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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Here is the ultimate armor dua for you good fold who wish to stay up the whole Qadr night praying Allah(سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) Don't deny me of your prayers please, my brothers and sisters...
  2. I suppose war is inevitable most of the times, a nation might be after peace and never invades others but this doesn't mean that others won't invade them. Just take a look at Africa, they have no wish for war, they don't want it and they don't seek it yet the greed of warmongers doesn't leave them be thus they are forced to choose, to be killed or fighting back to survive. We Iranian were the subject of such war, we revolted and changed the regime to be independent and stop being consolized by superpowers. it doesn't take even 1 year after the revolution which we were invaded by the puppet of warmongers. But as I said most of the wars can't be avoided that's because the weak are always being crushed by the powerful, If you become powerful more than enough and wish to invade nowhere then no one invades you and you can avoid war.
  3. If you had provided Arabic text as well, it would be much better to understand.
  4. In fact they are criminal when I think.. somehow they are, their crime is lacking blond hair with blue eyes, being Muslim and living in M.E. , and above all they were a part of Iran not so long ago and they are way similar to Iranians thus they must be silenced before they start another Islamic revolution, one Islamic revolution is more than enough for the west to deal with.
  5. These women and kids killed here, are not the same bad guys...
  6. Nodba dua in 3 languages for those who wish to recite it tonight https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pn2aKuZwy9Y&app=desktop
  7. I think a cross-culture misunderstanding occurred here. "What did they do to deserve this?" in Persian(which is spoken in some countries including Afghanistan) means that they died by oppression and not by justice they should not have been killed by some vile men who kill for sport.
  8. Poor men, people speak of women and children always as if men are potatoes
  9. امن یجیب المضطر اذا دعاه و یکشف السوء Is He [not best] who responds to the desperate one when he calls upon Him and removes evil al-Naml:62 (a part of the verse) Many might ask what does the word moztar(مضطر) mean, no definition better definition can be given than what I saw in the voice of this man. It is more than 1170 years that our Master(af) is moztar and we live as if nothing is going on and no one is waiting for us to give him a hand for our own salvation.
  10. I just want to say a quote by David Ben Gurion the founder of Israel:" Israel will be annihilated after its first defeat in war." Since the war of Tamouz, their cycle of defeat has begun, first Hizbolallah defeated them, then Hamas, and now they want to start a new war. Sayyed Hassan Nasroallah(ha) said:" In the next war, will happen in the streets of Israel." Besides, Islamic Revolution's leader Imam Khamenei(ha) said: "Israel won't see the next 20 years." An IRGC commander whom I don't remember what his name was announced:" That 20 years is the maximum, Israel's destruction might happen sooner, things depend on Israel." Despite what said above, Israel might start a new war not because they think they can but to distract and silence the domestic protest, the protests which had happened for Netanyaho's financial corruptions which were boycotted by the BBC and other news giant agencies but not Israeli ones and if one use google web translator service, they can read about these matters better than other things, but how will a war change things, is simple because David Ben Gurion said: " Israel is a very big garrison which it's soldiers go on vacations for 11 months a year." A war means a call to arm for all 30 million Jews of there and that's what helps Netanyaho to get out of trouble, consider if some of leaders of the protestors be silenced during the war.
  11. Don't worry about him. Imam Ali(as) asdressed Arabs of Hijaz in this way:" You fought them(Iranians) about the descention of Quran upon them( made them accept it), they will fight you about the interpretation of it." The problem we have with KSA is about the interpretation of Quran now. But this things he says is only to present himself as a figurine of strenght to Saud dynasty just to legitimize his successorship and somehow overthrowing his father and becoming king. Yet, he might be a threat, another Saddam somehow, he is bold enough to be provoked by Israel. Because Iran has stockpiles of missiles prepared for Israel and Israel wishes them to be used somewhere else, nowhere is betrer than an Arab country because both Iranians and Arabs(the people) are Israel's enemies. Yet some might not agree but another reason for his statements about Iran is Trump. Trump is a bussinessman, he does everything to in rease the income of USA. An example is the arm sellings to KSA and to be a successful arm seller he should create a sense of need and greed in his client which is this princeling Salman. The greed for power forces him to buy more and more arms and the more he buys the more he feels bold but failures in Yemen makes him feel he needs more and the cycle repeats. He will not stop buying arms but as an IRGC general said before:" The arms he is buying will be used(by us) against Israel.
  12. Tbh, sharing the image with us is not that important matter that she spent a lot of time resizing and converting and uploading and and and ... I would aay she can spend these times with her partner drinking a cup of tea or coffee instead. The spirit of what they did matters not the image.
  13. I wanted to say something but on a second thought, I decised not to mention it so: Cogratulations and best wishes for you. And an advice for you and everybody else here by the beloved departed Doulabi(ra): Do not investigate the past of those you love, for the most beautiful gardens of flowers have some worms.
  14. For sure they have some reasons, but there is a reason which makes it a terrible deed for us. When Abdul Malik Rigi the famous wahhabi terrorist in the west of Iran was arrested. He confessed that:" Whenever my men were faltering I would show the clips of shias cursing Omar, Uthman, Abubakr, Aisha... and they would remove any hesitations from their minds in killing shias. Think about it by considering this fact that, Britain used to say:"Divide and conquer" to colonize other nations. Who supports Shirazis? Britain I think this explanation would be useful for you too: Few years ago when Israel invaded Gaza once again, wahhabi tv channels said:"They are with Iran, they are rafidhi and shia so killing them is obligatory." And Shirazis TV channels said:" They are nasibis and killing them ia obligatory, let Israel kill them." Knowimg that in KSA the government allows Shirazis to be active openly wothout any harm by wahhabi government and what said above proves: The conflict between wahhabism and Shirazism is like a scissor which the two parts of it fight one another to cut something, yet they are both following the lead of the same hand.Shirazism and Wahhabism are working for the same system and the resault would be a chasm among Muslims to achieve the goal:"Divide and conquer" for Israel.
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