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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I've recently heard that Netflix has been said to be Haram by Ayatullah Sistani. Is this true?
  2. Yeah I agree I usually don't believe in these things but when I was young someone told me to stay away from fire, so I just thought it may be related to this.
  3. Salam This week I have been having really weird dreams regarding fire. Out of 5 days I've had a dream which had fire in it atleast 3 days. I'm worried, can someone please tell me what it means.
  4. Salaam I got my period and then it ended after 7 days, after 5 days I got my period again this time for 3 days and then it stopped and had a gap of 4 days. It started again after the 4 day gap. Should I treat it as Haiz or istihaza? Am I pak? Can I pray? And do I have to do the qaza of the prayers that I missed during the days I was bleeding as I thought I'm in a state of impurity.
  5. The best cake I had was the chocolate heaven cake from Delizia
  6. Salaam, I have previously posted something like this too, but now at this stage I am really really confused and messed up mentally.. There's my mom who divorced my dad when I was 6 months old (18 years back). So I barely feel anything for her, when I was 15 I got to know of her, as she contacted me. Thinking that she's my mother and I have some responsibilities towards her, I went to lunches with her and replied to her messages and respected her. However when I was busy sometimes I would politely tell her that I can't meet her. But, today she messaged me and asked if I could go to a milad with her, to which I said no I can't as I have my SAT class at that time. She started emotionally blackmailing me and told me that she won't let me go to jannah and let my namaz qabool. I have no feelings for her and I don't even want to go to those lunches with her but I still do cause in the end she gave birth to me... I don't know what to do anymore I just can't let her emotionally black mail me. I am very happy with my dad side of the family but she just does things that irritate me..... Can she really not let me enter Janna only cause I refused to go somewhere with her.?
  7. Salaam, So my father had his flight from Karachi to Saudi Arabia as he was going for Hajj, and it was raining heavily in Karachi at that time and recently my dad told me about a plane crash... At that moment I got really scared and promised Allah that if my dad reached Arabia safely I would fast on coming Friday (that is tomorrow in Pakistan). Now the problem here is that I have classes tomorrow and if I fast I get lazy and sleepy until Iftar (I don't know why). Now is it compulsory for me to fast tomorrow or can I fast some other day too?
  8. Salaam sisters, I wanted to know that if I can fast without taking the ghusl and take the ghusl while I'm fasting. Like will my fast be valid? PS: the ghusl is the one you take to get pure after your mensuration days.
  9. I wanted to ask who is a mother? The one who gives birth to you and leaves or the one who abused you yet brought you up? My mom left me when I was less than a year old, now I'm 17 and I don't have any feelings for her or don't want to talk to her yet I still do so that it doesn't hurt her feelings. Every single day she's like I'm your mother my every word is waking on you... It makes me upset Now there is the step mom who married my dad when I was 2 and brought me up she messed up my life real bad, she used to hit me, blame me for things I don't even know about I was just little and scared at that time.... Now she says that she is my mother and I should listen and talk to her(she had a divorce with my father last year) Of course because if the things she has done I don't like her too... I was mainly brought up by my dad and my aunt and uncle... What should I do I really need some good advice here..
  10. Salaam, Today I applied clear nail polish, after a while I forgot about it and offered my Salah. After my Namaz I realized that I had nail polish on is my Namaz valid or do I have to pray again?
  11. I really needed this, thank you! Yes I should take a break and stay away I guess.
  12. Yeah I guess a break is what I need right now! Thank you!
  13. Salaam Well my dad just got married and it's been a month, the woman my dad married has been acting weird when my dad's not around and something happened with led me into an argument with my dad. I talked to him today about the thing that happened and tried to explain but he just didn't listen and and asked me to be nice to the woman, it's just that I'm not satisfied and I want to clear things out... I just have this feeling that woman's just weird I don't know even though everyone tells me I'm over thinking... Now I don't know if I should just leave the matter or talk about it with my dad until and unless he listens but that would probably start another argument.. I don't know.........
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