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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. asa, the fact of her being ruman is possible but the riawayah of bishr has many weakness, and the chain is not very strong. she was if ruman a slave girl who ansectors were ruman, and not a princess or a Nubian slave girl. either way 5 grandmothers were black for sure, 1 was Persian, and 5 were arab so imam as has the best physical features of all races, and they are nur anyway so it really doesn't matter. the hadith of bishr is mashur and our mentor ayatullah khoy said in some instances it was acceptable to take the mashur hadith as hujjah. allammah majalis and shaykh saduq belived her to be ruman, shaykh kulayni belived her to be Nubian.
  2. asa, they are nur, nur can be in more than one place at once. 12,000 earthlike planets and countless non earth like planets they are present on, imam sadiq as indicated that imam hussayn as leads the forces of good on all planets, in a karbalah like struggle. imam sadiq as was seen descending from the heaveans in one riawayah that indicates they do physical travel in space as well. they were 1,000,000 mupti-verses before this one and nur-i-muhammad was hujjat o each, the difference with our mupti-verse as others had qiyamat, and our planet is that the nur became flesh, and walked among us.
  3. asa, the best hussayniah then is the Urdu/English hussayaniah known as imam hussayn association hussayniah in east end of Toronto, the alim there is maulana faharat hussayn musawi from hydarbad. you have not given Toronto its rights if you do not visit this great hussaynia, they are the only hussayniah in Toronto area that has 90 days of amal for rajab'shaban/sharulramadan 68 majalis nightly for hussayn as, 21 majalis for Fatimah as, they have been working for imam zaman as since 1972. my teacher recited English there for 15th of shaban. here is a clip of maulana musawi as for restraunts ali baba downtown is best arab food. others I don't know.
  4. asa, armed resistance is the only solution in pakistan. venegance for the childern of the zahra ! as the majalis was used to destory the shah lanat Allah alyhi our ulama in pakistan must use the minbar to affect hearts and stir revoultion againist the currupt taghut there !
  5. asa, sexual deviance is everywhere even iran, ie north terhan, the casperian shia, but even in qum and mashad just more low key. the worst places for it our thailand, brazil, the carribean, .
  6. ws, yes to the 69,999 hijab 72 ismik and 27 harf ie ilm ghaib muqtalah -I- muitijaza where as Allah ghafurul Rahim is 70,000 hijab 73 ismik 28 harf ie illm ghaib muqtalah-imuqtalah
  7. asa our mentor ayatullah khumayni mentioned that those of us in the west are like "a cancer in the stomach of the taghut " in others we could affect the taghut from within, and completely change it. imam sadiq as was asked " is it halal to leave dar ul islam from dar ul kufr ? imam said la. he said and if I do ? imam as said then their is pentaly . he said what is the pentaly ? that you must guide 40 persons to the path of truth ? people agrue is it wajib, is it musthab etc. but when imam as give an order we obey, that is the difference between islam and iman. if we all did our job in this regard we would have been in a better situation to lay the ground work for our master's aswfj return to public view.
  8. asa, all that matters to me is protecting my shia brethren christainlady, I saw my family slaughtered by the calamity of Thursday until now, the sunnis are destroying the image of islam, we need to stop playing brother brother with them, the cult of umar considers our blood lawful, our women as slaves, our aqaid as batil, etc. all leaders other than marja, urafa, and masumin are taghut. however trump is less of a taghut than hillarly and we may be able to use him to crush our enemies, the enemiey of my enemy is sometimes my friend. cruz, Rubio, and Hillary represent the agenda of the arab dicators. the sunnis are killings shia in the prison system, there are big tensions and beating in our arab, and pakstani "brothers" masjids in ny, la etc. our marja openly say their prayers are batil in an idirect way by mentioning however says amin or folds his hands his salah is batil. the marja given fatwa on level islam for lowest le vel of halal, if the people have taqwa they get stricter. fadlallah allowed French bread but didn't wear it etc. Fatimah Zahra as has said " there is no unity expect under the banner of waliyah ali ibn abu talib " imam sadiq as said " whoever rejects one of us rejects all of us "
  9. asa, well we could inform trump of the difference and see if we get support. all sunni are potential hajaj ibn Yusuf nowdays.
  10. ahh, lanat on them. they tend to take partial clips, and edit out the explainations anyway.
  11. asa, the quran in our hands is complete. for the explanation to find reliable hadith ie by going thru ilm darriyat and ilm rijal from ahlul bayt as.
  12. asa, his explanation is sound. my teacher explained into detail how every name of masumin from Arabic sarf, is Allah az zaynul abiding name, ie because Allah is the adornment of his worshippers. so if someone says ya Allah al Muhammad they are saying oh Allah the absolute praiswothy who gives praise. the praise that Allah gives is his creations which is his praise. but if one says muhamad alllah that is different and implies shirk. always saying ya Mahdi ya ali is wasilah and tawwasul. see ayah 38 of madinah.
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