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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. baradar_jackson wrote: Firstly, you cannot use an action of IRI as the basis for your belief of Twelver theology. So you'd argue that there is no connection whatsoever between the Iranian Government and the "Shiite Twelver" version of Islam. Correct? Then what would you call the form of Islam which is currently practiced in Iran? Secondly, Aghajari was eventually freed. You are using selective information. He was never found innocent in court. His guilty sentence was commuted, so under Iranian law he was guilty. We refer to Khamenei either as 'rahbar' (leader), Can you give us an example o
  2. Abu Hadi wrote: Even if she was involved in the demonstration, and against the order of Imam Khameni, she doesn't deserve to die for this. If my understanding of Twelver theology is correct, then your statement is clearly false. We all remember the case of Iranian university professor Hashem Aghajari who was fined, given a jail term, sentenced to internal exile, AND sentenced to death for saying that Iranians "were not monkeys and should should not blindly follow religious leaders." If what he said warrented his death sentence, then obviously the opposite of what he said is true, namely: "Ira
  3. faisal wrote: Obviusly this guy does not understand shiism Not obvious to me. Everything he wrote is in agreement with my understanding of Twelver Islam. Which statements in particular do you disagree with?
  4. mansab.jafri wrote: I am not going to get my translation, am I... Back in 2002/2003, I used to post on the IslamOnline forum using the name "Mr Language Guy". I had numerous people fooled into thinking that I could read Arabic. In reality, I was simply aware that Google had a little known (at that time) language tool which translated text from one language to another, including Arabic. Over the past few weeks, Google has been working on a Farsi to English translation tool. It doesn't appear on the main Google website yet, but can be accessed here: Farsi to English Enter the website into the
  5. "One of the first things that strikes me is we are watching the fall of Islamic theocracy. I mean that this is the end of the ideology that lay at the basis of the Iranian regime. When the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, declared the election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad a "divine assessment," he was indicating it was divinely sanctioned. But no one bought it. He was forced to accept the need for an inquiry into the election. The Guardian Council, Iran's supreme constitutional body, met with the candidates and promised to investigate and perhaps recount some votes. Khamenei has subsequently
  6. Vir2L wrote: That's a more complex question but what is interesting is that Iran isn't against capitalism and its assets are a matter of trade between to nations. Let's examine this situation logically. Khamenei has stated that the UK is the most evil country in the world. Since Twelvers believe that Khamenei is the direct spokesman for God, there is no possibility that Khamenei is wrong. Khamenei has also stated that Israel is evil, but apparently not as evil as the UK. And, Khamenei has commanded that his government give aid to Hamas and Hezbollah to assist with the destruction of Israel.
  7. In his speech yesterday, Khamenei revealed that the UK is the most evil country in the world (more evil, apparently than Israel and the USA). If the UK is so evil, then how come the Iranian government is using its financial resources to prop up an evil empire? How come there are Iranian government assets in the UK in the first place???
  8. Zenshiite wrote: The point is not to talk about the basij on Islamic terms here, if I were to do that you can be sure I'd have a few harsh things to say. And I'm not hesitant to do so. However, my post was not juxtaposing the behavior of the basij or the Iranian riot police with Islamic values... We know that the basij are acting under the orders of Khamenei, who has ordered the police and basij to stop the protests using all available means. But, you admit that the basij are acting in a way which is unislamic. Since they are following the orders of Khamenei, are you saying that Khamenei ga
  9. Zenshiite wrote: I've seen the American, Canadian and European police to equally brutal things to protesters on a much larger scale. So you are basically saying that the brutality Canadian police show towards Canadian women justifies the brutality Iranian police show towards Iranian muslim women. As a muslim, shouldn't you be setting a higher standard of behavior for yourself than how those evil Canadian kuffar police behave? Let me ask you this. Do you think that Mohammad would agree with you that the basij treatment of Iranian muslim women is "exemplary"?
  10. Zenshiite wrote: the conduct of the vilified basiji and IRI has been exemplary in comparison. Exemplary. Well, we've all seen footage over the past few days of basij thugs brutally beating muslim women with clubs and chains. If you consider that to be "exemplary" behavior, then you have a very strange attitude towards women.
  11. AlwayS-Dhik'r wrote: i assume your a supporter of KKK? No, I'm against the KKK. I have written many anti-KKK posts in the past. Curiously, though, many muslims speak very highly of the KKK because of the hatred KKK members have for Jews.
  12. Firoz Ali wrote: From wat i read all protests are strictly prohibited and no permission is given to any party to protest That's been the case all week, yet the people still protested. It's too soon to tell what will happen Saturday, but early indications are that the protests will continue. I guess we'll know for sure in a couple of hours.
  13. 'AlwayS-Dhik'r' wrote: a supporter of the taliban? a ruthless backward barbaric bunch.. are you insane? Then why are you against Canadian and American troops fighting the Taliban??? Shouldn't the Iranian army also be in Afghanistan, standing shoulder to shoulder with the Canadian and American troops?
  14. malangbaba wrote: ce/basij/etc will not do anything either. I've come to the conclusion that the basij will do whatever they are ordered to do, no matter how evil the orders. I think the critical question is: what will the police do, if the basij thugs start slaughtering protesters? Indications from the last few days are that relations between the protesters and police seem to be quite good. Let's hope that relationship lasts, and that, if necessary, the police will protect the Iranian people from the basij thugs.
  15. 'AlwayS-Dhik'r' wrote: no moron its not okey to beat a woman up, but its not okey either to blame someone for something they are not responsible for, this thread is about "hizbollah and hamas working as the besij" not whether its okey to beat woman up. Well, I've worked with Canadians of Iranian ancestry, and I choose to believe that the vast majority of Iranian men are decent people who would not brutalize Iranian women. If you are right, and it is Iranian men who are attacking Iranian women, then perhaps the Iranian people deserve the government that they have. go worry about americans kil
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