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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Shiachat is not banned in Pakistan. I can use it just fine without any proxy or VPN
  2. How many years have you been married, may I ask?
  3. I currently have had my period which means hijab is obligatory for me But I was wondering if it is okay to post childhood pictures of me without hijab on social media, pictures of me before I had my period. OR Do I need to photoshop a hijab onto them before posting them? Thank you
  4. I suck in my food using a vacuum cleaner installed in place of my mouth. The vacuum is in the shape of fingers with holes in the finger tips for suction. So naturally, I'd vote that I eat with my fingers.... But I didn't. I voted for spoon. You don't know the hell I go through every time my "mouth" sucks in food. It rips the inside my insides apart and it is so painful, even if I have instant regeneration... I don't wanna live with the pain anymore. Please save me. But your poll has given me hope. I dont know what it feels like to eat with spoons or forks but I want to be able to eat with them one day and not with my hellish fingers-shaped vacuum. Thank you. I voted for spoons/forks/knives/chopsticks
  5. I don't but my family does it for me. Do I vote yes or no?
  6. You saying that someone else logically proved the existence of God isn't a very strong argument. You can use the argument used by that person to prove the existence of God but just saying that someone else did it isn't really logical proof. I believe in God btw. I'm only saying how it isn't logical.
  7. The OP says "unseen" but I think he/she is talking about the existence of a God or a Creator and not everything that we do not "see" or understand. Your line of reasoning doesn't really prove that a Creator must exist. It only proves that there is something or things that we cannot see or understand, not necessarily that this something created everything. The most common line of reasoning that people use to prove that a God exists who created everything is that things cannot exist without someone creating them. And then they will give you a few instances of how human beings make things and even the smallest of things cannot be without someone creating them, so how can such a vast universe exist without a creator. That line of reasoning is faulty. There are so many things that we are not sure about that they have a creator. For example, the Earth, Sun, Moon, galaxies, life etc. If you tell those people that we can't be certain that all these things have a creator[maybe these things don't really have a creator] then they'll say God created all those things [Keep in mind, they haven't really proven the existence of God yet because you are still questioning their argument "things cannot exist without a creator" which they used to tell you someone must have created everything]. Since they need to assume that God must have created these things to prove that God exists, that means their argument is only based on assumption. So we can't be sure of whether or not these things do have a creator. We only choose to believe that they do and then that leads us to the conclusion that the creator of everything is God.
  8. I also said 'not discriminating'. Not discriminating would mean you don't treat them any differently. You treat homosexual(and bisexual and others) couples the same as heterosexual ones and you treat homosexual people the same as heterosexual people. He isn't saying anything wrong.
  9. Believing that doing something is morally good and being tolerant and not discriminating towards individuals who do a certain thing are different things. People in the western society are tolerant towards homosexuality and homosexuals but they do not believe that it is morally good to be homosexual. They believe that not being discriminating towards people based on their race, gender, sexual orientation etc. is mortally good.
  10. I loved the post. It helped me understand more and also helped clear some questions I was having. Thank you for writing this. P.S. I was trying to give to give the post 5 stars and accidently gave it 4 and now I can't seem to change it. Sorry
  11. One time I was crying about my life in my room and I thought to myself what if my family comes to my room since I don't really have a lock on my door. So I started thinking what excuse I would give in case someone came and the first one that came to mind was "I got something in my eye" but that's kinda obvious and plus it's used as more of a 'Let's just ignore that' or 'None of your business' than 'I'm not crying'. So I had to dismiss that one. Then it dawned on me, I'm a Shia and my family is Shia. I could just say I was listening to Nohas or listening to Majlis and I'd get away with it!
  12. Somebody could get an easy A off doing a critical review of this passage for their English class
  13. https://www.facebook.com/gmbakash/photos/a.262454117152683.63612.260876280643800/1176117832452969/?type=3&__mref=message_bubble
  14. What kind of measurements are we talking about?
  15. Committing zina isn't the only wrong thing you did here. You also cheated on a woman you are committed to and who, as you said, loves you. You broke her trust in you. You never even mentioned anything about telling her. You can repent and feel better about yourself but you also need to do something about the fact that you betrayed her. Don't downplay or ignore that
  16. @eloquence keep things on the lighter side please
  17. Ask your marja. Tell his wife to wait a second while he calls his marja? Or ask his marja whether or not he had mutah?
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