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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I know I have to take my belonging when hes not around with his friends. If he tried to mess up after this, he have to bear the consequences of my hot headed retaliation.
  2. He said that take your belonging tomorrow in the University. Why we're always ready to confront each other?
  3. I messaged the bully on fb. As per your suggestions, I played my trick of emotional stress. I asked him to bring my belonging and that my belonging is used by all of my family members. He then asked me that If you would give me pizza. I then told him that I would have a rent of bus in my pocket only and couldn't afford to buy him a pizza. I would only afford to buy him 20 rs. fries (lol). He then replied, I was joking, take back you belonging
  4. Can anyone guide me with any Islamic perspective? If I couldn't report to anyone except my closest friend and that person is getting on my nerves, I would probably have to show my other face for sure.. Arghhhhhhhhh..
  5. Thank you all for your inputs. Well, I haven't prepared myself to report anyone because I don't think calling any security person would help in this issue. I haven't seen anyone calling teachers, security persons to deal with the issue. Secondly, I would try to ask that moron again that please give me my belonging (I wouldn't name it for security reasons :P). I cannot pull anything into the pizza as it would worsen the conditions.. not for him but for me till I'm in my University.
  6. I do have friends but 1 close friend. That friend asked the bully to please return his belonging repeatedly but he was just dreaming about eating anything from me. Notme, I love your idea but returning his belonging wouldn't make present me weak when that bully is furious and if I try to take his belonging he would immediately shout like a donkey and everyone would remain silent and watch the show. He is disgusting. Ya Syed, I cannot go to the management as it would hurt me that I couldn't handle a guy and went to management as a coward.. I want to handle the situation on my own.
  7. The man is asking for a large Pizza. Well, I couldn't control myself now. Its a do and die situation. There is no possibility to call police in Pakistan and tell them that someone has taken my belonging. Please arrest him. It would be a ridiculous act. Should I take his belonging in retaliation? Because I know that if I gave him the treat the first time, the person would be out of control and will try to mess up again. And if I didn't bring my belonging back (1 in use for the whole household temporarily), they all would be cross and ask questions.
  8. Salam, I'm a student of a University where there is a Hindu bully who disrespects other fellows (those who do not disrespect infront of the bully, portrayed as cowards). I myself is a peace loving person and wouldn't engage myself in any abuse or fight. What should I do, I mean I too have a reputation among others but that bully always ask me absurd question to disrespect me and Now the actual problem is: That person has taken one of my belonging that I forgot somewhere. He then approached me and said that I have to give him a treat so that he could return his belonging. Its been days and he is not giving my thing back. I have planned to take his belonging tomorrow which would probably lead to a fight because he has much ego in his heart. Now, what should I do? I want some suggestions from Islamic point of view supported by verses to calm me down and change my perspectives. Its pay back time, enough is enough. Thanks.
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