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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. may i know which sunni would like to call himself a nasibi ? i dont think sunni'ism and nasibi'ism are similar . well a/c to the deifnition given by zainabia of a nasibi, than they can not be muslim in anyway, and i hope u all agree with me on this point that sunni luv prophet (saw) sahaba and ahl e bait (may Allah be please with them all ). so the point here is what made this extremist group rise. their can not b just one cause.
  2. while reading the thread about the KALIMA started by mobeen, someone (definitely shia) came up with an answer that SHIA DONT BELIEVE IN QIYAS. and the only kalima taught by the prophet (SAW) was the one shia recite. so why not the rule is same for BISMILLAH. when it is taught by the holy quran and the Holy Prophet (saw) to say BISMILLAH so from does this qiyas comes ? well i m waiting for the day when you shia will stop reciting the kalima LA'ILA HA ILALLAH and will include some kind of tawassul even in the kalima.
  3. oh.. why do we always forget that ALI (r.A) is ur GOD. shia chauvinist.
  4. well BKK u should b proud of having such a great defender on ur side. they can even defend u if u accept hinduism. as they did while defending one of the great ayatollah on his fatwa.
  5. well the point is NO BATIL KA KATIL has appeared...
  6. hmm... 456 posts done... but no answer to taha.. seems strange :D
  7. y dont u simply visit www.answering-ansar.com for the 100 questions. 1st answer i want from u. r u people the same shia which has been mentioned in quran ?? have u seen the hadeeths of ur infallibles about shias.. or if u have not then please let me know. its my honour to bring the truth to u :)
  8. am i allowed to ask counter questions in order to make u understand the worth of these questions. i have gone through these questions on AA. but dint find these questions worth answering.
  9. the community is serving a great deal ( for fun). if there had been any thread with such ridiculing remarks about SHIA then everyone knows what wud have been done with him.. block... delete... banned... posts deleted.... or pata nahi kya kya... well keep serving the great cause of spreading islam ... huh!
  10. tahir ul qadri.... shaikh ul islam :P professor :D doctor :S well dont u know that he used to be a lawyer. just look for his biography. he is a lawyer by profession. but somehow managed to be called as shaikh ul islam. well he is one of those people who bring forth the idea of having a common beleif b/w shia and sunni, by mixing and amalgamating the shia and sunni beleifs. and i dont think there is any such religion sent by Allah. now its ur choice to call me an extremist (either deobandi or wahabi). Mr Morq. can u please tell me from where did ur great Dr professor tahir ul qadri get his religious education ?
  11. i m sunni. because i was born in a sunni family. but now i m here to research. to get into the mud to get the true path.
  12. ^^ teacher should learn first...ailia.
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