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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam. Look brother first of all the question arises that whether your friend is earning on her own or is she dependent on her father? If she is independent then all she can do is move alone and forget her father. But the problem will persist if she is dependent on her father. Try talking out with her father. Try making him realise his faults and drawbacks. Trying directly on the father would be difficult so first try to get the mother by your side. If you fully get her mother by your side you have won the half battle. Then convincing father about anything would not be that difficult. Last but not the least pray to God and ask for help because he is the only one who can do everything. May God help you.
  2. Salam. Dear brothers and sisters i am in search of proof of ghadeer from sunni books. It would be very kind of you if you would provide me the exact hadees number along with the book name. I have read older posts but the problem is that i don't own sunni books. Hence please give the reference if possibile with a link of the book. Jazakalla khair.
  3. Salaam. I want to know each and every thing about exorcism in islam. Is there a book? And ways to prevent it. Please help.
  4. Salam. Can anyone please give me the link of the following books: 1. Mulakat e Imam e Zamana (a.s.) 2. Mukhtar Nameh
  5. Salam. Indeed loneliness is well marked in almost each and every citizen of this world. To remove it we should first try to know the causes. The main causes are that we have no one to share our thoughts, feelings, sad moments. In short we lack a very important piece of our life's jigsaw puzzle. Our life is a jigsaw puzzle of 2000 pieces but if we only lack one piece the whole puzzle looks incomplete even if all the pieces are in place. And that piece is the key to remove lonliness, depression, sadness, etc. That piece is generally love or true friendship. But the fact is that both the things mentioned above are very difficult to get...so whats the solution. Here I give you the super sweet recipe of life in which there is no place for depression, sadness, loneliness, etc. First let us understand that why are we lonely? As said above we are lonely cause we don't have anyone to love or with whom we can share our thoughts (true friend). We lack these things because we are like everyone. We are not different from the crowd hence we have the same problem everyone has. Recipe: 1. Don't say what you want to. Say what the person in front of you wants to hear from you. It is difficult but it is worth the difficulty. 2. Don't criticise anyone. Reasarchs have shown that the effect after criticism is short lived while if the thing had been said with love and affection the effect would have last longer. 3. We should state about our mistakes first than criticising others. 4. We should appreciate the efforts of others. Every soul on this earth lives in a hunger of appreciation. Who doesn't want to be appreciated? But the appreciation should be true and honesty. 5. Ask questions instead of giving orders it makes you polite. 6. Use encouragement make the faults seem easy to correct. Don't hyper the faults by criticising. 7. Praise even an infinitely small progress so that the person in front of you gets a place infinitely large in your heart. These are the 7 wonders of life. Hope it helps the lonely people lose their lonliness. I read these points in a book. I experienced it by applying it to my life. I found the results positive. Thats why i gave it to you. Sorry if I offended anyone and if there is any mistake. Its a bit long but its worth it.
  6. Salam. The man just wants to sleep with you. I'm sorry if I offended someone. The thing is that some people just have good contacts and links. Where you live the man must either have born and grown up there or he must have been staying there for a long time. People get to know each other and this helps in gathering information about where you went and what you did etc etc. The 1 year playing detective thing is a false statement it has been said only to prove that he loves you and to impress you by indirectly stating that he has waited for you 1 year. He is just trying to impress you once he will get to know that you are not interested first he will try to force you then he would leave you. The facts you mentioned are used by roadside romeos to try to get a girl. He just wants to sleep with you otherwise why would he talk to you about temporary marriage? In my opinion you should stay as far as possible because if he is actually monitoring you and you dont do what he wants he can be dangerous for you. May Allah help you. Once again sorry if I said something wrong.
  7. Thnx to all of you. @TryingToBe can you please tell me what is "Radd e mazalim" ? How it is given? I have already said sorry to my friend and our friendship is now the way it was. The thing is that having cursed him makes me feel afraid somewhere down in my heart that if khuda na khasta something happens to him by coincidence I wont be able to forgive myself. The thought that it all happened because of my curse wont let me live. I just want to make sure that my curse is not answered and I want to ask forgiveness from Allah for everything. Please help. Jazakalla khair
  8. Salam everyone. I am in a very depressing state. Yesterday I had a fight with one of my friends. In anger I cursed him. Now I feel sorry. Is there any dua or namaz to undo the effect. The thing is that if by coincidence something happens to him, I will not be able to forgive myself. Please help. Jazakalla khair
  9. Salam brother. Why don't you look at Shiamatch. It is a very helpful site and who knows may be your future life partner is waiting for you on shiamatch??? May god help you.
  10. Salam. Welcome to shiachat. You can ask any and everything that you want to know here. There are scholars who can answer your questions and queries. We all here are friends from every walk of life. With me shiachat has provided the platform on which i can get the advice of my elders in every sphere of my life. Hope the same with you.
  11. Okkkhhzzz I'll send you my largest piece. Please provide me your email id or any other contact. I have some queries so I would like to clear that out first. Please provide me sources to contact you.
  12. Not as of now. Would you kindly provide me more information about in which country is this thing happening. What does an artist need to fit in it etc.
  13. As salamun alaikum. I am an artist and I would definitely like to participate can you please provide me with all the rules and requirements?
  14. As salamun alaikum. Brothers and sisters it has been only a couple of week since I have joint shiachat. In this duration I got to know many things and clear my doubts. Thanks to everyone. In the present scenario we are more interested in proving others wrong than correcting ourselves. This is why our community is not developing. Hence i would like to request each and every person to give at least one fault in our society that should be corrected. In this way we will first try to correct ourselves and try to be the shia that our imam wants us to be. Starting myself, the fault that i found deep rooted in our community is jealousy(hadas). No-one can see other person rising and get the same rank in the society. I think it should be corrected. I also have the proof. But its better to experience than proving. Hope you all must have experienced it. Jazakalla khair
  15. As salamun alaikum. I have heard many of our people cursing aisha. I don't know much about her. Can anyone please tell me why we consider her as a bad woman? Jazakalla khair
  16. As salamun alaikum. Brothers please provide me all the hadis from sunni book that are used in discussions. Like the one containing that allahs apostle said that fatima is a part of me and then the one in which she was angry with abu bakr. I just want to know each and every proof from the sunni books. Kindly help If it is all contained in a book then please provide me the link. Jazakalla khair
  17. As salamun alaikum. The answer to your question is no. During the time of Prophet Muhammad sallaho alaihe wa aalehi wassallam there were neither shia nor sunni. This is according to my point of view. I dont have any hadees in support of this but i have a proof. The difference between the shia and sunni started with the snatching away of the khilafat from its very owner whom the Prophet(s.a) himself chose as the khalifa and the person is Hazrat Ali(a.s). This is the difference that led to the partition of shia and sunni. Before the wafat of Prophet(s.a) there can't be even a thought of khalifa so how could there be the difference? Hope it helps.
  18. I dont know whether its translated or not. The thing is that having heard much about this book I thought of reading it. It seems to contain each and every thing about Imam Zamana (a.s). The problem is that i don't know persian. Is there any other solution? Please suggest what to do?
  19. Can you please provide me a translated version of this book? Either translated in urdu or english.
  20. Thanks a lot bro. May Allah bless you and may you be regarded as a true follower of imam e zamana.
  21. As salamun alaikum Brothers and sisters I am in search of a book on Imam Zamana (a.s.). Its name is " Alif Ba - e - Mahdaviyat". It is also known as Mao'od Nameh. It is written by Aagha Toolehi. Jazakalla khair.
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