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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. It was basically that I was defending Shia Islam when someone was saying something against it. Nothing special but I took it as a sign. And in the second one I just saw people doing matam.
  2. So I just wanted to share my story with the world. I'm a 16 year old who grew up in a Sunni family. Once I was just scrolling through my newsfeed when a quote popped up, "learn your religion, do not inherit it -Imam ali (as)" I pondered the question as to why there's an (AS) written next to Hazrat Ali's name. This happened in February. Slowly and gradually I started searching for Shia Islam. Some of the things I read were very shocking as I'd never even heard of them. Days passed and I kept searching. Somehow I refused to believe the event of ghadeer as it condricted my belief. But then I star
  3. I understand your point of view. But I've been taught that Shias think that their imams have been divenly guided. I mean aren't Prophets only divinely guided? And I sometimes agree with both Sunnis and Shias so like I don't know what to call myself. Just a Muslim as I don't believe in divisions and all. And thank you so much for your replies. Also can someone tell me about the event of ghadeer khum? Is it true? and do Shias only pray three times a day? And have they changed the kalima or something? (Sorry I've barely been taught about any of this, I'm just kind of curious) thank you so much!
  4. What's the main difference between Sunnis and shias? Why don't Sunnis give so much importance to the family of the Prophet. Also I heard that some Sunnis support Mauwiya and Yazid which is just crazy.. And like I've heard some Shias pray on a rock. They don't respect the other caliphs.. Why don't Sunnis do anything on ashura?
  5. Honestly this might sound really weird coming from a 15 year old, but I've been doing some research related to Shias and Sunni. I was born in a Sunni family. So I searched for different things related to different sects. Now I'm confused as to which sect is correct. So I prayed to God to show me signs of the correct sect. And I'm not even kidding but I had dreams for two consecutive days in which I was supporting Shias. So I guess those were signs.. But now I'm very confused and everyone must be thinking that I'm only 15 and all but it's not that. I have this affiliation with the prophet(pbuh)
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