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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thanks a lot for your answer but I still can't find it. I'll be really glad if you would kindly send me the link or the clip itself.


    Salam. Can anyone please provide the manqabat or noha that is in the background of this clip? Shukran Jazakallah khair.
  3. Yes I'm from india...there are no specific location preferences. I just need a good college with some good placement and a good and economical place to live in...
  4. Assalamun alaikum I have studied physics, chemistry and biology as my main subjects alongwith english and physical education. I have completed my class 12th this year. I'm interested in studying abroad but i don't know the procedures to apply and what are the eligibility criteria. I come from a middle class family so i would try to get some scholarship for my studies. Shiachat is a platfrom where people come from almost every corner of the world. So if you all could provide my the eligibility criteria, fee structure, scholarships given and some necessary information of the colleges/universities near you....then i might have a hope of fulfilling my dream. Jazakallah khair.
  5. Assalamun alaimkum On google it is showing that ramzan has started from friday evening i.e. first fast would have been on saturday.
  6. Assalamun alaikum According to me first of all you should get confirmed whether your husband is straight or not. This is the reason in most of these type problems. Secondly you should trying finding the reason behind this behaviour of your husband. No offence but there can be any affair or something of that sort. Next you should take him to the doctor with you by describing your problem to him. If he doesn't go to a doc you should go to a doc on yourself and try to figure out the reason. I'm sorry if I sounded offensive. May god help you. Wassalamun alaikum.
  7. Wa alaikumus salam. Brother don't bother what the people say or what they think. You should be clean on your side. If you practise every necessary thing that is there in islam you ought to be on the right path. You should just be what you are. All the fingers of the hand are not same. You must have your own strengths and weakness. Try to use your strength while minimising your weakness. Allah has sent us all with some responsibilities and if we perform them as they should be performed, then thats it. Now about those people who keep disturbing you just say to them that you don't care about what they think or do. They just keep saying to you since you are affected by it. If you make them realised that you dont give a damn they won't say anything to you. Last but not the least pray to god about this and may he give you peace and a solution to your problem. Hope it helps. Wassalamun alaikum.
  8. Thanks to all of you. May god bless you. Jazakallah khair
  9. As salamun alaikum There was a question that struck my mind while i was reading about karbala. I read that after killing the 72 people the yazidis sliced they head off their body and put it on top of a spear and took it along the caravan. While in the mean time their bodies were burried by Hazrat Jabir ibn Abdullah in karbala. My question is that when the heads were returned to the ahlulbayt just before getting free. what was done with the heads? Plz give answers with relaible hadiths. Jazakallah khair. Was salamun alaikum
  10. As salamun alaikum everyone. I'm glad that SC is back once again. The time it went down I almost lost the hope of getting back to it ever. These days were just like as I was missing a very important thing in my life. To avoid this again (I am just suggesting) lets create a SC group on whatsapp which is the mostly used social network on the world or on any other social network (May the elder brothers decide this). By doing this we can always have a way to connect to SC. I'm sorry if i said anything wrong. Its just my love to never ever loose SC ever again. Jazakallah khair
  11. Salam sister. First of all i would like to say the people out there in the world are not of the same mentality. Hence all I'm going to tell you is after keeping in mind the diversity in human race. Love is blind and indeed this statement is true. In other words a person who is in love with someone is not able to see the drawbacks and negative points of the loved one. All the person sees are the good qualities exhibited by the loved one. But in the present scenario finding true love can be a very difficult task. Today people don't love people they love money. Hence they dont give a damn about the looks and qualities of a person. Coming to your question the person who really loves you will never care about anything else about you like your looks, money, family, property n all. All he'll care about is just you and you. But if a man is jus trying to use you as an ATM machine. Then as soon as you have no money he'll leave you. The type of men that prefer a well off woman are the atm type guys. Hope it helps. Jazakalla khair.
  12. Salam. You can use shiachat app. In this app there is a book library and there are almost each and every famous book. Hope it helps
  13. This is the reason why the divorce rate in our community has gone so high. People are not following the path that ahlul bayt a.s. has shown to us. May god help us to be on the straight path (sirat e mustakim) and on the path ahlul bayt a.s. want us to follow. Ameen.
  14. In that case kindly try to make your mentality of that kind who never care. Its just for your benefit because with this mentality it'll be a lot more difficult for you to survive.
  15. Salam sister. In the present scenario a girl riding a bike seems a bit awkward in India. Girls are given a female version of bike known as scooty. They can drive scooty and thats pretty common here. I dont know about your place but I would suggest you to do what you want( it should be allowed in islam) and don't care about anyone. Hope it helps.
  16. Hello. Welcome to shiachat. All your queries about what shia do why they do and also how they do will inshallah be cleared. Just search your query and if there is no existing forum about your query you can make a new forum. We'll try our best to help you.
  17. Tonight is a very special night for each and every shian haider e karraar. Tonight our 12th imam was born. So as a follower it is our duty to present something as a gift to Bibi Nargis Khatoon a.s. ( Mother of our 12th imam), Imam Hasan Askari a.s. (Father of our 12th Imam) and Imam Zamana a.t.f.s. The question is that what and how can we present our gifts to them? Gifts can be any good deed done for the happiness of Allah and Alhulbayt a.s. But today lets do something different. Lets just ask forgiveness to those whom we have hurted be words or deeds or thoughts. So lets just say this sentence to each and every person whom we know. "If I have caused you offence in any way knowingly or unknowingly, in thought, word or deed. Then I seek your forgiveness." May Allah and Alhulbayt a.s. accept this good deed and be pleased by our act. Jazakallah khair.
  18. You can search shiachat and there are numerous forums on muta, its proof, laws and rules, etc. Hope it hepls.
  19. Salam. Today i found a mole between my ring finger and baby finger. It is of black colour. It wasn't there before. Does this have any significance? What does islam say about moles? Is believing on the significances of moles allowed in islam? Please help Jazakallah khair
  20. There are many incidents where the jinn has taken many human girls to marry them. Thats the reason why girls are prohibited to go out without hijab because the jins get attracted to the hair of girls which is indeed very expensive according to islam.
  21. Salam. I don't know whether it is allowed or not. In my family my great grandfather had married a jin and they also had a son. My great grandfather could not balance the relation between the jin wife and the human one so the jin with her son left my great grandfather.
  22. Now you see me The mechanic Brick mansion Ong bak 1 & 2 The prestige
  23. Salam sister. First of all let me tell you a hades. I dont remember from which imam it is related but it may help you. The hades says that the world is a prison for the momin n momina. While it is heaven for kafir. In the present scenario you can see that the most enjoyable things are gunah e kabira. Indeed medicines are bitter than sweets but the are good for your health. The thing is that the gunah and the bad things seem very good and enjoyable while they are harmful. But the good things and sawab gaining things are tasteless and boring while these are beneficial. In my suggestion first of all try to talk to your mother and sort out the misconceptions between both of you. Then try to get the full of what you want under the islamic rules. It is not true that a momin doesn't enjoy. He does but in a limited manner. Hope it helps.
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