able to increase the low numbers of zoroastrians worldwide.
  15. Salam, we are all muslim we need to be united again. Need to fight our nafs and not eachother, and come together for when Imam Mahdi returns
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