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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam, I want to recite a majlis and I know that there are many duas that you can read to begin a majlis, however, I need a transliteration of some dua (preferably short) that I could use. If anyone could help me I'd appreciate it
  2. WellI'm not so sure if there were any other male survivors those were the Imams of that time who survived.
  3. Salaam, Imam Zayn al Abideen (a.s.) and his son Imam Muhammad Ibn ‘Ali al-Baqir (a.s.)
  4. "Hey, guys! This is a public/private group where everyone can socialize on topics ranging from everyday things to serious political issues. You can post anything you want whether it's related to your interests or something random. If you're looking to kill some time, have a laugh, or just get away from everyday stuff, this is the place for you. "
  5. I had no idea that he was already cleared. It seems as though the entire case on him was a big cover up. If they have evidence of brothers watching his videos, saving videos, etc that's enough to prove that they're followers of Feiz. I wonder why they would let him go just like that.
  6. I agree. This reminds me of Princess Diane many say that she was planning on converting to Islam or had already converted to Islam and she was planning on making it public, but apparently Queen Elizabeth or people working for her thought it would be best to kill her somehow make it look like an accident only to not let her acceptance towards Islam out. Because it would be problematic and lead into a series of issue, etc. It was a bit more deeper than that, but I'm not so sure of the entire story
  7. Wasalaam, They mostly likely will regardless of what school you plan on going only because they're a bit competitive and do take almost everything into consideration and that includes your grades.
  8. I think Agnelli knew what he was getting into right off the bat when he converted to Islam. It says so very clearly in the documentries. Many individuals worldwide converted to shia islam because of Ayatollah Khamenei and I wouldn't be surpried if he left his wealth to convert as well. It's just so sick to think that because he chose to become a shia he was most likely murdered and yet till this day we have no actual evidence of the car accident being on purpose.
  9. Salaam, In all honesty the man you named is not the only one in this world who preaches wrongful messages and calls for wrongful actions. I feel as though you'll always have such individuals everywhere you go. The best thing we can do is pray and make rightful choices. And I'm sure authorities across the globe would be on a look out for him if he had some influence in the Boston bombing.
  10. Salaam, I've heard of this man before, but is it true that he committed suicide off the bridge?
  11. Salaam, I agree. Also the Kurds gain protection from the Iraqis whereas in some parts of Turkey the Kurds are at times tortured or not given any freedom at all.
  12. Salaam, It's good to see that your friend realized that there was truly a mistake in what he was being forced to do and so he taught himself (Alhamdulilah) what it meant to be a good muslim. Maybe you could help him understand the distinction between shias and other muslims. Not to necessarily convert him to shia, but to help him give a better insight of what it means to be a shia. In other nations there are many so called muslims who misguide people and give wrongful interpretations of Islam. A few years back at a near by Sunni masjid the Founders of the sunni community center began giving out dvds/movies of "why we should fear/hate the shias." It was truly sad to see and hear things, but yes many mosques have Saudi influences upon them and they teach their children these similar things.
  13. I never talk to myself out loud that makes me feel so weird. I usually write stuff out pages and pages of whatever it may be then I tear up the papers and throw them out, but I've never spoke to myself out loud.
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