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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Adam, Eve, and Iblis. From the context of previous verses it is clear. Here Adam and his wife are warned that Satan is their enemy so that they and their progeny may save themselves from the temptation of Satan. Here plural iIhbitu' is used. However, In Surah Taha dual form 'ihbita' is used where from the context they were Adam and Satan.
  2. Adam and Eve were not naked. They were clothed. When they disobeyed their Lord succumbing to the temptation of Satan, Allah snatched away from them their clothing. After being naked, they started to cover themselves with the leaves of trees of that Garden. When Satan succeeded to tempt both of them to disobey their Lord, as a consequence their garments were stripped off by God. This phenomenon is described as 'Satan stripped them of their clothing' as a figure of speech. Similar types of figure of speech has been used several times in the Quran.
  3. If you can shed light on the issue with logic and evidence then you are welcome. such cheap dialogue will not derive any benefit. every human being believes something after believing it to be correct while rejecting others believing it false. so if you encounter anything different from your belief and opinion you should engage in logical debate to counter it. otherwise if you can not do anything you had batter keep silent.
  4. Wa alaikum salam. No. There is no difference among the four schools regarding essential and fundamental tenets. the difference is about Furu or branch of religion mainly involving jurisprudential issues. this type of difference also exist among different Marjas of Twelver scholarship circle. But Imamah is quite different matter. According to twelver belief it as important as Oneness of God and Prophethood.
  5. Omar is not any matter of fundamental matter of religion in any denomination of Islam. Without bothering about Omar bin Khattab and other persons apart from the Holy prophet you may remain Muslim and believer. But imamah is foundation of religion. whithout which you are unbeliever. So don't be ridiculous. If you can shed light on what I said in my post you are welcome.
  6. Mention of salat is found in the quran repeatedly. It has been said how important salat is, the benefit and significance of salat, order of performing salat in its due time and manner. It is also said that it is the most important practice for a believer to be remained on Allah's guidance. Then sunnah dictates the essential explanation. This is true for almost all rulings of religion and sharia. But as for imamah no mention in the Quran for it. As per Ithna Athari understanding it is as important as Tawheed and Risalah. We find not only mere clear mention of all fundamentals but also debate, l
  7. Irrelevent. If you want to provide me with your logic, reasoning and evidence, you are welcome.
  8. There is no doubt that Quran is the undisputed and universally accepted source of all denominations of Islam which each resorts to as authoritative source. It is believed to Word of God Himself. A revelation to mankind through the final messenger of God. It explains and interprets what is to believed and practiced to attain the ultimate salvation. All the fundamental tenets and creeds universally accepted by all denominations of Islam is mentioned and explained in the Quran in details like Tawhid, Risalah, Akhirah etc. Belief in Allah, His angels, His books, His messengers and other necessary
  9. My thought is very different than you. Iran's role in Yemen and Saudi's role in Syria is exactly the same. What you stated above is direct result of personal bias in favor of Assad and hatred and prejudice against Saudi govt. This is because of the stereotype notion that every entity that seems favorable to Shia is regarded as all-out good and every entity hostile to Shia is regarded as all-out evil. 1. Trying to overthrow a regime is not a bad thing in the first place you think the regime is oppressive or harmful. Moreover it is very natural that every govt wants to see other cou
  10. Very strange question indeed! The question should have been whether Islam is true religion or not; whether Islam is divinely ordained religion and way of life or not. To find these question one has to penetrate into islamic literatures: most importantly the Quran. Whether one thing is positive or negative is a relative term. What is positive to one is negative to another. Modest dress code is positive for some whereas it is negative and oppression(?) to others. There are so many instances. Once you decide Islam is God's ordained religion then you have to take everything positive that cont
  11. This is one of the main reasons I reject common shia perception on doctrine of imamah to be a fundamental aspect of religion. Whether Abu Bakr or Ali was more suitable for the station of 1st caliph that's different matter. But to believe the 12 imams as prophet-like figures the rejection of whom would be tantamount to be rejecting a prophet is not plausible according to me.
  12. 1. The prophets, imams and martyrs are alive in their grave. But they are alive in the barzakh (intermediary between worldly life and after-life) world. Certainly they all died in this world. But due to their great honor and lofty status and position they are different than ordinary public in barzakh live and receive special sustenance from Lord. But nowhere it is found that they are such alive that they can hear anyone from any part of of the world. No proof whatsoever. 2. Help is of two types. First one is natural and general worldly help like asking for help from doctor for disease, f
  13. This ayah by no means say anything about invoking other than Allah for supernatural help. 'Seeking nearness to Allah' does not give impression here to invoke other than Allah for extra-ordinary help. Whereas countless ayahs and authentic hadiths rather full of invoking Allah Alone. At best there is instance of invoking Allah for the sake or virtue of Prophet PBUH or other righteous servants. But no instance of direct invoking to non-divine beings.
  14. Yes. There is difference of opinion in this regard. According to Imam Malik Ibn Anas folding hands were not all-time practice of the prophet pbuh in obligatory prayers but it was his practice in recommended prayers specially in Salat Al-Layl. Others think in all salats it is proper to fold hand because of narrations without specification. However all sunni jurists are unanimous that not folding hands would do no harm anyway. Its just mustahab.
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