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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Look sunnis and wahhabis have considered twelver shias kaffir for a long time so I don't know what you guys are trying to pull , in the end Allah swt is the judge it is up to him to send a twelver or a non twelver Muslim , Christian or jew or anybody for that matter to heaven or hell , I cannot and will not call any muslim kafir for that is not my place to judge , and also since those more learned then me have advised me the same , and my marja sayed ali khamenei has issued a fatwa against calling any muslim a kaffir , wsalam
  2. It shouldn't be a problem unless it is having a negative influence in your life , if not I don't see why it should be wrong but please clarify with your marjah just in case , wsalam
  3. Majority has never been truthful so don't bring us that argument that majority of non twelvers don't believe in the mahdi occultation it honestly will not hinder my beliefs because what made me convert to twelver shiasim from atheism was the persecution the twelvers faced at the hands of everybody and once I started researching and learning about this version of islam I saw nothing but true enlightenment , and their were no missing pieces in this religion and believe me I tried all the others heck I was raised in Christian home but it just wasn't for me , anyway getting back to your point the shia resistance along with Russia and other liberal activism are the only movements exposing the zionist regime and actually supporting Palestine the rest of the muslim world particularly saudi Arabia is supporting the zionist regime of Israel , and I don't need a lecture on Palestine or Syria believe me I have done enough research and have spent time with many activists so I know what's going on main stream islam is no different to Catholicism or any other power establishing regime I wouldn't even consider it a proper religion it is full of formalities where logic and rationality is frowned upon , my intellect is my guide and inshallah I shall stick to my twelver beliefs and no one can waver my beliefs , mahdi will reappear when God wills , wsalam
  4. Those so called muslims never really converted from the heart rather it was only lip service , they used islam for power and political gains nothing more , so whenever a mainstream muslim starts boasting about all these 'islamic conquests' I'm never impressed and think to myself that's more dirt non Muslims can use against us
  5. So you are blaming God for his decision? The occultation is in God's hand where as God commanded those so called muslims to not run from the battlefield and what did they end up doing? Running like it's the Olympics lol
  6. You are entitled to your opinions dear brother it is only fair , you have not been rude to us and I apologise on behalf of myself if my comment was to mean and arrogant but you got to understand this is shiachat and it's not a place where abu bakr and umar will be renowned for a good reputation in our opinion they usurped the rights but at the same time we should not hurl abuse at you since you are showing ikhlaq and have not been disrespectful towards us , we should keep this discussion academic rather than emotional since other sunni muslims maybe reading this and may start despising us if they already don't , anyway getting back to the point for us prophet Muhammed ( sawa ) is the greatest creation and then after him is is 12 infallible successors , wsalam
  7. I'm assuming the OP mentioned the brutality against khwarij being a reason we hate omar because the OP probably believes shiasim is the remnants of the khwarij ! Which is completely ludicrous the remanats of khwarijism is non other than the wahabbi/takfiri daesh idealogy/regime of today , and it wasn't omar who defeated the first proper khwarij it was imam Ali (as) in the battle of nehrawan
  8. We shias don't believe in the caliphate of abu bakr umar and usman , rather we believe in the imamate of the 12 infallible successors of Muhammed (sawas) , they were all pure from birth till death
  9. I still don't believe their will be a single physical being called dajjal , rather I believe it is a system of belief that tries to eradicate the belief in God, and if their ever was a physical dajjal I believe that it is iblees himself , the new world order or the zionist regime is the system of dajjal , the zionist own everything and have all the power and they are about 300 families
  10. The brother or sister is probably young maybe someone in their teens so that's why the question seems strange but it is what we should expect from youngsters after all , or maybe the OP watches a lot of sci-fi movies
  11. Dajjal is more a system of governance rather than an individual basically the new world order agenda is what dajjal is all about , secondly imam mahdi ( ajf ) will have all kinds of power but in the narrations it is stated that their will be lots of sacrifices committed by the supporters of the mahdi , so from what we can gather is that the situation will be a combination of all historic battles like karbala , sifeen , jamal , nehrawan , uhud , and the final victory will be that of badr , the bottom line is dajjal is not this awesome super natural being who is going to clash with imam mahdi ( ajf ) in a so called ' gladiator ' match rather it is a system of belief that despises God and wants to strip the world of all religious beliefs , and the miracles of dajjal are in front of our eyes , all this technology and media and awesomeness is dajjal inspired , dajjal is not an extra terrestrial with powers like superman lol
  12. Martyrdom is one of if not the greatest honour in the religion of Islam , so those who are beloved to Allah tend to leave the world either through martyrdom or some severe hardship , the imams being martyred was simply Allah swt will
  13. Stop thinking about how this verse applies to others but rather start reflecting on how this verse is applying to you because every single verse in the Quran is relevant to every single human being
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