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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. hmmmmm.....thats a good piece of line... lol ! back to our issue, We are suffer from it... we need to control ! I would suggest you some of the following steps, which I think are new and no one mentioned above- 1) Keep a journal / Diary... Record and write, the day you felt your desire and could control..and how did you end up ! and what was the cause... .. REMEMBER to note down the day and date... Try to increase that Day and Date, and the period your sexual drive had overcomed you...try to increase that period ! Its going to work inshallah, with all the steps and keeping ur mind of it as abo
  2. I guess we all are tired and depressed in finding a right spouse ! am 25, and still on prowl :cry: ..... (LOL) Believe me, I had a terrible and the most heart breaking experience with an online shia matrimonial website ! (well, am not discouraging, sometimes its just ones bad luck...) I was thinking of what can we as youths can do to crub such a problem in our community and shia/muslim world at a large ! Am sure, there are countries where there are females who cant come out and find a good spouse.... and there are males,who are studying or working in a secluded area and cant find someone suit
  3. opps.... i gotta leaveeeee ! the subject kinda misguided me, thght someone was seriously removing hijab and thought i can guide "her".. hehe ! didnt know, people will be talking about biki ..... ahmm ahmm. astagfirulla ! byyeee
  4. I urgently require someone to do for me ISTIKHARA .. CAn someone help me plz ? I know I can do it personally, but due to some reasons...am not comfortable to do it myself ! Can plz someone help me ? Its just a 5mins work.. Jazakallah and may Allah bless you if u can help me !
  5. salaams... I heard it from Mir Hasan, but i cldnt recall the exact wordings in urdhu....but it meant something like this :- - Till today Kabaa is black, it looks to me its the hijab of Zainab (as).... I also wanted something in urdhu for - Kabaa is black till today, his in mourning of Hussein till today (as) :) Kaabe nee joo orr raakhii haay, aysa lagtii hay terii ridaa...Zainab (as) - not sure abt this line
  6. I have already heard that on the day of ARAAFA, Allah (swt) looks with his mercy on the people who are at Imam Hussein (as)'s shrine.... and also on the plains of Arafaa.... I dont have doubt if its true, as due to Imam Hussein(as) .. the religion of islam survived till today..! Kabaa survived due to the blood of Imam Hussein and his holy family.... Just a small piece of getting your IMAANS strong.... Imagine why Kabaa's cloth is black ? Doesnt that seem like a piece of Hijab given to it by Bibi Zainab ? Doesnt that seem like a mourning cloth his having in the sadness of Imam Hussein ?
  7. SALAAMS ... Is God really just ? IF so, a ) why are children being innocently killed by MAN Made Disaster and also Natural disasters ? b ) why are children born with defects and disorders ? Plz help me....!
  8. lets work together in FX trading..... am really interested, esp in investment in Gold.... send me PM !
  9. How is investing in Gold... is it worth it ? I am hearing people are minting cash from it..... but I dont understand why do the brokers give you a leverage of 1 to 100... Like if you put $1000, and they give u loan of $100,000 ... whats the advantage to them ?
  10. I think its a good idea to open a Section of People who are LOOKING for EMPLOYMENT and EMPLOYERS WHO are LOOKING for STAFFS. Itll help alot !
  11. its nice to hear from you brother ! try to suggestion the mods about it ! :D
  12. Foreigners are WELCOME..... For more info email- abudhar@gmail.com Special preference to our community brothers/sisters !
  13. Still open for more resumes/ cvs.
  14. Salaams ! Thought to post here for those who are interested to work aboard(EAST AFRICA). There are currently following vacancies:- - Book Keeper / Accountant - Administrator - Store Keeper - Project supervisor. Anyone whoever is interested to know more, send your resume/cv to the following email:- abudhar@gmail.com
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