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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam I know this is an old topic but I just wondered if anyone knew of any shia centres in Antalya? We are going to Side in Antalya tomorrow and I would like to visit a centre if available. Thanks
  2. Salam Alaykum Hope everyone is well inshaAllah. Is there anyone here from Marrakech? Does anybody know of any hussainiyah or shia centres in Marrakech? Thanks guys
  3. Salam agree with what Realizm said but also that I don't mind sending a couple out to you if you really want it? I'm in UK. If you inbox me address I'll post a couple out no prob. ws
  4. Salam alaykum i hope you are all well inshaAllah. i was wondering if someone would translate this I have asked a few people who have refused because it's too sad... heres the video. many thanks in advance.
  5. Salam alaikum Does anyone know anything about the flag of our prophet Saww ? I recall hearing on tv something about it being green and had the verse/ words "inna nasrAllah qareeb". Does anyone know about this? Ws
  6. Salam alaykum A sister has moved to SE London with her family but can't find any centres nearby. Closest one is two hours a way she says. Just wondering if there were any other shia families living in the area And what they do. Couple of years ago my friend had majalis in her house so are there families there that might do this too? Alhamdulillah I'm so glad I live in manchester where majalis is practically on our doorstep.
  7. Assalamu alaykum Mubarak on the wiladat of imam al Mahdi (aj) :) Hope you are all well and enjoying your day inshaAllah. I wanted to ask does anyone have any idea as to the colour of the flag above the blue dome of mosque Jamkaran? No clear pictures and sometimes it looks black, sometimes green...any ideas? Thank you
  8. True ^ my mum is Sunni and she has always read salat ul layl.
  9. PureEthics Do you mean to say they have tried to remove these names in the past? Or somewhere else in the mosque? Is there any other stuff like this to look out for in the mosque?
  10. Salam thanks for posting this. I remember being told about names being in the mosque but never actually thought it was so blatant. Can't believe I missed them. Now I want to go back just to see them :) Thanks
  11. Salam This is so sad. Thank you so much br. Have wanted to know the translation for about two years now. Thank you so much. Ws
  12. Br Hamza :) thank you so much for finding it for me! It sounds so sad. It is beautiful. I never knew there was Azeri Turkish language. How ignorant I am! Yes, I would be grateful for the translation when you have some time inshaAllah.
  13. Salam I went for eid prayer today and there was an Iranian sister there who listened to it and told me it is in Turkish ( she mentioned something about Azerbaijan ). Here is a link to the clip I did on my phone https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/bijln4pfq87no2w/trim.E01CF4A1-8AB6-4B2B-8AD7-8B2AB2082443.MOV?token_hash=AAH0Ff_yndKkXP_XN-do0zFkyK_wtc4DFo2FW7hc4x27Pg&dl=1 Any ideas?
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