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  1. Do you know in which situations one usually uses the combination 666? This is common and general knowledge. Salam, I have also heard that it's a devil thing..but I thought it was more of a made up story. If u want i will try my best to change it.
  2. Salam, I am writing this for my friend who is soon joining hawza in Qom. He is 18 years and just completed his alevels. Before he joins the hawza he wanted to meet a sister that is also going to the hawza next semester (maby before or after) and he wanted to get married and start his studies. I am aware this is not a dating site, but it is the app with the largest community. If u want to know my friend and if u are interested..email me at myp3study@gmail.com (make sure the sister speaks fluent English)
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