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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Brother search http://www.khanwadeabutalib.com with words such as Zibh-e-Azeem the Great Sacrifice etc. will lead to the topic.
  2. http://www.khanwadeabutalib.com/public/ilm/article/Zibh-e-Azeem'-the-Great-Sacrifice/806/58 Anything wrong with the link field, not able to get link directed to website?
  3. Zibh-e-Azeem' the Great Sacrifice and predictions of Prophet Mohammad (pbuhahf) regarding it. http://www.khanwadeabutalib.com/public/ilm/article/Zibh-e-Azeem'-the-Great-Sacrifice-and-pr/806/58
  4. FYI, in the Holy Quran Jesus (pbuh) is mentioned more than the number of times the prophet of Islam. Prophet not only loved Jesus but also Christians and the prove of it is you can search by The Holy Prophet Muhammad 's Letter to the Monks of St. Catherine in Mt. Sinai.
  5. http://www.khanwadeabutalib.com/public/ilm/article/Worshiping-and-Praising-Allah-by-all-of-/719/58#.VSzQzdzF9Vg
  6. Zurich

    Hadith Books

  7. Thanks brother. We still need 13K signatures. p
  8. jazakallah brother. [Quran 53:39] And that man shall have nothing but what he strives for- We still need 15k plus signatures. Please spread the message. Inshallah our signature will be waseela for saving ayatullah nimr.
  9. (salam) Request for brothers and sisters to save Ayatullah Nimr who is a victim of injustice by signing this petition we still need about 16k signatures. https://www.change.org/p/the-united-nations-force-saudi-arabia-to-revoke-the-death-sentence-on-sheikh-nimr-or-face-economic-sanctions-2?share_id=LGNVxKILuM&utm_campaign=share_button_action_box&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=share_petition Please spread the message.
  10. Zibh-e-Azeem' the Great Sacrifice http://www.khanwadeabutalib.com/public/ilm/article/806/58#.VDMlmWddW84
  11. (salam) Full video and transcript of The Biography of Rahmatul lil Alameen, a Mercy to the Worlds, Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) by Syed Ammar Nakshwani http://www.khanwadeabutalib.com/public/ilm/article/803/79 Full video and English Transcript of Syed Ammar on how history has been unfair to Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib (as). http://www.khanwadeabutalib.com/public/ilm/article/795/79#.VBtaP5RdW84 A short clip and its transcript on Imam Ali ar-Ridha (as) on cleanilness by Sayyed Ammar Nakshawani from the lecture of the Biography of Imam Ridha (as). http://www.khanwadeabutalib.com/public/ilm/article/796/79#.VBtdU5RdW84 Biography of Imam Ali ar-Ridha (as) by Syed Ammar Nakshwani full video and part of its transcript. http://www.khanwadeabutalib.com/public/ilm/article/802/79#.VBtdhZRdW84
  12. Prophet Mohammad (pbuhahf) predictions in Sahih Sunni hadiths in multimedia. http://www.khanwadeabutalib.com/public/ilm/article/777/58#.U-AdTONdVA0
  13. Imam Ali (as) and human rights http://www.khanwadeabutalib.com/public/ilm/article/770/58#.U9GAO-NdVA2
  14. 21 Ramadan Shadath of Imam Ali (as) in art. http://www.khanwadeabutalib.com/public/ilm/article/766/51#.U8yppeNdVA0
  15. Holy Prophet (Allah's peace be upon him) has said: "Ponder on Allah's bounties not on his essence"[1] Imam Sadiq (Allah's peace be upon him) has said: "Avoid pondering on Allah's essence because it adds to your wonder and bafflement, Allah may not be seen with eyes and may not be described in quantities." [2] Because mankind is unable to grasp Allah and it is Allah who "Allah indeed encompasses all things in (His) knowledge" [3] For references visit: http://www.duas.org/Fatima_interview.htm
  16. (salam) Khanwade means family of
  17. Worshiping and Praising Allah by all of Allah’s creation in one same direction (anticlockwise) and the importance of following the right Imam, which Allah ordained for our true guidance. http://www.khanwadeabutalib.com/public/ilm/article/719/58#.U4-QKXJdVA0
  18. Allama Shiekh Nasir al-Din al-Tusi Alaihir Rahma the great scientist, mathetician, engineer and shia theologian Article by: J J O'Connor and E F Robertson http://www.khanwadeabutalib.com/public/ilm/article/687/58#.U4-PWXJdVA0
  19. http://www.khanwadeabutalib.com/public/NoorunAlaNoor/1#.U4-OpHJdVA0
  20. Our Imam (as) married African women. For example Mother of Imam Reza (as) named “Tuktam” - was an inhabitant of the Africa. Anything which contradicts the Quran is to be thrown on the wall we are not Sunnis who label their books as Sahih (authentic). For us only that hadith is authentic which agrees with Quran.
  21. And the list of other allegations against our Prophet (pbuh) by Sahih Bukhari (sunni 100% authentic source) continues. Prophet (pbuh) was seen naked in public, use to show off his private parts (astagfurllah). Prophet (pbuh) wanted to commit suicide many times. I would Say Sahih Bukhari is another Porn book against our prophet (pbuh).
  22. Lebanese Shias got freedom from Zionists by suicide bombings Zionists, but Wahabi Sunnis blow shias and Other Sunnis for sleeping with virgins. Is not that truth?
  23. So whose Sunna are the Wahabis following by blowing Shias and other Sunnis?
  24. Yeah i do not understand the logic when Shias curse Mawiya (LA) they are hateful but when Maiwya (LA) curses Imam Ali (as) he is (ra). Can you explain me.
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