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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. ya rab mera har lafz dia aisa banade jo munkire zahra ke kalejon ko jalade ham Fatima Zehra ki, duaon ka asar hai himmat nahi duniya main, tashaiyon ko mita de Zehra se taqabul to badi baat hai naadan tareeq mein tu hamsare, fizza hi dikha de voh laanti hai jisse bhi raazi nahi zehra laakh usko zamana razi,Allah banade ham sabh hai turabhi na ulajh hamse zamane mitthi me miladenge tere saare irade kia rakkha hai islaam me ho jaega maloom ik pal to agar Fatima, zehra ko hatade zehra se agar itna hasad hai tujhe baaiz Quran se tu surae kauthar ko mitade ho jaegi tam dasti teri khat
  2. Salaam!:)

    عيد ميلاد سعيد

    .. or in english perhaps: Happy Birthday!

    May the Almighty Allah[azzawajal] bless you and your family inshallah!

    Fee amanillah :)

  3. AMYS link working check it out. http://www.mogulus.com/almahdiyouth
  4. OMG OMG OMG HALLELUJAH THIS IS SO CRAZYYYYYYYYY YA Allah that must be one noori camera, its capturing things even people cant see wah this has revolutionized my existance i would like to thank aal e imran for inspiring this revolution in me
  5. salam, darood bar

    Mohammad wa Aalay Mohammad

    may Allah bless you on your birthday

  6. me too mashAllah, look at how we guard the alam with diamonds around... we have elephants running in the hood, wut now pakis you guys cant touch our superior matam style and look at those knives wah mashAllah
  7. (salam) Good luck getting married. And staying married. Islam is not limited to material posessions.
  8. wow sis you must have been the most unluckiest person to live in Canada. I hope you never have to come back to this god forsaken place.
  9. Ya thats true. When we first came we had problems with everything. I had big problems because first i missed everyone in India. But as time went by and made new friends and as i got older i started to realize the beauty of this country. We didnt even like the mosque or the people or the youth committee. Now mashAllah brother Ali Imran is on the successful committee himself.
  10. The more poor you have the more money you get. I dont know how a poor person cant get an education in toronto. Its just the lazy people who complain about not being able to afford it. But infact they are just stupid. Besides we have more than enough scholarships. If you just get a bout B+ you get scholarship. On top of that there are other ones you can apply for. Many people are just graduating off scholarships
  11. Bro i got 8k OSAP for university because i am poor and i cant afford it. Besides that is more than enough so i got about 2k to do whatever i want with it. Ive been living osap for lik year and half now.
  12. i dont know why you keep making false accusations. I live here and I know for a fact that none of those things are true. I talk with my friends in public in Urdu. I dont know what raptors are or what that hockey team is... something about a leaf... england is just too expensive :S no savings whatsoever atleast you can save something here. and everyone knows UK is more racist than Canada... the whole europe is more racist
  13. I'd rather live in a country where people will also pray Jumma instead of doing matam at Jumma Namaz time. Experienced in Blackburn when I visited that country. How racist? You could have named a city Black or DarkChocolate but instead you gotta name it BlackBURN? wah Besides even though gas prices are high everywhere Id rather pay $1.19 than like 2pounds which is seriously dumb.
  14. theres no point of this, we are all muslims syed or non syed. Theres no difference. And have full doubt about Syeds like Ali Imran Naqwi
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